65%+ off Steam Games with Payment by Argentine Steam Gift Card: e.g. New World ARS$1099 (~A$19.86, RRP A$56.95) @ Steam


Ozbargains has been receptive to these region hacks in the past so I figured I would post it. Will work for any game cheaper in ARS, not just New World! I picked as its a new game that won't be on sale soon. I am making a Guild on New World Tonight please pm me or see my forum post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653970
Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for a few simple steps you can get games for 65%+ off.

I came across this tactic when I bought New World Deluxe for $35 from a Discord seller instead of $70 and was wondering how he did it and found out he had 149ARS in Steam Wallet. Unlike using VPN on existing accounts to activate Russian keys, this is much safer and I do not know of anyone who got Steam account banned from it or buying it directly.

  1. First register a new email and Steam account with Argentina VPN. You do not have to play on this account if you gift to your main account.
    Tunnelbear is free and has Argentina but I used Surfshark
  2. www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/All_countries/address/country/A...
    Create a fake Argentina Billing Address
  3. Buy 1100ARS Steam Wallet Codes or whatever you need on Kinguin etc. with real name and details etc.
    100 ARS
    200 ARS
    300 ARS
    500 ARS
  4. Register Steam with an Argentine Billing address on VPN so you can buy it.
  5. Activate the Steam Wallet Codes on Steam with VPN and buy New World for 1099ARS
  6. Afterwards you can turn off VPN and play region free

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  • Can I purchase the game on the Argentinian account and send it to my main account or will I always have to log in to the Argentinian account to play it?

    • You will have to login to the Argentina Account, but I don't mind too much as you can implement Steam Family Library Sharing soon most games you don't have to

      • NVM you can't gift different countries

    • You don’t need VPN to play the game. But I guess better login by VPN from time to time.

      • After the initial activation of Borderlands 2 RU key in 2012, I never logged in Russia VPN again and played 1000 hours was never banned

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    Using vpns on steam account is a terrible idea. Youll be banned soon unless you constantly use the vpn never without it.

    • I bought Borderlands 2 on Russia VPN in 2012 still not banned yet. It's region free anyway. After the initial activation of Borderlands 2 RU key in 2012, I never logged in Russia VPN again and played 1000 hours was never banned

      • +3

        They are a lot more strict regarding this in 2021 then they were in 2012, a lot can change in 9 years. They wouldn't retroactively ban you for it, but if you do this in 2021 you are a lot more likely to get caught.

      • That was 2012… I remember trading tf2 keys for steam games from Russians at like half price during sales (half price of the half priced sale).

        They've cracked down on stuff like that pretty hard years ago.

        This might work, but seems like a high chance of getting banned if you log in without a VPN.

        • Yes I've played New World 100+ hours on the 2021 Argentina Account. I think as long as you aren't buying and selling the accounts, sharing and changing IP all the time or buying $1500 of games in 24hours I don't think it will draw attention to yourself. Regardless, I've heard so many people say you will get banned but I or anybody I know has not.

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    The population in Argentina is more than India + China~LoL

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      He meant "population" inflated by various online service users. Don't neg him, he has a point.

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    Why not just use the above method and buy as a gift for your main account.

    No way they can ban you for receiving a gift.

    • -2

      Great idea I will add it!

    • +2

      You can't send gifts from diff countries. Already tried.

      • Oh nvm then

      • You can if the price difference is not massive. I think its 10%?

  • If only i could use this to buy skins in game…

  • what I'm seeing here is buying the game on a separate account so you don't have it on your main steam account? how do you buy it with agentina currency but use the game on your own account?

    • One option for some games will be Steam Family Library Sharing to your main account.
      You can't by it on the main acc but I like it this way as I can play New World MMO on my account and share games with my brother.

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    There's some good deals here and there:

    Sekiro is about $20 AUD when using Argentinian VPN

    But good to cross check on g2a.com or something before buying on the Argentinian Steam store, could find better or at least matching deals there without resorting to a different Steam store

  • So I thought I’d try this out. Using Surfshark VPN, made a new account on Steam and had no issues there. But when it got around to using Kinguin, I made an account with a fake Argentinian name and address. Purchased the gift cards via PayPal, and that worked fine. But when it came to receiving the goods it looks like it’s out of the question. They’ve put my order on hold and want proof of ID. Maybe I should have put my real name? Not sure.

    • Yes you should have there is no need to put a fake name on Kinguin. I think you should explain yourself

  • the whole nation celebrating messy's first goal for psg

  • So are you able to gift the game from the AGS account to your main account?
    Or will you have to just do the family game sharing option?

    • No you can't gift if price difference larger than 10%

  • +1

    Works great for me so far, I logged in via an old steam account that I hadn't used in 10 years using an Argentina VPN and for some reason it automatically changed the region for me to Argentina without needing to add a fake address or anything. Bought 2 x 1000ARS using my Australian Paypal account for $37 AUD waited for around 5 minutes for it to show up in my Kinguin inventory then add the wallet amount code to my Steam account Argentina VPN and purchased the game I wanted for around 1900 ARS (current AUD price is $74), added my main account to family share and now I am downloading it via my main account (~ 1 hour).

    • Hi Aaron. Thanks for your comment. I didn't know about family share. Just followed the prompts and bought New World myself. It's downloading now. Can you confirm whether the family link has been stable? No disconnects or annoying prompts?

      • afaik the family link just let you play a game installed on a computer using a different account (the one you are sharing with) rather than the one you bought it with. It seems to launch and run the same just as if you have the game except it won't show that it is in your library in the steam store. It also show under a different category in your game library on the steam app.

  • Steam has recognised that I'm from Australia but at checkout I said I'm from Argentina so it's asking me to pay in AR$$. Do I proceed? I don't have a good von, using a free one.

  • Made a new steam account for Argentina then decided not to buy New World after I activated the gift card I realised I'd probably get bored after a week… I guess I'll use it for other games.

    Some of the prices are insane. Guilty Gear Strive for $9.00 AUD (ARS$ 649,99) -89.40% difference to AUD prices

  • The Family Sharing route is working good and fine with GeForce NOW. Thanks.