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[XB1, XSX] METAL GEAR SOLID HD: 2 & 3 $7.48, Castlevania: SOTN $4.97, FINAL FANTASY VII $12.07, Resident Evil $7.48 + More @ MS


Hello Everyone

Microsoft have some great deals going on, particularly for older games this time round. If you grew up playing Metal Gear Solid games, I think it's pretty hard to pass up MGS 2 & 3 HD for this price! I wish I had gotten it this cheap. Other MGS and Final Fantasy games are also on special in case you might be interested in some of the other titles. I won't put X360 in the title because not all games in the title can be played on Xbox 360.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy VII isn't the "remake" that's on Playstation, but I'm pretty sure some of us would be able to appreciate the "remastered" version of the 1997 original. Hopefully people who grew up playing Silent Hill games might be able to benefit from this sale.

You can also get a further 9% off these prices if you have access to Suncorp Rewards, you just need to purchase Microsoft/Xbox Gift Cards. The only thing is that the gift cards can only be bought in $10, $25, $50 or $100 blocks. You just redeem it as credit on your account that can be used on purchases at any time.

Link to the full list of specials below:


Game Price Discount
Castlevania Anniversary Collection $8.03 75%
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night $4.97 50%
Contra Anniversary Collection $8.03 75%
Resident Evil $7.48 75%
Silent Hill: HD Collection $12.61 75%

I tried to list some of the deals that stood out to me. Happy to add any others that anyone would recommend :)


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    Few years back finding the physical copy of this was quite hard. Definitely worth it at this price.

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      For sure. Unfortunately missing Peace Walker from the PS3 HD collection, but still MGS2 & 3 are two of the best games ever made.

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        Peace Walker is incredibly underated and probably a bit better than what most people think.

        Keep in mind there wasn't much of HD update to this games as it was an upscale of the PSP game, whereas 2 and 3 were done to a better degree.

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          Yeah I really loved Peace Walker.

          I remember grabbing this collection back on PS3 and people saying it was a pretty weak game but I had heaps of fun with it!

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            @mangobango: you can't play MGSV without playing PW as the stories are closely linked and explains alot of Big Boss origins from MGS3.

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        Peace Walker is on the physical copies, but for some reason digitally it's a seperate purchase on Xbox..

    • I've played through HD 2 and HD 3 multiple times, and I would say that they haven't aged very well compared to later entries, at least in terms of gameplay. I would find it tedious as a newcomer to the series, although the story is obviously amazing.

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    Just finished playing through these for the first time, great games and they hold up fairly well.

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    These are great - the Silent Hill HD Collection is a poor substitute for the originals but worth it if you never played them and won't get original (or illegal) copies.

    But the MGS Collection is fantastic value - it includes the old NES games too, and the two main games in that collection are genuine 10/10 games, and Peace Walker is 9/10.

    Get it.

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  • It says Xbox X/S and One but the cover shows 360. Guess you cant buy this for the 360?

    • You can buy it for the Xbox 360.

      The Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles are able to play a large library of Xbox 360 titles, hence the cover art.

    • It works on the following.

      -Xbox 360
      -Xbox One, Xbox One S & Xbox One X
      -Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X.

      Im guessing the post includes only XB1 and XSX in the title because not many people would still be using a 360 these days. The 360 store is still up, so you can definitely still buy it there.

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    Me: "Sweet, I'd love to play through MGS again"

    Microsoft: "you already own this game"

    Me: "fair enough, then I'll buy.."

    Microsoft: "you already own all these games"

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    I noticed with MGS2 HD on PS3; when I get a codec call, it takes a good couple of seconds to open up / start talking.
    It wasn't like this on the original PS2 version.

    Is this a PS3 specific problem or is it present on Xbox too?

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    Note that the MGS collection listed here does not include Peace Walker, as it is a separate game.

    The physical version of the collection contains 2 & 3 on disc 1 and Peace Walker on disc 2.

  • Anyone know a way to filter the microsoft games store to just show OG xbox and 360 games?

  • why isnt mgs hd collection on playstation??

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      what? there's like 2 physical releases of the HD collection for PS3.




      which had MGS1/MG4/ and MGSHD and digital download of the msx titles

      • oh yeh… i mean for modern consoles… ps4/ps5

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          Was pretty clear that is what you were talking about.

          Simple answer is PS4 and PS5 do not have backwards compatibility for PS1, PS2 or PS3, so the developers would have to port games from these systems themselves which costs a lot of money and takes development time away from current projects.

          In the case of Xbox, they have a team dedicated to backwards compatibility which does all the work (Getting the game running on modern systems & in some cases resolution and FPS boost) so there is no cost to the original developers.

        • Sony have just chosen not to prioritise supporting old games (probably partly because the PS3 and even the PS2 were hard to emulate). Jim Ryan made some comment recently about people not wanting to play old games.

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    Friendly reminder:
    Xbox gift cards are 10% off on shopback app

  • I just want to play MGS1 again. It doesn't seem to be available digitally on the PS4/5.
    I can't believe they've gone that long without making this gem available digitally to the latest gen consoles.

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      I guess that's the downside of the weird infrastructure/dev environment the PS3 had?

      Hopefully backwards compatibility is the way forwards for all the consoles going forwards

      • Nah, I was talking about MGS1 (PS1, 1998). Not MGS4.

        • Yeah, MGS1 was playable on PS3, but obviously not compatible with the PS4/etc :/

          Although I'm pretty sure that was essentially just an emulated version of the PS1 game and not a remaster

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      Just grab a second hand PS3 console off marketplace or gumtree for like $50+ and you can purchase ps1 classics version of MGS1 on psn store for $15.

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        Or just download an emulator. Anything* will run PS1 one games now, even an Xbox One/Series without any mods or hacking.

        .* ironically, everything but actual Sony consoles because they don’t give a shit about gaming preservation or their customers.

  • Persona 4 Arena too, is finally on sale!! Didn't want to shell out $70 for a physical!

  • Not sure if I should buy SOTN on Xbox or keep hoping for a Switch port?

    • After all this time, and SOTN still isn't on Switch (it did get the Castlevania Advance collection announced last week), it doesn't seem likely.

    • It's on everything but switch lol. Even your phone can buy sotn for 5 bucks.

  • I only played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night recently, bloody brilliant game. Shame I missed it in the 90s.

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    I was about to say all the comments are talking about mgs and no one mentioned one of the greatest games of all time Caatlevania Sotn, then the last few comments made me happier.
    Everyone should at least play sotn once. It's a masterpiece.