How Much of Income Would Be Enough for You to Live "Reasonably Well"?

Long time lurker here - It's always interesting to read Ozbargain forums and the comments. Some comments totally make my day, due to the excessive laughter that follows.

My question was inspired by the recent discussion by 900dollaridoos on 26/09/2021… "If Your Income Was Double or Tripled, What Daily/Weekly/Monthly Items Would You Buy?" It was very interesting to read everyone's comments.

So my question being.. "How Much of Income Would Be Enough for You to Live "Reasonably Well"?"

My guess is that people would have a variety of different definitions of "reasonably well". From my perspective, the definition of "reasonably well" would be to live life with everything you need but not having everything you want.
- Having everything you need = enough money for home cooked food, utilities, shelter (rented or owned), whilst not living pay check to pay check and the occasional luxury like eating out/takeaway once in 2 weeks or a massage once every 6 months
- Not having everything you want = ie: the new phone/car/house/computer/handbag or the monthly expensive fine dining meal

To clarify, I'm not with a survey company either. I've just been reading a lot on the median income and the "average middle income australian". After reading all of that, it still befuddles me on what is termed "average middle income australian", as it seems that people generally deem themselves as the "average middle income" whether they earn $60k per annum or $300k per annum (business owners included).

Anyhow, I thought it would be an interesting conversation and poll to have.

The poll is based on a 1 person's income (pre-tax), with no kids - I know that a lot of people have kids here, but hey, let's just go with that assumption ok? Also, I've chosen pre-tax income aka gross salary, since it was easier, as some people obviously have special accountants (see below link)

Poll Options

  • 69
    < $50,000
  • 218
    Between $50,000 to $100,000
  • 429
    Between $100,000 to $150,000
  • 85
    Between $150,000 to $200,000
  • 43
    Between $200,000 to $300,000
  • 228
    > $300,000


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      Surely after 6 years on ozbargain you would have realised that polls attract trolls.

      • +13

        See I know a lot of those answers are trolls but I genuinely know people that earn 200k and think not being able to buy a new car every year or go on annual Europe trips means they aren't living well.

        • +17

          I agree, it's really about how one spends. I used to have a colleague, lady with 1 adult kid (who had a part time job), who earned around $110k ish a year… and she used to live pay check to paycheck. The moment a utility bill/car service came, she would fret and then moan about how she was going to pay her utility bills….whilst on the other hand, buys coffee and lunch every day at work, and bought a brand new car that costed $40k (on loan of course). After listening to her for about 4 months, I decided to speak up one day, that there are several things that she could do to improve her lifestyle, ie: to not live pay check to pay check, for example… setting up a budget, BYO lunch, rent out a room in her place (she was renting a 3 or 4 bedroom house) etc.

          Her reaction, "it's cause you don't know how expensive raising a child is"

          uh… I don't think it's your child, I think it's you and your spending habits.

          • +9

            @Jill of alltrades: People like that just like to complain and want sympathy. They don't want a solution.

          • @Jill of alltrades: You know that at the end of the day, considering how centrelink requirements are set, living pay check to pay check might get you in a better position..

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    Single without kids: $50k - $100k.

    Family with kid(s): $100k - $150k. You will be on struggle street if you have a family and earning near $50k rather than 100k. Rent is already $20k-$25k.

  • +17

    $100k is more than enough to allow me to cover mortgage payments, utilities, eat out once a week, and take two holidays a year, with enough rainy day money to avoid bill shock. I'm already more-or-less at this. I don't need a second house, boat, fancy car, and other than odd hobbies like Lego or Masterpiece Transformers, I live somewhat modestly.

    That being said, if I had kids or was trying to save for a house, that changes things dramatically.

    • On a side note, almost all hobbies are "odd" and don't really have to make sense financially.
      If the hobby made money, it would no longer be a hobby - it'll be a job that you enjoy doing.

    • Well said. Kid's aren't that expensive apart from day-care, which is heavily subsidised at 55k a year.

      You can buy all the expensive toys you like, but they are happiest playing with a garden hose or chasing the dog. I shudder at all the 4 year olds I see with brand new iPad's.

  • +3

    It totally depends on how you actually get the income. Are you doing something you love and earns money at the same time? Do you have to work 996 to earn the $300K? Or can you do nothing and still get $50K? I personally prefer the latter.
    It also depends on how many existing assets and means of production you have. If you don't have to pay rent or mortgage, $50K is enough to cover everything you ever "need". Even more so if you grow your own food, make your own stuff, etc. You get the idea.

