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G-Shock G-Steel GST-B300S $261.61 + Delivery @ Masters in Time


Lowerst price as far as my research tells. Lowest here in Australia is at Shiels for 449.

You can get 5% off if you subscribe to their newsletter. I would recommend going for the DHL delivery.
This would bring the price to about $277 including DHL delivery. Still significantly lower than anything else out there.

I personally think it is a great price and got myself one.

This is the watch in consideration:

Main features
- Carbon Core Guard
- Shock resistant since a G-Shock
- 1/1000-second stopwatch
- Solar Powered
- Bluetooth enabled to change settings easily and to keep an accurate time
- 51×50.3×15.3mm at 91 grams

Official video footage:

Some video footage:

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    I've got the older b200. It's really quite a good watch. Makes you realise just how practical having a hybrid digital / analogue dial is. The resin band with stainless steel case is also a very nice looking combination.

    Only issue is that my phone doesn't like the app and is overly aggressive at turning it off which means the "find my phone" feature doesn't work particularly well. It's also really quite short range as well (within 10-15m or so).

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      Agreed. The phone has to be within a few meters I believe. Again, it is not a smartwatch and continuous connection to the phone is not an option so as to conserve the battery; has an impressive battery of 6 months once fully charged and of 19 months if the watch is kept in the dark. As far as I understand, it connects to the phone 4 times a day to sync the time unless you request it to connect manually. The accuracy is +-0.5 seconds per day assuming it never connects to the phone, even one connection once a day or even a week is significantly sufficient.

  • 50mm ,it will make my wrist look like a twig

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      Not necessarily. G-shock watches are designed to look chunky. In particular the g-steel range tend to look smaller than their dimensions imply. I have twig wrists and it looks pretty good if i do say so myself.

  • My wrist is 60mm wide,so a 50mm watch is huge anyway you look at it…..but that's fashion….lol

  • anyone bought from Masters in Time before?

    • My first purchase from them. Read the company history, reviews, and Ozbargain posts and pulled the trigger. Ordered on the weekend and the watch was dispatched yesterday with full tracking details.

      A popular post on OzBargain:

    • ordered from them a few times, all been good experiences. shipping can take a while and the tracking really doesn't tell you much. but i'm more than willing to put up with that for the significant savings

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        thanks guys

  • I think at that price you should get more features like temperature, 100m water resistant.,etc.

    • At that price point I don't think you can get a better G-Shock. What model do you have in mind?

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      you're getting 20 bar/200m water resistance, which is standard across all g-shock watches, not to mention the toughness they're known for.

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    Got the watch today. Much better in person. Very light. Bluetooth connection is a breeze. The only thing I don't like is the resin-carbon body protruding outside the stainless steel bezel. Lug to Lug width is 20mm and can fit any standard bracelet/strap - no special adapters required. The watch fits quite well and seems to be smaller than the actual dimensions of 51mm vs 50.3mm however the 15.3mm height is noticeable.

    Delivery was fast. Masters In Time had great support as I placed an order for another watch and had to cancel it. They also provide an additional 1-year warranty to the manufacturer warranty.