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Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1A1ER Black Casioak $144.38 (with €6 off using Newsletter Coupon) @ Masters in Time


I've had it in my wishlist when it was out of stock, just got notification from Masters in Time that they finally have it back, pulled the trigger to get one.
I think at $145 including postage, it's the best price I've seen so far (last time I checked in Tokyo it was even more than this for the red variant, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough).

All Black back in stock! Thanks g-rig

Hope this helps anyone who's after the Casioak!

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Masters in Time
Masters in Time

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  • Bought mine here. v noice

  • Weird, was literally just reading an article about this watch. I like the metal mod people are doing which makes it look more like an AP!

  • Just watched a video on the ap mod, looks like a nice project, would Matte Black on Black be best? Don't mind green either.
    price is coming up $134.15 before code and shipping.. tempting

  • All red is niceeeee

  • never have I ever own a g-shock before so it'll be my very first one. hope that I will enjoy it. Thanks OP

  • Can anyone post the code from the newsletter sign up or is it unique? Thanks in advance.

  • Any reviews on website( Masters in time)? Never bought from them. This price is tempting.

    • it's said "official dealer of G-Shock" on their website, though I don't know if it's true

    • Heard good things about this website, I think they’re trustworthy. I paid using Paypal though, just in case.

  • Thanks OP bought one with 5% off

  • How odd that I literally finished reading about this watch only to see it here at a good price. OzB hazardous for health.

  • Love this watch, shame it doesn't fit my wrist well. Had to sell mine from the previous deal.

    • If you don't mind me asking, what was the fit issue you had?

      • I have a 6.5in wrist and it was just too big for my tastes. I've heard of some people pulling it off with that size and know that G-Shocks are meant to be large, but it didn't really look right in my opinion. I also wanted to metal mod it, but that supposedly makes the watch wear even bigger.

        • I see. Hopefully it will fit my 7in wrist a bit better, will be grabbing this as my first G-Shock.

        • FWIW I've got a small wrist and got a GW-B5600 - I do like the way it wears. I've been looking at the GA-2100s for a while but was worried it would be a little too large (I don't like super large watches).

          Just Googled and saw this https://youtu.be/HdYE2lFfvGA?t=89 and https://youtu.be/HdYE2lFfvGA?t=199 - you can see that the B5600 is slightly smaller than the GA-2100.

          Still have my F-91W to fall back on, too. :)

        • I wouldn't mind trying one on first, I've got a few diver's watches and the biggest I'd want is really 43mm. Guess These are Meant to look bigger as long as not over the top. I think the Metal mod looks great but probably adds a lot of weight.

          Edit some colours OOS and others up in price anyway. Fitbit charge 4 stays on one wrist regardless these days :P. It is fashionable but seems that the digi display could be larger, and apparently hard to read in bad light (average super luminova on arms and none on face)

    • Out of curiosity, were you able to recover much of the cost of purchase when you sold it? I suspect this will wear too large on my wrist, and yet I feel a great urge to buy it and see how it goes…

      • Haha I actually ended up profiting $3 after shipping costs (bought for 150) selling it on Ebay. These watches have pretty high demand, and it's not often they go down to this price.

  • Thanks OP. I resisted last time at $175. I couldnt hold back this time. Sign up to the newletter and get the extra 5%.

  • +1 vote

    All Black model is sold out. All the other colours are still available

  • Absolutely cracking price, however it's also about what I think is a more fair price and closer to it's real worth.
    I paid about 165 just before demand went crazy. Very happy with it, but like most gshocks, they never quite have every feature you want lol. If it had auto EL and vibration, it'd be perfect for me.
    My most worn watch of the last 12mths by a mile. Also bought the metal bezel and bracelet, but don't wear the bracelet, and sometimes swap back to the resin bezel just for a change.

    • Any lower profile models like the GA-2100 that have full auto EL / solar?
      Would be nice to be able to see the time easily :).
      Agree they are only worth so much, but have a huge following. For $150 I wouldn't mind adding one to the collection as a beater :)
      GD120MB camo looks ok (the army camo has the non-inverted LCD display). Obviously much more casual..

