Is Black Friday Worth Waiting for in Australia?

Hey guys I'm after a new TV, I've always had the shitty cheap ones but want to go for a decent one this time around thinking like 75" X90J or a 65 CX ,checking for sales every day is doing my head in and I'm wondering is it really worth waiting till later in the year to pull the trigger or not.

Are Black Friday sales something worth waiting for here or just keep an eye out for random sales?

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  • With the postie bottleneck, when will your TV if you wait for Black Friday sales?

    • On a white christmas.

  • When is the next black Friday sale? It's months away, isn't it?

    • Late Novemeber

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    just keep an eye out for random sales?


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    Prime Day, Click Frenzy, Black Friday, Boxing Day, EOFY, etc are mostly a waste of time these days.

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      I haven't seen a good boxing day bargain since I was like 15. Doesn't seem to really be a thing anymore. Just normal sale prices that happen regularly anyway.

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        I like to believe that we're better at finding the sales nowadays with forums and the like.
        Don't know if i believe it though.

        • Possibly, but I also haven't seen a good boxing day in all the years between then and finding ozbargain

  • Just heard on the news port workers planning 3-day rolling strikes, and delays to shipment clearance predicted. Something about most of our electronics going thru that company, Google for more details, I just remember hearing it… Maybe prudentto buy now if really needed…?

  • Most of the times, I think it's just random sales that might be worthwhile to import from US (like SSDs, earphones, etc etc).

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday was massive last year. Soooooo many deals.

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    Good guys commercial matched in store and discounted gift cards is all you need in life

  • Sometimes