    • +4

      I wasn't aware of the '996' term until I looked it up. Thank you for helping me learn something new today.

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    As a single man with no debt, I would be comfortable with 1k per week in my bank account, roughly 72k pre-tax? Right now, last 7 years, I never earned over 35k which sucks… but what can ya do.

    • -2

      My normal year has 52 weeks in it.

      • 72k pre-tax is approx $1k per week after tax

    • Why haven't you earned more than 35k? Is that after tax, full time? Retail could get you more than that.

      • 2014 - Went to TAFE to study full time but TAFE didn't really get me anywhere, working part-time in retail doing weekends
        2015 - 2019 - 5 years uni, part time job, same thing in retail doing weekends only. Graduated in 2019
        2020 - got a full time job in March (they offered 55k) just before the whole work from home policy happened then dismissed May 2020 due to covid, went on job seeker. Few casual jobs but nothing permanent after that :(
        2021 - Found a full time job in Jan (they offered 60k), dismissed in May due to Covid, back on job seeker


        I guess you can't really count the first 5 years since I was at uni, but 2020 and 2021, i guess I lucked out on joining a company that couldn't keep majority of their employees….

        • May I ask, what industry are you in?

          I’m personally in the digital commerce industry and companies are hiring left and right. I’m getting messages from recruiter every other day looking to fill positions.

          I have a recruiter friend that says there’s a struggle to find talents in a lot of industry at the moment.

    • Just wanted to say chin up bro, you are a hard worker and you stick at things, finished your degree, and graduated into the worst possible job market (one nobody imagined at the start of your degree).

      If you made it through a 5 year degree and worked part time retail throughout, you have exactly what it takes to make it - which is persistence.

      You keep at it and I'd bet serious money that you'll be doing a lot better in a few years.

  • +1

    Married, 3 kids (15, 3 and 1) 49 years old.
    I intend retiring at 60 on around $100,000 p.a at that stage there will still be about 7 years of mortgage payments, wife will still be working at around $120,000 pa - should be more than comfortable.

    • +2

      wowsers, thats a big age gap

      • Yeah, got married late - not such a gap for my wife, she's only 34 - or the gap between kids? She already had one when we met.

        • +3

          I think the gap between kid 1 and 2 (12 years) would be the one they're referring to.

          Not a bad thing though, they can guide them through their studies and start of their working life when the time comes.

    • +1

      Any reason why you would retire so young when your wife if still working and your kids are all at high school (don't need you as much) and you will still have a mortgage…? Why not push it 5 years at least…?

      • Because I would like to stop working at that stage. Ive worked hard to build up my super to where it is so that I can live the dream of early retirement. I have heaps to do, not going to be one of those guys who yearns to be back at work.

    • Oh, to have a wife that works, that sounds amazing. Mine didn't work from 2011 until 2018, and even then 2 days a week, now 1 day week.

  • Lots of variables here. Aside from what you define as ‘reasonably well’, income at different time points and family size/marital status +- inheritances make it a hard number to define.

    Eg I’m married with one kid. Mortgage is paid, so other than rates and maintenance that’s not a huge expense any more so my current income needs are lower. In order to paid that mortgage off quickly it took 2 incomes. For us it’s the combined income that matters more. We’re considering getting an investment property not because we need it now, but to be able to self fund retirement in the future. So our earning needs will be greater in the short term so they can be less in the future. If someone had a lower income and/or were single they’d still be able to pay off a similar mortgage and live comfortably it would just take longer. If we got divorced then everything would change again.

    I’ve heard people say that to retire comfortably and have a good lifestyle there should be $700k assets per person on top of having a primary place of residence. Not sure where this figure comes from and I guess this is based on right now. I’m hoping to have a little more than this, but also don’t want to run the risk of working too hard or living too frugally now in case I die before I get to enjoy it.

  • Depends on where the income comes from really.

    If you own your own home and it's passive income then <$50k is perfectly fine to live off.

    If the income is from employment then you would probably want more to give you the opportunity to invest to support yourself.

    If you don't own a home then you will need a lot more to cover rent or mortgage.

  • +2

    $300k please, make the cheque out to "iforgotmysocks"

    • +2

      imagine not worrying about forgetting socks and buying a new one each time!

      • That made me laugh. If I were on 300k, I would wear brand new socks every single day.

    • +4

      “Washing machine is Bosch” - humble brag

  • if you live in sydney, then you need 100k surely

    • +3

      Ha! That'll get you a seat at the table but you wont be playing very long.

  • It's really interesting to see the poll result. It looks like the majority fall in the $100k to $150k range, with some on either side of the range.