      • Not exactly as low profile, but 5600 is pretty small too, plus this one has bluetooth in addition to Tough Solar.
        I am still looking to get this one too, just waiting for the right price!


        • Those are pretty classic, prefer the Round model with arms (unless get both)
          What's Bluetooth used for in this case?

        • Not exactly as low profile, but 5600 is pretty small too, plus this one has bluetooth in addition to Tough Solar.
          I am still looking to get this one too, just waiting for the right price!


          The GW-B5600 series are needlessly overpriced for what they are, which is solar-powered DW-5600s with terrible inverted LCDs that are difficult to read. You don't need Multiband 6 (as it doesn't work in Australia) nor Bluetooth time syncing (as it's just a gimmick and most Casios keep time to within +/- 15 seconds a month, which is plenty good enough for most people).

          Just get the G-5600E instead. It's sanely-priced (usually hovering around $140, sometimes as low as $113), solar-powered, virtually identical in styling to the classic DW-5600, has Auto EL and a perfectly readable display.

    • auto EL and vibration

      Very, very few G-Shocks or Casio watches for that matter have had vibrating alarms/timers historically.

      Currently, the GD-350 series are the only in-production models to have vibration alarms.

      There are other older models floating around on eBay but they're pretty hard to find and generally not worth the money if all you're after in them is the vibration alarm feature.

      Auto EL on the other hand is available on pretty much every G-Shock and it is a strange omission on the GA-2100s.

      • Hehe, that's the reason I said it though. I've got the GD350 and those are my two favorite features. But it's a big watch comparatively, add less comfortable.

        Also have a gwb5600 with auto EL, but I'm moving that on. Full metal bezel and bracelet on that one too. The GA2100 just gets all the wrist time.

  • Such a cool watch. I got one but the wife hated it. Managed to dump it for $40 profit.

  • I just modded my 1A1 last night with a matte black Gen 3. 100 grams heavier than the original, but $250 for a replica AP with G-Shock internals is just too cool to not pull the trigger on!

    • That's what I'm thinking, able to list the details and cost, I am guessing the kits from Ali express and eBay may vary in quality

  • Went to bed last night thinking I would order it this morning….Such a rookie mistake.

    • Same, Can't um and arr too much about it, same with The Coopers. Any other reliable sites for roughly the same price, Happy to Price claim later 28 degrees perhaps

      • I was actually looking before I saw this and they're upwards of $200 everywhere else. End clothing has it for $179, but you'd need to spend more for free postage or pay $20 or something for postage.

      • Can you post which reliable site it is. No stock in black with white here.

  • I was reading the website. Doesn't look like GST has been added to the price. Does this mean whatever price we pay there is 10% on top?

  • I bought one for my partner for $126 from Amazon (Dec 2020) - it came from the UK. I decided I wanted one and ordered a few days later - $128. Both red. Nothing near that price now.

    On a side note, I have since bought a Casio 810 for much cheaper ($67) than the casioak - I actually prefer the 810. Also the 810 is solar.


  • Has anyone else purchased the "AP" looking mod for these? Curious what your experience has been for quality/fitment and where you purchased. Cheers

    • I have both the gen 1 (Casio style bezel with the AP style bolts and the Casio style bracelet) and the newer gen 3 (AP style with integrated bracelet and rubber strap).

      Gen 1 quality is pretty good - it does have a pretty good OEM feel. The bracelet is probably 85% of what the Casio one feels like (I have a very similar steel bracelet with my GW-4000D). Bezel quality is good, but had a slight scuff on it from the factory. Installation is fairly easy.

      Received my Gen 3 kit yesterday. Exterior of the bracelet is a bit on the rough side but bezel was nicely finished. Don't really have issues with it pulling hairs etc. so far, but haven't worn it extensively. Probably won't work well for those with smaller wrists (I had to take off maybe 5 - 6 links for my 7in wrist). V2 is probably better for those with smaller wrists (not an integrated bracelet) and you can attach your own straps via an adaptor.

