Cooling Suggestions for Medium Sized Room with Little to No Ventilation!

Hey everyone.
With summer around the corner, I needed some suggestions to keep myself cool this summer working from home. My room is about 3x3M in size and there is one window that I keep closed to minimize the noise from outside. I do have a Kmart fan that keeps blowing the same hot air at me when the room heats up and my workstation PC that does contribute to the heat.

I was mainly looking into the Air purifier/coolers sections under 300$ but any suggestion is welcome.


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    Get a small air con installed. I looked into the portable path and it was stupid just with the noise and the fact you still had to have the pipe thing go out the window.

    • i did think about it but than i have to leave the window open which i don't really want to do due to the noise(i leave near a busy road)

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    Assuming your budget is under $300, AC is not an option, portable or otherwise.

    If the air outside the room is cooler, you'll want to set up a fan to blow the warmer air near the ceiling inside the room out, and potentially another to push cooler air near the floor into the room from outside.

    If not, you're screwed.

    If the window lets in a lot of sun, you'll need something to provide shade from the outside.

    • during summer most of the times, the outside will always be hotter. Its a small window and i barely get any sunlight.

      • Sorry, I should have been more specific - outside your room, but inside your house.

        • i do have blinds to block out the sun

    • I use the above kind of products. I have an atomic cool and some of the above models. I set one up next to me and in front of me, and use cold water from the fridge to fill it. I cant survive summer without them. I also have a spray can of mineral water I spray on my face from time to time,

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        Pro tip. Fill the tray with ice blocks

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    Dunk a t-shirt in the bathroom basin. Wring it out. Wear it. Combo that by blowing the kmart fan directly at you.

    • so primitive but i love it, sadly i cant really wear a wet shirt during my zoom calls.

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        Just make sure it's not white and you'll be fine!

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        i cant really wear a wet shirt during my zoom calls.

        Is there a Ms Snozzy? If so get her to, it'll improve your popularity at work.

  • What kind of window covering do you have atm?

    • i have a mesh filter for outside and blinds on the inside.

      • some nice thick heavy curtains on the inside would stop heat getting in, too

        • yeah my blinds do a decent job at blocking out the sun

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    …there is one window that I keep closed to minimize the noise from outside.

    Assuming you're not living next to a highway or forever-ongoing-construction site, I think you're probably better off trying to get used to a little bit of noise that'll come with fresh air through an open window. It'll save you that $300 too!

    • true but during summer, opening the window further contributes to the heat.

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    if the air outside your room is cooler. point the fan out away from the room at a highter, so the hot air gets sucked and blown out of the room and the cooler air can enter the room so that you get an even temperature through out

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    • Open windows at night to cool the room down then closed during the day.

    • Reflective material on the window if it gets direct sun.

    • Wet your hair every hour or so. Wear a damp t shirt, use a black shirt and it won’t be noticeable on video calls

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    I bought this one at Kogan and just tried it out. It is very good. It has a mister, so sprays a cool mist. Its battery powered so can use anywhere, and not tie up USB once it is charged. Excellent value.

    • i think i need something more powerful

  • An air circulator circulating air from somewhere that's cooler or an air circulator sucking the hot air from the room out to another room since the room you are in would be hotter?

  • Get a portable air conditioner but extend the hose so it can stick out a window on the other side of your house (to avoid noise from open window in your study).

  • There is no solution aside from A/C that will keep your room cool all day.

    Evaporative cooling methods (misting fans / evap coolers) will quickly increase the humidity of the room to the point where it will no longer be able to cool the room (and on a hot day the room will already have plenty of humidity from the air and your breath contributing).

    Fans and 'purifiers' as you are aware just push the same hot air around the room.

    Portable A/C work but are very noisy and inefficient (and you'll need your window open).

    Split system A/C is what you need, you can keep your window shut as well.

    • thanks for the suggestions mate
      will look into it

      • pls check my recent comment

      • Split system is really unbeatable for a small space. Increase your budget and have an installer put in an ordinary ~2.6kw unit hopefully back to wall using a nearby GPO. I’d hope most on the market are inverter type now.

  • Mitre 10 used to sell fans over 10 years ago where you inserted square frozen liquid ( cooler bag ) bricks -and it cooled quite nicely . The principle still remains : place frozen ice bricks ( gel ones donated from your local nice pharmacists are great -and free if you ask nicely - and he has them coming daily with meds that need to stay a certain temperature ) Just get a large stainless steel (mixing ) bowl - entire sets of these used to be 12.00 in $ stores , full of those frozen bags,and let the fan hit that . Instant relief . Good Luck 💨🥶

  • If you have a fridge in the same room, you will be fighting an unwinnable battle.

    Go with Fan < Evaporative Cooler < Portable Air Conditioner depending on budget, the upfront price pretty much mirrors the running costs and effectiveness on hot days.

    Evaporative Cooling only works in low humidity, so if you're in a tropical / subtropical zone, give it a miss.
    Off-brand from Kmart is fine, but don't expect it to last more than 1-2 summers, personally I'd go with a decent european/korean brand that will last 5-10yrs and may include a quiet mode option

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    The problem is the constant heat source from the PC

    if its cooler outside you need a cross breeze, fan in and fan out like a pc case, this is the cheapest option and you will have to put up with outside noise

    Perfect option split system, costly for one small room. only a portable or window mount will fit in your budget but will make more noise but its the most practical

    down clocking your pc when you can will help, this is as simple as custom power modes to limit frequency

    Basically you have to sacrifice something

    • if youre adamant of sticking with youre criteria there is only 1 option, home made ac.

      I tested something similar, used an old 120 rad in push pull, a d5 pump and lines going into a bucket of ice water and from about 2' it blew nice cold air to my face. I would scale it up with a pedestal fan and esky if I wanted to cool a whole room and frozen salt water in milk jugs for refrigerant. Coil up some alloy lines as a heat exchanger and call it a day

  • We purchased a Vornado air circulator for the bedroom as AC refused due to heritage building. Cheaper to run, more compact and safer than a fan, cools the room rather than needing the fan directly on us. Not as good as AC but makes nights more bearable than a fan.