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Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC300/20 $39 Delivered (RRP $69.95) @ Amazon AU


Philips Handheld Garment Steamer with Vertical Steaming and 60ml Non-Detachable Water Tank 1000W, Blue/White, GC300/20

Safe on all fabrics
Power: 1000 W
Continuous steam: up to 20 g/min
Water tank capacity: 70 ml
Heating time: 45 sec
Cord length: 2 m
No ironing board needed

Rank #3 in "Irons" on Amazon

Looks like amazon is price matching harvey norman's current sale price if you prefer to buy from harvey norman it's the same price! Google's tracked price shows it's usual price range is $58-$76.

Was just looking for a steamer for new sheer curtains I just put up in the house. Full time ozbargain lurker, first time poster :) ENJOY!

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  • Tempted, but is it enough to replace ironing my shirts?
    Anyone used these?

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      I had a full sized Tefal steamer that was horrible for getting wrinkles out of clothes, can't say I'm a fan of steamers.

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      I have a Kambrook handheld steamer like this and it works perfectly. Haven't used an iron since I got it.

    • I have a handheld steamer (Philips) and also one of those full sized top of the range Tefal ones (QT 2020)
      I had to wear shirts for work everyday and after about a year, it became a chore for me (filling the water tank multiple times) to use the handheld so I upgraded to the Tefal.

      1 of the best upgrades I've done over the last year or so.
      It's not just shirts but it's great for steaming suits/jackets/bedsheets etc etc.

      YMMV though as it looks like some people haven't got the same value out of it as I did.

      At this price, it's not a bad idea to take the plunge on the handheld first and see if you like it over ironing.
      If you do upgrade to a full sized steamer, make sure to wear gloves whilst using the steamer.

      • Looks good but how are they different to powerful steam generator irons that are quite a bit cheaper? Other than the shape and the built in board

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          Never used a steam generator iron (I presume they are irons with overpowered steam function?) so I can't really compare like for like.
          Comparing to an Iron, I'd say the biggest thing is the freedom of movement and also the time saved not just in ironing, but setting up ironing board etc.

          I can either iron vertically, horizontally or at an angle with a steamer. Can't really do that with an iron.
          I think the other thing is, if you mess up with an iron, it takes lot more time to rectify your mistake than a steamer.

          I think I saw demo display versions in Harvey Norman, so might not be a bad idea if you took a wrinkled shirt to the store and try it out. (When the lockdown is over that is!)

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    Thanks OP, have been wanting something like this to try out as i hate ironing and end up not doing it at all. Hope this makes it more convenient and i have less crinkly clothes hehe

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    I bought a different make after trying some cheaper ones (haven't tried the one posted above); https://www.amazon.com.au/WiredLux-Handheld-Clothes-Steamer-...

    Works well on shirts and suits.

    Warning; don't use a steamer on the upper chest area of a suit, it will warp/bubble the construction, learnt the hard way :(

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    It's $39 at HV as well.

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    have one of these, they are great. pro tip: avoid using tap water (use only distilled) otherwise the pump will calcify over time which will lead to a short.

    • Where do you get bulk distilled water? Heard these things use alot of water

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        I believe super cheap auto may sell it, though that could just be demineralised water

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        Big w (4L)

    • My ah windscreen wipers fine

  • Thks OP. Never thought a garmet steamer was on my want list. Hopefully it will help with less ironing.

  • Thanks OP, bought it and will give it a try

  • Looks like it's now unavailable, maybe out of stock.

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    Just tested my steamer and make the following initial comments. Given it is my first go I think there is a bit of a learning curve to use this thing properly, but I do wonder whether this is going to replace my ironing long term.. 1. Difficult to tension garmet to get good steaming onto it. Tried hooking it on door slider track, kept moving around on coat hook or dropping. Might need a hook for it at high level. 2..The last bit of the sleeve or pants is hard to steam as you need to get it to close to your hand. Suggest wearing thick dishwashing gloves. As general protection against the stream. 3. Had to keep filling it. 60ml does like 1 shirt for me. 4. Bought the demineralised water from Bunnings 5lt as another commenter suggested. 5. Probably took the same amount of time than ironing. I think ironing is essier to do as you just don't have your clothes moving around while hanging. 6 Does do shirts and pants ok, thicker jeans not the best, but I think would be ok just for causal wear. It does get rid of most of the wrinkles in jeans. It is not as good as proper ironing obviously. 7.Good for shirts with iron on transfers. As I can't iron those properly as you can't put the iron over the decal or it will damage it. So steam alot better. 8. Steams really quickly. I will persist and try some other ideas to make it easier. Anyone else have any tips for actuality steaming the clothes. Was thinking maybe a towel over a door and then hanging the shirt or pants over top of door or put a hook up.