      My gripe with this kit is the difficulty installing the screws which attach the metal blocks to the case / strap. Material of screws isn't great, so it was very easy to strip the screws (these screws are literally have a blunt pointy tip with a bit of thread towards the top) when trying to align the metal blocks with the case.

      Wanted to swap back to the rubber bracelet but ended up cooking it cause of this, but somehow managed to get the steel bracelet back on (not sure if I'm brave enough to spend hours swapping between the bracelets haha).

      Feel free to PM if you need more info :)

      • How's the quality of the rubber strap? Considering getting a 3rd gen to just use on the rubber.

        • Pretty decent, a lot more flexible than the stock resin band. Just need to be careful to align everything when attaching the screws into the rubber strap (to hold the metal blocks in place)

      • Thanks for that great review! I thought for ~$100 the quality couldn't be amazing, but curious whether it was worth it for the novelty factor. It's a shame about the cheap screws, but not surprised for the price.

        • Would a jeweller have better quality screws perhaps and or sort Out a strap?

        • No worries! Pretty happy with it still despite it being more difficult than expected to swap between straps. Shame about screws - gonna do some research to see if better quality ones are available..

          • @Djent: cheers, sounds like there could be some minor improvements/modding to be had.
            It's certainly worth a go and something to keep one occupied ;)
            Just seeing which kid is the best for smaller wrists. Stock still seems ok too, the green isn't bad would probably get the black or all black. Whichever looks 'less cheap and plasticy'

  • How much are these AP watches anyway?
    Just need to check this mod etc isn't hyped up on the net too much.

    My wrists pretty small too wouldn't be over 6-6.5".
    Would be alright, Just look like a big watch, fine if it sits fairly low profile.

    • About $90 for a kit.

      • Yeah that's alright
        Meant the real ap, ha
        Wouldn't mind The bezel and a good rubber strap or the stock one

        • Quite the aftermarket premium for the blue dials, go for about $90000 (for the more desirable models)

          • @Jasonissm: Geez, forget about that then.
            Guess even a stock 2100 would be fine, prob need to try one on then see what kit would suit without adding too much bulk. Something tastful and ideally matte brushed combination be ok, that black one posted above looks cool.

            Main thing is getting stock/good price

            • @G-rig: There's always the rubber strap combo kit, maybe better for smaller wrists, but thinking the resin band is probably fine, probably need to keep the stock bezel too then.

              AU $95.55 28%OFF | Hontao GA2100 Watch Strap Adapter Metal 2rd Bezel Fluorine Rubber Watch Band for Casio G Shock GA-2100/2110 Watch Case

            • @G-rig: There are a bunch of different versions depending on how AP you want it to look. The 3rd version has the same 2 protruding end link style as a Royal Oak and is quite nice while both 1st and 2nd have this flat style. I'm talking with one of the suppliers on Taobao and I've been told a 4th version is coming out with better finishing on both the case and bracelet and will be releasing in April, I personally am thinking of waiting for this one and getting all-black with a rubber strap!

  • All back is showing back in stock. $144 delivered.

    Ordered with PayPal, is it normal to get a token and charged when the seller processes it? I think it was placed properly the order number is in the PayPal email. Sent them a message in case.

    It's hard to decide which one to go with but all black Seems popular and looking at other videos and photos it should be easier to read than what it looks of the main pic.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Yeah got the same email from paypal. My order was shipped last night so fingers crossed

      • We have received your order but not your payment, the payment was rejected afterwards.
        This informaiton can be checked with paypal, and quite probably will be visible in your paypal account soon.
        In this case, we would like to advice you to please a new order online once again.

        Probably didn't need it.. still in stock. Got a few divers i dont wear when cycling to work

  • New stock came in for black models….

  • Ended up ordering the green hopefully arrives in the next few days. All Black is stealthy and cool but bit hard to read the time on

  • My package is stuck in the Netherlands.

    No status update since 11th.

