AEG 1100W KH5G Rotary Hammer Drill $199 (Was $500) @ Bunnings Warehouse (In Store)


Bought one of these for a reno I'll be doing. The original price is around $500, but down to 199 on clear out i think. This should be the price nationwide if you can find stock.

AEG website says its 299 now.

thought this might be useful for some people, i saw 2 people buy them and picked 1 up myself.

Also comes with 6 year warranty

Powerful 1100W motor
2-mode selection
7.5J impact rating
Rotary stop for heavy chiselling applications
Safety clutch for user protection
Soft start for precise start of drilling/chiselling
Soft grip for user comfort

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  • Rotary hammer drill $199

    Members only deal ?

    • Nah, it's just a guide for what to do when charitable people get drunk.

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    Doesn't appear on Bunnings website

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      because its on run out now, cant click and collect, u need to go in store or call store to see if they got 1.

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        I managed to find 1 …… not as nice as when they did the Bosch 4KG hammer clearance (like Bosch blue) , but this is SDS-MAX, so a bit better for chiselling , though max drill bits cost more for drilling …..

      • Thanks, rang my local Bunnings and they had two. Asked them to put aside one for me.

  • Tempting…..Very….

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      Yeah I have to remove tiles from an old kitchen area with tiles over cement I think. Plus this will be handy around the garden.

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          That's a fair call. I always forget about frame and particle board as most of the houses in WA are concrete slab and double brick walls so go hammer and tongs with everything lol

  • i don't need one…i don't need one. Thank god for lockdown

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      I don't need one too, but who knows ….. So rang my local Bunnings and managed to secure one. will pick up later today

  • Was just in Ballarat store. $535 ticket price clearance for 199.. it's a monster! I showed some great restraint.

  • How is it different from Ryobi for $179

    • For one it's not junk… For 2 it will actually do what it's designed for, and do it well… For 3 it will do it for a long time.

    • Also… 50% more energy on the AEG. 7.5j vs 5.0 on the Ryobi.

    • I did our bathroom reno using a Bunnings Xu1 Rotary Hammer drill -$79 (includes chisel set). Involved chasing pipes through double brick, and moved the drains in suspended concrete floor.

      Was pretty impressed for $79. For reference I normally use a Hilti. The Hilti is a like a big ole battle tank, but the Xu1 screams along and does a better, cleaner job of tile removal. If I needed to smash out the entire floor, I'd used the Hilti and a sledge hammer. But highly recommend this little zinger if you are just doing a basic reno.

      • how do you know how to do these renos? Sounds intense

      • Yep all my masonry tools are Hilti, absolutely never dying weapons. Even their bits are best in industry. Hilti, Paslode and Festool can't get better but dam costly

  • Also you can check stock levels on the power pass app of you have powerpass.

  • picked one up today, at $199 it’s great value, if it was $599 it’s getting into bosch blue territory for heavy duty use , and for diy ozito, but $199 is great for n industrial tool.

    will to check if made in china or EU.

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      AEG power tools is a brand name licensed to Tectronic, a Hong Kong company which owns (or owns the brand name) and manufactures AEG power tools, Milwaukee and Ryobi (amongst others) in China.

  • The price is back to $539