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Laser Smart RGB Bulb 10W E27 8 Pack for $64.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


This product features:
1000 lumens brightness, 16.5 million colours
RGBW (red, green blue and white) LEDs
Adjustable intensity
Remote control
E27 fitting

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  • Also Laser Smart Bulb 10W B22 8pk White for $49.99 delivered

    • On harvey norman they had 5 for $20

      • Yeah I bought mine during that deal. I wish they had brighter ones though.

        • I am happy with brightness its great can change color from golden yellow to white; can schedule timing for on off; also can use as a dimmer very happy with $4 bulb nothing can be better than this i guess

          • @hurr1cane: I agree with you. I only need a brighter light in my study where the location isn't centre of the room. Not fault of the bulb though. Perfect everywhere else

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    These ones are screwed…

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      Don't get ANSI, but what LED hue to that conclusion?

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        Watt do you mean ?

        • Do you guys need me to bring to light this situation?

          • @Click_It: Hue are you to tell us watt to do ???

            • @jv: Sorry I will go back to my movie, Dim and Dimmer.

  • Anyone compared these to Phillips Hue???

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    • @socheap, These are wifi. Hue is ZigBee.
      Wifi bulbs are cheap and easy to use/setup, but can overload or slow your WiFi network.
      ZigBee operates as a lower power mesh and requires a hub or dongle and doesn't use your WiFi router/AP.
      Bottom line is that each has its uses. I started with a couple of wifi bulbs when i started playing around with home automation, but have since switched most devices across to ZigBee.

      • thanks for the great response. Hue it is

  • Since no-one else has asked yet - (easily?) usable in Home Assistant?

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      Looks like these are Tuya based so yes…

    • I'm using them with my Google Home if they are the same as the Laser's I bought from Harvey Normal in 2020.

      EDIT: Actually mine are the cool white -> warm white versions not RGB. I can't imagine needing RGB indoors, could be nice for outdoors around Christmas though, perhaps.

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