Cheap Bluetooth game pad for Chromecast with google TV?

Hi all,
I recently purchased a Chromecast with google tv which I’m pretty impressed with and have noticed you can download some games. Apparently you can also use a Bluetooth gam pad to play these games instead of the basic remote so was wondering if anyone could recommend something cheap to do this?
I have an old PS3 which I don’t use anymore but those controllers won’t seem to work.
Thanks in advance.


  • If size is not an issue, there's this controller for $25 -

    Otherwise, a cheap second-hand Xbox One controller works just fine.

    • If size is not an issue

      Lol, I reckon I'd think it was a tic tac and eat it.

    • Thanks for that but it's probably a bit small.
      Also I'd prefer analogue stick if possible but if they are too pricey I'd go with something like the linked but I bit bigger.

  • What kind of game? Any game from google play store? How? I have the 8bitdo (the big one) bought $45ish so keen to try.

    • Kid suitable games pretty much.
      There's a buggy racing one like a Mario Cart style that I've played with the remote and would like to get 2 controllers so they can play.

      • oh i thought games from playstore as i think GG tv is based on android
        btw, weird why we cant access playstore using chromecast with ggtv? if can that is amazing

        • You can, use the voice command button and say "open google play store".

          I found that Daytona Rush and Pacman 256 are playable with the remote and controller, whereas Crossy Road is only playable with the controller.

          • @silverrat23: i just remember the storage is 4GB lol..
            need to buy hub and stick in USB drive so i can play those 100MB MMORPG games