Why Is Optus 5G Network Coverage So Shite?

Hi all,

So I'm one of those people who used to say (still do).. 'why on earth would you need 5G when 4G is more than fast enough for anything you might need to do on your phone.' but now that I've upgraded to a 5G capable phone.. I want it to be available.. just cause.

Correct me if I am wrong but the only 3 telcos with 5G are Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone.

Telstra's coverage map for 5G is huge, especially for the greater Melbourne area.

Vodafone doesn't seem to have a coverage map but their list of supported suburb is pretty long.

Now.. the network that I'm on, Optus, seems to be the worst of all.. I live in the SE Suburbs and the other two carrier offer 5g in my area but Optus doesnt.. Why's the Optus network so far behind the other two?

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    You should have had Pfizer for true 5g

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      Tried?? I'm waiting for my second shot.

      Only reason I got the jab is so that I can be a walking 5G tower.

  • All of Optus is generally pretty shit.

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    They use high frequency to get the fastest speed. But high frequency equals shit coverage.

  • I'd just love to have good enough reception for a normal phone call on my Optus phone at my house, only 8km from Brisbane CBD.
    Have to resort to wifi calling but thats rubbish as well.

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    With the roll out of 5G Optus gave a firm guarantee that they'll maintain their well established level of service quality.

    They've stayed true to their promise.

  • Vodafone doesn't seem to have a coverage map but their list of supported suburb is pretty long.

    Errr https://www.vodafone.com.au/network/coverage-checker

    zoom 'out' for a city wide map.

  • I suppose experience varies.

    Telstra seems to be doing well.

    I have 5g where I live and work, but it doesn't really affect me much. I'm usually on wifi

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    Technically it's all to do with the lower amount of 3.6 GHz bandwidth that Optus purchased compared to Telstra and TPG (Vodafone). You can see just how little Sub-6 spectrum they took at auction here - just 47 lots out of 350.

    The Sub-6 spectrum was the first to be auctioned off and rolled out, so naturally Optus have fewer operating cell sites right now, targeting high value (i.e., density) areas first.

    Also the deployment strategies with Telstra and Optus are totally different. Optus are banking on 5G being an NBN killer so are buying up more mmWave spectrum, while Telstra are going for deeper mobile coverage by buying up more Sub-6 and low band spectrum.

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    Always amazes me how much market share Optus has when its service is terrible. Must be incredibly good marketing.