ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade $40 (Was $69.99) + Delivery ($0 with $49 Spend/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Myer

  • The ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade is an all in one package featuring two light guns which plug into a base unit that not only runs the game but also projects the images that you will be targeting with its pair of LED projectors.
  • This game comes packaged with three different types of targets, each one escalating in difficulty. These include a basic bullseye, a UFO, and (surprise!) an alien bug.
  • Changing the games and number of players is a very simple effort requiring only plugging or unplugging one of the interchangeable blasters and pressing the red button (which also doubles as the unit's power button).
  • The blue button switches between three levels of difficulty, specifically beginner, medium, and advanced.
  • 6 AAA batteries are required but NOT included.
  • For ages 6 and up.

4.40 of 5.00 (49 reviews) | Note item is marked as Reduced to clear. "We are unable to accept returns on clearance items if you change your mind." Respective T&Cs apply

Possibly the next price is $45 @ Target AU

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  • +1

    Pretty cheap for something that'll keep the kids occupied for quite a while

  • +9

    Son: Mum, can we get a Series X?

    Parent: No we already have a series x at home.

    The series x at home: ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade 🔫

  • would be good if these could be hacked into being used on a dreamcast, those guns are expensive as now

  • And after how long after you buy it would you get sick of it? 5 levels doesn't seem like a whole bunch.

  • i think i'd get bored of that very very quickly

  • +2

    I wanted a Point Blank arcade unit, but I guess I'll have to settle for this

  • Strong late 80’s vibes

  • Can I play Operation Wolf with this?