Click and collect substitutions/Delivery errors/Disappointments/Bonuses?

Anyone else had any bonuses/disappointments from not being able to pick your own groceries?


- Chicken thigh fillet instead of cutlet (bone out instead of in) at cutlet price
- 800g ginger instead of the 80g I ordered & paid for
- Giant celery bunches

- Dented chickpea tin, don't wanna risk it
- Expensive punctured gf pasta bag
- The tiniest heads of broccoli (paid per piece), looked like the outside fronds had been taken off for their Woolies superfood salads…
- Rock hard avos, 2 weeks to ripen even when bagged with bananas for ethylene
- Green beans that went sad after a day
- Half the dental floss 50m at the same price as 100m on special (loss per m)
- Not being able to buy chuckout price/end of day special meat or bakery products


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    • Not being able to buy chuckout price/end of day special meat or bakery products

    This is worth a lot to me, as we have a big freezer so can stock up on the right deal. Recently got half a dozen trays of good beef mince at 50% off with 3 days left to expiry because they had received a wrong shipment. Over the next month that will save me $30.
    It would be an unusual visit to the shops I didn’t get a few things that had been well marked down.

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      Yeah same 😭 quite high risk family atm so really avoiding crowds in our LGA of concern.

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        Hope you guys stay well. In the bigger scheme of things a few months missed specials aren’t a big deal.

  • 800g ginger

    Lifetime supply

    Dented chickpea tin

    No penetration then all good

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      No penetration then all good

      That’s what he said.

    • A dent means some volume displacement though right? I'll take a closer look.

      • And?

        • I'd assume rupture of some sort. Or at least internal lining damage. No issue for you?

  • The meat delivery place I use basically goes, we will give you bit more extra than what you've ordered.
    They did have a case where they ran out of something so had to give me a refund (they did try to contact me to see whether they could arrange something else).

    I bloody love those guys, the fact that the delivery is reasonably cheap and they sell few things I'd not be able to find at Woolies is a bonus.

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      • Not in Sydney unfortunately (I saw where you were based on your profile).

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          Ha thanks I am now comforted. Glad you have a generous butcher.

  • I thought I had missed the Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge then I found this thread…

    (I don't understand the Dental Floss).

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      Lol! Mmm, ordered $3.50 for 100m, substituted with $3.20 for 50m.

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    Still doing all grocery shopping in store rather than online.

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    Too many to remember. Some good but many bad. Mandarins sold per each. The kg price was supposed to be $2.90 but due to very small mandarins ended up over $4. Large packets of biscuits substituted with 2 small ones but still not as big quantity as the large. Protein powder, $10 each on 50% off substituted with weight loss Optislim. Threw them out. They gave Laurent bread for Coles sourdough. Score. I guess it's the cost of the convenience of online shopping although I miss being able to score price reductions in-store. The best would be to purchase the staples and specials online and do an in-store shop before picking up for the reductions and fruit and veg. The other benefit would be reduced time spent instore. I was doing this before Vic's latest wave.

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      Yeah true about the benefits. Planning on doing that too when things improve, convenience of getting the staples out of the way plus reduced instore specials.

      Oh that sucks about the protein powder :S

    • Instead of chucking out the Optislim you should have given it away on your local Buy Nothing Facebook group. Someone might have really liked to take it

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    We definitely prefer to shop instore for fresh items but have used Woolworths online since June.
    2-3 weeks in nsw they disabled the ability to turn subs off/on

    Heinz spaghetti subbed with Heinz baked beans.
    Vanilla yoghurt to another brand still vanilla.
    Ordered 2 loaves of bread but was refunded rather then substituted $4-$5 loaves so there’s plenty of room dollar wise.
    Bread variety subbed for different within the same brand.
    Homebrand coconut cream subbed with pandaroo.

    1 extra entire bag of groceries- about $30 all usable.
    100g of deli meat are 100g+ ie. regularly order sliced ham 100g usually 120-140g.
    Some pears priced per item biggest I’ve seen about 500g each.
    3 trays of blueberries instead of 2.
    A tray of steaks got a refund for being out of stock but actually recieved.
    Did seek a refund on 2 or 3 pretty poor quality veggies.
    Ordered whole pumpkin when onsale for $3, got 1 cut piece, free after refund. The automated olive refund system is much better then a few years ago talking to customer service.

    I think overall we come out ontop but it’s the little things like not being able to order 1kg prepackaged royal gala which are smaller apples then singular.
    Fruits not the ripeness you’d prefer -avo bananas, strawberries.
    Morning deliverys with bread from the day before.
    Some product lines not available online.

    And it’s takes longer then instore to swap the Woolworths orange cards between shops for the bonus point targets :-)

    Happy the service is there.

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      automated olive refund system

      What if you want to refund something that isn't olives :-p

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    Started Woolies home delivery for the first time a few months ago.

    The first order was brilliant and I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was available and the fruit/veg all large, fresh and perfect.
    The first 3 orders we received an extra loaf of bread.
    Veges have been fairly good. Big pieces of individual items and quite fresh.

    Things seemed to progressively go downhill.
    2wks in a row the driver has dropped/spilled the crates and groceries have been sprawled across the verandah. He picked them up but as fast as possible and everything was thrown in any bag with big heavy things on top of small. Paper bags ripped down the middle therefore making it very hard to carry inside. The dog food tins were that mangled they look like they had been run over by the truck. Fruit bruised. Biscuits and chocolate bars crushed and crumbled. Not sure what goes on but if I was picking or delivering these things in such a condition I would be ashamed. I will give them credit for the bread though, usually the checkout operator puts too much in the bag and squashes it. So far with online delivery, the bread has not been squashed - YET!

    Fruit - always either a long way off being ripe or way overripe. Hardly get anything in reasonable ripe condition. Dark green bananas that by the time are ripe have shrivelled and got too old. Mushy Avocados, Kiwis etc. A number of times they have given me standard kiwi fruit instead of the more expensive 'sungold' variety I ordered.

    Use by dates - Eg Milk. I take ~10 days to consume the carton. When shopping instore I could find a use-by date long enough to last. I expected it to not be quite as long shopping online but my milk has to be used in 4 or at most 5 days. I end up chucking half the carton out.

    Late deliveries - a couple of times the truck has arrived an hour past the delivery window selected.