Assorted Men’s Casual Boots for $5 or $10 @ Kmart


Looking for a pair to wear to court 😂 and found them on sale.
I got these for $10 and couldn’t believe my luck.

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    I find you guilty. Guilty of great bargain hunting.

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    You are very lucky to find these!

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    "Looking for a pair to wear to court" - good luck! Make sure to have a few tequila shots beforehand to mellow yourself out!
    Also be sure to wink and lick your lips towards the prosecutor!

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    Only up to size 13? What is this, shoes for ants?!

  • Court is adjourned until the stocks last.
    BTW, good luck.

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    why's everyone assuming OP is a felon? They could just be doing jury duty

  • Or maybe he meant Tennis Court.

  • OP is a QC and could have been helping out in the forums all this time.

    Source: David76

    • respect at QC shopping at Kmart! true OzBargainer!

    • what

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    I sentence you to wear full K-mart outfit in all future court appearances

  • You misunderstand, he's the judge. He sets precedence.

  • Has anyone ever bought the $6.50 jeans? Wondering what they are like.

    • They are classic

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    What do you call a public servant in a suit? The defendant.

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    OP maybe you should have bought these instead