App-Based Simple Tax Return - Free to Use, $19.95 to Lodge @ Refunded


This app is designed to help people with basic tax requirements, don't pay $100 to have you tax completed. Use this app

This software is free to use,
You can see your starting tax position in minutes.
Compete your return on the bus, train, home on the lounge or even in your lunch break.

You can also watch your potential for a tax refund increase in real time as you add your deductions. As you add deductions you potential refund is shown at the the top of each page.

Whats different.

  • It is on mobile devices
  • You can see your starting position in minutes (very fast)
  • You have watch your potential tax return grow and you add deductions (your total potential refund is shown at the top of each screen, what it grow)
  • You don't have to answer every questions e.g. if you don't have any deductions it bypasses all deductions questions, speeding up you process.
  • You can pause / continue whenever you want. (not sure, check your receipts, research something and come back to the process.)
  • Only $19.95 to submit, The software is free to use and if you decided to submit through our app then it is $19.95 unless you owe the taxman, then we submit on your behalf for free.

Who is the ideal for?
Designed for people with basic tax requirements.
Small claims, basic requirements
Currently the app excludes people with shares, investments, complex tax etc

The future of tax is here.

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  • +4

    Not a freebie for actual use - also the ATO has a system that is free.

  • +1

    That was hard to read.
    So many errors.

    F** me the website is even worse. Not professional at all.

    I suggest you hire someone to proof read.

    No chance I'm letting you handle my tax if you cannot even get the basics of English correct.

  • +1

    what the heck

  • +1

    The future of tax arrived when the etax computer program was discontinued and the ATO fixed their website. Tax couldn’t be easier than it is right now.

    Considering you only process basic tax returns, doing nothing that isn’t already achievable on a mobile…brings no value to this app. None. I completed my tax on mobile this year, and the year before and probably will continue doing so…and I don’t pay $19.95 for the pleasure.

    Not a bargain.

  • +1

    Lodging through ATO linked to MyGov is free, no free until lodgement bull. "Watch your refund grow" - whoopee Doo! You know there's an estimate at the end of lodgement through ATO right? For freeeee! It can also be completed on a mobile device and they have an app for all your receipts. Amazing.

  • So this is just like doing your tax return on the web, for free at the ATO site? So why would I pay $19.95 or pay you a commission?

    Also your terminology is all wrong: "You have watch your potential tax return grow." A tax return is what you submit to the ATO. You don't want it to grow - that implies that your taxable income is going up and up hence you're paying more tax.

    Many of us get tax bills, not tax refunds. Why should I pay you for this?

  • -1

    Can see the hard work on the app and everything but unfortunately ATO does that for free but still appreciate your hard work and will use the app for the support 👍.

    • +2

      You're really going to enter all that personal private info into a 3rd party app?


      OK, well good luck.

      • Thats a good heads up though thanks for that. Had got fake email for that's what they are for it is good for quick tax calculations instead of goings through mygov.