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Free 5-Part Tech Demo: Your Path to Production with Confluent Cloud @ Confluent


Hi all,

A while back I posted a link to some free training for anyone getting started with Kafka which hopefully helped and had some positive comments for which I'm very grateful for.

This time around, I thought I'd share a free 5 part series that's running over the course of the next few months starting tomorrow (30 September) specifically for us in the APAC region.

Again, full disclosure I am part of Confluent (co-founders were co-creators of Kafka itself) but this course is a freebie which hopefully helps someone out there just trying to understand what Kafka is used for and how it may benefit them. Going Cloud first (with free credits!) I feel is the best approach when trying out a product- if it's allowed- as the worst scenario is testing a PoC for 3-6 months only to discover it's not right. Having the infrastructure and operational aspects of it taken care of allows you to test your ideas, and see if it solve the actual problem at hand, sooner and move on if it isn't right.

Link to original post with free training (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639512)
Link to some curated content (https://www.linkedin.com/smart-links/AQFEOiEMQgxZEg)

Does this make sense for you to try? Here's where Kafka/Confluent are most commonly applied;
1) Mainframe modernisation; Reduce mainframe queries/pressure, and bring the data into an event stream for real time application capabilities
2) Systems are too tightly coupled; 1-to-1 purpose built applications, interdependencies with who knows how many other apps & databases, can make it tough to ever scale out your siloed data for use anywhere else. Taking an event streaming approach can unlock that capability.
3) Bridge to Cloud; whether it's moving everything to the cloud or taking a hybrid approach, this helps to achieve that data flow.

Other areas like data mesh, multi-cloud and message queues not scaling (little to no storage either) are common too + much more.

Hope this helps, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best of luck on your journey!



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    Are sales pitches considered deals now?

    • My apologies I should have also mentioned Kafka is open source too so 'free' to use, just the lessons this time around are on the SaaS service. Didn't hit the mark on this one in terms of value to the community so will try get this removed.

      Didn't mean to seem sales-ie for a free course but thank you for raising this, I appreciate your time.

  • Where's the bargain?

    • Fair point as well, apologies it should have been listed as a freebie or perhaps not a relevant spot on OB for a community looking for bargains. Will keep that in mind and attempt to have this removed. Thank you for raising this, I appreciate your thoughts.

  • I had some Kafka at a Turkish restaurant just before the latest lockdown.
    It went really well with the yoghurt dip.

    • Mmmm I could go for some Turkish food right now. The yoghurt dip is a great idea!

  • I got excited about getting to read or talk Kafka until I saw Conflatulent Cloud.

  • Thanks OP, bought 5

  • I though this was what Kefka from FF6 can do. I know he can poison a whole castle.

    • Wow first time seeing kefka, looks scary! Shadow looks cool. Have to admit I only know ff7 and Cloud is still one of the coolest looking.

  • It it like aws Kinesis? Wrong site tho, pplz here are in fir cheap eneloops

    • Thanks Nuker! Going to have to check into why eneloops are better. Quite different to kinesis serving different purposes. High level, depends if things like scale, latency, retention and if open source is important. Good luck with your journey! If I can help, ping me anytime.

  • Thanks for posting this…really great to see such free training content posted here!

    • Ah thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it and glad you find it useful. Best of luck on your journey!

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