Banking App Glitched and Made a Double Payment

Hey guys, so I just got my pay and was paying my bills using the IMB banking app. I made a bank transfer for the rent for $540 and saw my bank balance drop by over $1000. Looking at my accounts I saw it made two simultaneous payments of $540. This is not a mistake I can have made as each time I pay the rent I have to fill it out manually, it's not like you can accidentally click it twice or something.

I know it could be worse since presumably I'd just end up being a week ahead in rent, but I was relying on that pay for some other large payments that are due this week and it is a major inconvenience.

What are my rights in this situation? Is there any legislature that protects customers rights in this kind of situation? I mean, what if it had been a payment to someone other than my real estate?

The really odd thing is that right before this happened and when I first logged in it seemed to glitch and it showed someone else's bank accounts, all names and payments I didn't recognise. I reloaded the app and my accounts came up as normal, but then that happened.

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    By the time its rectified.. next rent payment will be due

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    Contact bank and enquire on what happened, whether issue on their end and whether the second transfer can be reversed.

    Contact rent recipient to confirm they received 2x payments and either if they can return one or if you don't need the money then confirm that you simply don't pay next rent to compensat (also confirm this in writing back to them after the call).

    Setup automated recurring payments to avoid future issues and headaches.

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    Don't overthink this. Contact your agent and ask them to return the overpayment. If they refuse, then worry about your rights.

  • Do you have a scheduled rent payment on your account. So, the automatic payment was made and then you made another payment. In this particular case this should be easy. Get the RE agent to refund to double payment.