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4G Wireless Internet Plan 500GB $59.95/Month @ Spintel


Been looking for a new NBN connection to the place I'm moving north of Melbourne. The suburb is quite new and fibre to the premises is available. After going through some comparison sites, as you may very well know the faster the internet, the more expensive.

That's when I found this awesome deal with Spintel (Optus network). $59.95/m with 500GB of 4G data and a brand new super fast Nokia 5G modem/router. Didn't pay for the modem, which I think it's worth some $400 and arrive in 2 days at the post office. The area has no 5G but eventually will (plan change required) and meantime I can have super fast speeds (so far 184Mb/s) on 4G compared to a 50Mb crappy NBN connection. Win win !!!

Mod note: Nokia 5G modem/router is only available for rental with Spintel's 5G wireless broadband plan. This offer is for 4G and so the Nokia 5G modem/router is unavailable.

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    I'd say something like the Optus $75/month unlimited data 5g home broadband is better value.


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      not everyone needs unlimited. i went from 500gb -> 200gb and i could happily live off 100gb if there was a cheaper plan

    • I agree with you. If it arrives in my area willing to give it a shot.

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      its funny how with that optus dral the speed changes drpending in if u contract or go month ti month on the sand desk.

      24 minth 100mbs typucal speed
      minth to minth 77mbs typical soeed

    • I'd disagree. Unlimited plans mean that a tiny number of users can cause performance issues for everyone else on the same tower / antenna.

      Quotas mean cheaper plans for those who don't consume large amounts of data.

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      I can't recommend Optus 5g at all. Have it in Brisbane, pretty close to a tower and it drops out all the time, restarting routing is the only way to fix it.

      They also have a separate support team for it and multiple times they have told me to go over the installation steps after I have told them I have done them.

  • Whats the latency like for gaming?

    • 18ms for me on optus

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    I had ADSL through Spintel years ago. The connection barely worked and their customer service was by far the worst I’ve experienced from any provider (and that’s not really a high bar). I wouldn’t recommend Spintel at any price.

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      I had the opposite.

      I found their customer service to be quite good when I was having speed issues. One representative fixed the issue after trying a few different things over multiple days.

      I would recommend them.

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    you rent the modem by the looks of it might be best to buy it outright

  • The modems for 4G plans are Huawei and Netgear. You pay monthly rental or purchase outright. That Nokia 5G modem is only available for 5G plans. How did you manage to get it?

    • I also noticed that, moreover, I think we need to pay monthly rental for the modem as well. So, some details are missing in this post

    • I’d like to know as well

  • What is the maximum download speed for Optus 4G?

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        it certainly depends on the location, I used to have vivid wireless, optus mobile broadband , circles.life as home broadband and catch connect for phone as well. When I checkef them even with cat20 on my phone, I got different speeds from very low to high depending on the location. Would like to give it a try if there is any cheaper package with Optus like with Felix. Is there any packages like that?

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          I'm in South Brisbane and just did a speed test on 4g+ got 84/31

          • @sharkfan12: the best speed I got with catch connect was 273/36 but that was 2 years ago here in Melbourne, but couldn't get that inside the home but speeds were great in outdoor garden, haven't used Optus recently.

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    I had this, frequent drop outs, slow speed. Gave up and went for nbn

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    Sounds like a great sales pitch…

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      More like a shitty "completely 100% legit satisfied customer" xD

      This wouldn't be out of place on one of those informercial stations. Just need stock footage of someone getting frustrated at something.

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      exactly… not exactly sure what the "bargain" is here, just looks like a regular price to me

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    Didn't pay for the modem, which I think it's worth some $400

    Of the modems I could find purchasing outright (which you'll likely get stung more for) the most expensive is $290?

    Also it seems you need to rent a modem or buy one so add another $7/month to the title (+$20 postage). This seems a weird way to punish loyal customers.

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    184mbps is impressive for a 4g connection. But latency is also important for some customers, what ping are you getting on speed test?

  • If making online audio/video calls 4g latency may be pretty annoying, plus packets loss.

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    Op seems to have 4G and 5G prices and T&Cs mixed up. I hope you are not shocked when the bill comes.
    $59.95 is for 4G. You don't get the Nokia modem with this plan.
    5G starts from $69. And no, you don't get the 5G Nokia modem for free.

    Upon termination of the 5G service plan, you are required to return the modem to SpinTel. If you do not return the modem within 21 days from the date of termination or if the modem is considered damaged or misused (as described below), excluding reasonable wear and tear, you will need to pay the full retail price of the modem.
    Upon termination of non 5G services you will be charged the rental value of the modem until it’s returned.

    P.S. I am a Spintel 5G customer. I have been getting dropouts often lately and connection gone down to 4G. It's been 5 weeks and not fully resolved. 5G came back for a few days when I complained then reverted back to 4G again, which sometimes go as high as 150Mbps, and as low as 2Mbps, pings ~20ms. The Optus 5G tower is only 200m from me.

  • Wait until you get the lag and drop out and get back to this thread to keep everyone posted

  • Base on my current experience with Spintel 5G service, I DO NOT recommend Spintel 5G to anyone who ask for my opinion. Very hard to get hold of anyone online, or chat message. It took me half a day to get hold of someone during their working hours. Unreliable connectivity and dropouts. If it's the weekends and need a service reset at Optus end to get your connectivity back, you'd need to wait till the next business day. You will lose a lot of productivity time if you WFH.
    They even have the nerve to tell me that they will charge me clawback fee if I cancel their service before my 24-month contract ends, till I strongly argued that they have no right to demand payment for not providing reliable connectivity or the minimum level of service in the contract (50Mbps).
    My neighbours around me who signed up Optus 5G directly however, do not have as much issue. It makes me think that Optus is putting non-direct customers at the bottom of priority for connection to their towers…
    So, it's a No vote from me for Spintel 5G.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I had to comment to avoid dealing with Spintel is all shapes and forms. I got a 5G wireless internet service from them back in November 2020. It has been a nightmare of problems and I'm still dealing with billing problems from this change over. Customer service does not keep a track of previous conversations so it is upon you as a customer to record a ticket number to reference everytime. They cannot simply bring up what was promised. They are do not have a local team they can escalate to, so in AUS they have just the operations and sales team. I have not even commented on the performance issues yet. This drops out every day or 2, my wifi router is new and have been reset every time the internet drops out.
    So if you are seeking to bounce between running your mobile hotspot and wifi router to reset and hope for your connection again then by all means take on this cheap plan. AVOID.
    Forgot to add I'm located in Sydney postcode 2017 if that is of relevance (supposedly where there is strong 5G connections).
    Edit: TIO ended up getting involved and resolved all my billing credits. But definitely not worth the experience.