    Translated message on tracking site says:

    Due to the winter weather and the crowds, our deliverers are unable to deliver all packages. Some of it has been delayed. Here you will find the latest information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Same shipped on the 11th - Delivery moment still unknown

      Shipment sent to country of destination
      Pay attention! At this moment we have no control over your parcel anymore. For questions about delivery times and delivery dates contact Australia Post

      Probably didn't need it anyway

    • My order was made on the 8th, received by postNL on the 11th, left Netherlands on the 13th. It'll probably take a week to get to Australia. If your one still doesn't get updated by Monday next week, it's probably worth contacting them.

  • '13-02-2021 03:00 The item is on transport to the country of destination'

    Ordered on the 10th, hopefully it arrives next week

  • I used 17Track to track it and it says mine arrived in Destination country yesterday, so should receive it next week

    • Mine just got delivered

    • The tracking number I've got isn't recognised in 17Track, the Netherlands site is a bit hard to follow too

      • Still no update with mine.

        I'm going to give it another day before I make contact with them.

        17Track shows this :

        The item is on transport to the country of destination

        2021-02-11 11:35
        The item is at the PostNL sorting center

        2021-02-11 11:35
        The item is received by PostNL

        2021-02-11 11:35
        The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center

        • I've got a message today that it's at the post office for collection, must be close

          • @G-rig: Lucky you mate.. Did your status change on the NL site to say it arrived in Australia?

            • @sabrelli: Nope, still the same, the first page just says ready to ship still. Pretty rubbish tracking site, not even easy to translate to English.

              • @G-rig: Cheers. Hopefully mine will rock up soon.

                • @sabrelli: Yeah should, give it a day or something
                  Will have to stay off ozbargain for a while:P

                  Edit: they are nice and light, don't look too big either :)

                  • @G-rig: Hi all.
                    Ordered 9/2
                    Arrived today.
                    Only showed up on 17track last day or so, when it arrived in Australia I think

                    Hey did anyone notice they set the watch time to destination local time?!?!

                    • @john_conner: Yes, Happy I didn't have to stuff around :)
                      Pretty great service
                      First G- shock here.. have an oris and Tissot but this is just Cool. Good beater.

                      Just wish Casio would team up with Fitbit or something

                      • @G-rig: One of mine arrived ytd and one today although they were purchased days apart. Tracking was not accurate but it just turned up… Lol

                        • @JaeTee: Mine still yet to come, ordered 8th Feb… I always have terrible luck with shipping haha! All my stuff comes like a week later than my friends even if we order at the same time!

  • Just a quick question for you all who have received your watches, for the GA2100-1A1 (black on black), is your watch box and case colour like a camo grey on black? I see video unboxing online where all they watch boxes are all black. Cheers

    Like this: https://www.grailed.com/listings/20109249-casio-x-g-shock-ca...

  • Still haven't got mine and i ordered on the 9th.

    Contacted the shop who received following response from their the postal partner :

    Thank you for your mail. This shipment has not yet arrived in the country of destination. This is on it's way to Australia since February 12th.

    Keep in mind that there are still extreme delays and delivery takes longer than usual. If the shipment has not been received 30 days after arrival or 60 days after the last scan, please send us the DOR (declaration of non-receipt) and the invoice. Until then, we cannot start an investigation yet. Thank you for your understanding

    • I ordered the same date, I just got update on my tracking that it finally got to Australia today! Shipped out same day as you so hopefully it should be incoming soon!

      Here's the tracking events for reference.

      2021-02-25 11:26 The consignment has arrived in the country of destination
      2021-02-25 11:26 The item has arrived in the country of destination
      2021-02-12 19:55 The item is on transport to the country of destination
      2021-02-11 10:18 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
      2021-02-11 10:18 The item is received by PostNL
      2021-02-11 10:18 The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center
      • thanks mate, mine got scanned 2min after your one!

        Hopefully get it today or Monday!

        Happy days.

        • Got mine today! I love this little thing! Pretty much all I needed to do was reset the seconds, it's awesome they've set the city and time for you when you get it!

  • Bought, thanks OP

  • Thanks for the impulse buy!

  • Thanks OP :) bought for $140.59 delivered for the black on black.

    Nearly bought from Shiels for $182 haha