2x iPhone 11, 12 and 13 (All Models) Tempered Glass Screen Protectors $6.99 Delivered @ oze_traders eBay


Found these cheap screen protectors for all iphone models including iphone 11,12 and 13. Cheers :)

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  • Decent price. Bought one.

  • +1

    Price starts from $5.99 , $6.99 is for Ip13

    • oh, I did not realise that. thanks for pointing out

  • Does iPhone 13 really need glass protector?

    • In case I drop my phone, I would rather spend on a cheap screen protector than spending hundreds on front glass replacement. Specially with kids around, its better to be safe. Loll

      • In case I drop my phone

        While I've got one installed on my 13 pro max, I don't think the glass screen protector will do much to protect from drops but just scratches.

        • +1

          hmm, I havent got any on my phone yet. And I feel anxious using my phone without one.. I ll put on On, just in case. Some protection is better than none. lol

          • +1

            @sedi: Feel naked without it?

            • @mitchins: Sensitive,, actually is a suitable word here😁

  • Thanks, ordered a set for my phone and my wife’s. 10% off if you order more than one pack.

  • -1

    It's funny they charge $1 more for iphone 13. If it's clear, they should be identical.

  • +1
  • Since when does "express post" take 2 weeks.

    Are they really in AU?

    • I will update once I receive mine.

  • I think iPhone without a screen protector/cover shows others that you INSANELY reach and you don't care about it as you can just throw it away and bought another lol
    just a small opinion from non-iPhone user to what iPhone user should feel

  • These aren’t even made to fit for the iPhone 13. The speaker hole isn’t in this position. It’s at the edge. Disappointing

  • The phone in the pic isn't ip13… So good luck with what you get.

    • Exactly. iPhone 13 pro max model didn't even fit. Waste of time.
      Avoid. As per Gavman above.

      Wish I could revoke the +ve vote… definitely a Neg.

  • Anyone else just have their order cancelled? I assume due to no stock but they didn't give a reason, just a order cancellation notification through eBay

    • Which model did you buy?

    • +1

      Avoid. Did u a fav bruv

      • Agree. Same issue with mine.

  • Order got cancelled after 2 days. What a wait of time. Avoid this vendor.