    Although, I am curious to know how many of those who voted for $>$300k, genuinely think they need more then $300k as a single person to live reasonably well (besides the troll votes of course).

    • +2

      100k - 150k would mean comfortable living but not able to own a home within a comfortable suburb.

      150k+ is where I would say if you don't own a home, would be able to live a comfortable life and also be able to afford a home in a good suburb.

      • 100k - 150k would mean comfortable living but not able to own a home within a comfortable suburb.

        Not everyone lives in Sydney or Melbourne.

        • +1

          That is true but I find anyone who is on those salaries tends to be in Sydney or Melbourne.

          • -1

            @postform: Anyone who's on $100k is in Sydney or Melbourne? I don't think so.

            • @brendanm: What do you mean? I know plenty around who are on 100k+ in Sydney and Melbourne. Maybe on average or median, most aren't 100k+ but they also tend to be people who own homes or have brought a while ago. (Of course not everyone).

              I know my circle of friends aren't representative of the wider Sydney/Melbourne market but for what it's worth - my friends are around the 100k - 140k range including myself.

              • -1


                What do you mean?

                What I mean is that there are plenty of people who aren't in Sydney or Melbourne who are on that money.

                You said -

                That is true but I find anyone who is on those salaries tends to be in Sydney or Melbourne

                Suggesting that people outside those areas don't exist.

                • @brendanm: Ohhh ok.. Yep. But if you earn like 100k+ in other states you don't have much of an issue with affordability (exception being QLD only cause all the boomers went up to QLD from Sydney and Melbourne but its only the start of this Feb when the prices started to rocket prior to that looking at the prices they all were very affordable ~ 450 - 500k)

                  • @postform:

                    they all were very affordable ~ 450 - 500k

                    Yeah, in Logan.

      • how does one define a comfortable or good suburb? 20km from CBD? 40km from CBD?

        • +1

          Safe. Location. Has amenities, good public transport and tends to be closer to the hubs. Now of course that is subjective but no one is going to dispute that living in Lavender bay is way better than Blacktown. (I know its a extreme example but the fact there exist better more demand suburbs means they are "better", more "comfortable" suburbs)

          But to answer your question.

          Sydney (I think honestly the whole of Sydney is an overpriced dump - my family home is worth so much I can't believe it considering the location isn't even that great - Circa 1.8m). Currently where I am based in Melbourne - I would say suburbs such as inner west is comfortable - West Footscray even Braybrook is very nice - Houses currently going for 850 - 1.2 m (which is crazy considering when I first moved 4 years ago - it was 600 - 750k). Of course the East is very nice. Places around Ringwood, Heatherton, Mitcham are really nice however recently the prices due to demand is skyrocketing (I've seen some vendors wanting north of 1.5 m). North (Reservoir) is also nice. However again prices are eye wateringly high.

          To be honest looking at the prices of homes in these suburbs unless a young person is on 200k+ I doubt they can ever afford a home comfortably without having to eat ramen and stress that if they lose their job the whole house of cards falls over.

          And lastly.. if you already had a home.. I would say easily having a less stressful job and earning 75k - 100k is super comfortable, anymore I think is just extra.

          • @postform: I do agree with you… but the problem is… how many young person or working person can get a salary of over $150k, much less a salary of $200k? At the very very least, one would have to be at least mid career (35 to 35 years of age) to even have a salary over $100k (excluding health professionals, eg: doctors) … then again, I could be wrong, so happy to stand corrected

            • @Jill of alltrades: Yes you are correct. The problem isn't the salary. It's the fact that home prices are incredibly high. This is the single most significant reason why young people are struggling and trying to achieving higher salary. Of course this doesn't work at all considering if salaries increase, so do house prices since Australia encourages everyone to invest into property (Negative gearing - single best way to reduce your tax - whilst property prices increase at breakneck speed)

              As your forum has shown you. If you own your home, you could live really comfortably with 50-100k which is very easy to obtain. Otherwise, you are screwed. It's you vs the government and every other home owner (~60% of Australia)

              • +1

                @postform: Yep, totally agree. It's all about housing.

                The alternative is to resign yourself to a lifetime of renting - in which case you'll be very comfortable on 100k, up until shit hits the economic fan… (or your employment)

                • @nigel deborah: If rents in Australia had multi-decade contracts like in Europe then I think it would be fine. But unfortunately, that's not the case here.

      • lol @ "can afford a home in a good suburb" on 150k

    • 100-150k is probably ok for everyday living, but its not really gonna let you build wealth and retire early.

