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[PS4] Mafia: Definitive Edition $10 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


New low price for this game, half the price of the previous deal. Looks like Amazon has price matched target, who are effectively out of stock.

Limit of 1 copy per Amazon account.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Played some of Mafia III, stopped because it was a buggy mess. This worth a look at?

    • I'd say it's worth a try for $10. The game looks good

    • Yes, it's excellent. One of the best games I played last year.

      I deleted Mafia III after 15 minutes.

    • I played all 3 when they remastered and this is the only one I really enjoyed, defintely the cream of the crop

  • Very good buy, cheers OP.

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    I’m not seeing it, might be sold out. Damn :-(

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    Is there a PS5 upgrade for it or ?

  • Out of stock… but got one at target, thanks!

  • Can we do price match with jb HiFi?

    • You can try, each store is different. I had some that gave crap excuses to deny and some just price matched for me.

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    Picked one up this morning from Amazon, glad I didn't hesitate, seems to get great reviews and a bargain at $10. Thanks for posting.

  • I heard this was quite good actually. No idea if it is? Apparently in the original there's a TERRIBLE difficult / awful race though, is that still in it?

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      I remember from the original PC version that it was pretty difficult. I played this remaster though and passed it first go. YMMV.

      • I've just started playing this, and i'm liking it so far. The race is in the game, however you can change the games difficulty. I think the 'Classic' mode is actually the hardest/like the original? So you could just play on a different difficulty setting.

      • Is it any good?

    • I remember racing the car 1000 times before I could beat it. I was about to smash my PC.

      • Yeah I played the original yonks ago and after 20 tries, I found out there was some sort of cheap to get over the stupid thing.

        Good story but I wont be playing it again even if its remastered.

        • The race in this remastered version is easy, I suck at racing games and even I could get first place after just a few tries.

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    Damn missed it. Thanks for posting op

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    The trilogy is $39. $13 a game. Still pretty good.

    • Is that the same updated one?

      • Mafia: Trilogy includes the remake of Mafia, the remaster of Mafia II, and the complete Mafia III experience.

    • Got this instead, thanks.

  • Paid $15 at Target few weeks ago

  • Fantastic graphics, story, and presentation. Gameplay certainly feels from a bygone era though. Still worth the shot at this price.

  • Got a copy thanks