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Craft Beer from Stockade Brew Co from $45 Per Case of 24 + Delivery @ Craft Cartel


Save on cases of Craft Beer from Stockade Brew Co in this week's Happy Hour!
Featuring Cases of 24x375ml cans.

Choose between:

Stockade Splicer XPA
$49.50 (RRP $79.00)

Stockade Refreshing Ale
$45.00 (RRP $69.00)

Stockade 8Bit IPA
$69.00 (RRP $110.00)

Stockade Mr Fruju NEIPA
$69.00 (RRP $120.00)

Stockade Flight Path Pale Ale
49.50 (RRP $79.00)

Fill your fridge:


Dispatch Date: 07/10/21

Offer available while stock lasts. No refunds or exchanges on sale items if you change your mind. Can't be used in-conjunction with other specials.

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  • +12

    Save you several clicks - shipping is $9.96.

    • Thanks @gadgetguy. Free shipping kicks in at $150 for everyone, or from as little as $30 for members depending on the tier. Cheers

  • +5

    Stockade Splicer XPA is only $52 at First Choice Liquor.

    • +1

      Will def try this at the next 2,000 points and/or decent Cashrewards deal.

      • +1

        That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Actually maybe a combo of both. I’ve already got quite a bit of IPA and XPA at home.

      • +1

        Currently 20x FlyBuys points, 20% cashback at ShopBack and $5 cash back at 28 Degrees. Practically $20 off.

        • Had a 28Degrees for many years and never had a single offer.

    • Thanks @sween64. We saw it at $54 on special there last week. It's why we thought $49.50was such a cracking deal!

      • First Choice is across the street from me though, so no delivery fee.

        Plus with a 2,000 Flybuys points offer (which they run almost every week) that's worth another $10 off.

      • hi team is there any click and collect option in Sydney?

  • +2

    Now, if it was free shipping…..

    • Load up on a few @bilbster! Free shipping kicks in for everyone at $150, or from as little as $30 for members (depending on the tier of membership).


      • Free shipping would sweeten the deal! Being forced to spend $150 will make the beer taste bad!

        • We hear you @solidice and this weeks threshold is $99. Check out he current deal and see if it piques your interest.


  • +3

    @Craft Cartel Liquor An 8-Bit and Mr Fruju mixed case would be awesome!

    • +1

      Thanks Wezzer! We'll speak to the powers that be!

  • +1

    Stockade seems to be their fall back option for specials.

    • We do have a great relationship with the guys at Stockade, so yep, you'll see deals from them with us from time to time! Cheers

  • +4

    Splicer XPA is an excellent camping beer - the deal of the century was the $10 6-packs at First Choice earlier this year. As noted earlier, regularly on special at FC, pretty well one of their "house" beers.

  • +2

    Splicer is my go-to beer. Only 4.4% so not as strong as my other favourite beers like the Crankshaft but absolutely full of flavour. I've still got a few cases from last time it was on sale.

    • +1

      Glad we could help you last time! This stock is fresh brewed too, so if you need another fridge filler it has plenty of life left in it!


      • how is the Stockade flight pale ale compare to XPA?

  • no more Stockade Splicer XPA??