      Probably not popular opinion but 200k which is not average or median by any stretch would probably be where I would be content that I can afford day to day things, pay off mortgage, and put away a significant chunk to retire before age 50.

      I'm in privileged opinion I realise to even think this, but I'm sure a few other people genuinely think that also re: the > 300k. The more you earn you certainly start getting more expenses, currently my insurances alone is around $5k/year not to mention all the other expenses that accumulate. if you had a spouse and children to provide for things would get tricky in certain circumstances

      • 100-150k is probably ok for everyday living

        Per month? right?

        • Per hour. And in Chilean Pesos.

          • @alejcho: Even better then….

  • +7

    Poll is crap. The things it doesn’t take into account have a massive impact, such as whether you have a home with no mortgage, do you share a home and living costs with someone else (most of us do), do you live in an expensive location (like Sydney) or a cheaper regional area, do you need pay tax on that income (over 60s super pensions are tax-free), do you need travel or have a vehicle to shop or deal with family, etc. These questions could more than double/halve your income requirements.

    • I agree ~ where is the 2million+ option

  • +1

    Depends how many good deals get posted.

  • Some questions are beyond stupidity

  • Here in Adelaide, realistically with our house prices, maybe 75-80k a year?
    home loan would be like 800 a fortnight to pay off a 500k loan in 25 years.

    Got about 40k in the kitty after loan payments and tax.

  • "Upper middle class is being able to go shopping for groceries without looking at the price"

  • "The poll is based on a 1 person's income (pre-tax), with no kids " ..
    Mate, why would you have options over $100K then? ;)

    50K net income you can live a great life 5Km from Sydney CBD .. $500/w 2Bed rent and plenty of deals eating/drinking out never pay full price unless you want it…

    If you decide to rent a bedroom out 35K net/year will do ..

    I assume your poll is for people in the accumulation phase? if so, you make 100K net, invest 60K/year and call it a day after 10 years max…

    • I love in CBD and my rent is way more than $500 per week.

    • +3

      haha. because I know of people who earn more than $150k with no kids, and still tell me that they struggle. No matter how much they earn, it will never be enough.

      I guess my question was really to find out how much people think is "enough". At what point do people think that they have enough to live comfortably/reasonably well, and be happy with what they have.

      so, for example, when I started working, I had a bunch of people who started the same time as me, and we all earned roughly about the same (around $50k).I would hear lots of comments about "if I just get that promotion, I would have enough and be happy". They did get that promotion, but the comments never stopped, and it always was about the next promotion, and the next promotion.

      Fast forward many many many years later and many promotions later, it is still always about getting the next promotion and then they would have enough and be happy. The problem was… the more promotions they got, their spending increased, so it was still never enough. What used to be $10 takeaway meals, became $25 takeaway meals, and now is $50 meals. What used to be the cheap smart phones of $400 that lasted 4 years, now became the $2k iphone upgrades that they deserved for working so hard etc etc … you get the point.

      • +2

        That's the thing once you have your "enough" $$ figure, life becomes so much happier and the journey towards FI is really easy.. If you try to increase your expenses every time you increase your income the excess spend rarely translates to greater happiness so it's pretty much BS to try to play that game… You should obviously add some conform to your life .. e.g. These days I couldn't drink the $1 "orange" Homebrand juice that I had to in my grad days now it's the $6 Nudie orange juice and $5.5 Connoisseur ice cream when discounted ..and the very best craft beer .. and $40K is plenty to accommodate those luxuries ..

        • agreed. never understood why everyone automatically assumes they want 100k passive income

          • +1

            @dajackal: Because it is an easy figure to throw out there and say that is more than enough cash for a single person. No matter what life throws at you.

      • Its a great question to ponder.

        I have a friend who works in the mines driving trucks earning probably 150k+. She wanted to try something else, got a job with me in social work earning 60k a year. Struggled to pay bills (apparently) and went back to the mines within 6 months. I guess you get used to the lifestyle of having a large disposable income and its hard to go down in wages.

        To me, I'd rather work regular hours, and only 30 - 35 hours a week.

        There's nothing wrong with my Corolla and my 4 year old second hand phone. My GTX 1070 is going to have to keep working for another 18 months.

  • +7

    I'm on disability support, I get $1020 fortnightly, I honestly live okay and am okay with life, adding an extra $200 a week or so would be life changing in not having to worry about the next bill and having savings would just take the pressure off.

    I don't do much due to my disability and I'm okay with that as long as I can stay home and do my thing, but worrying about the next bill all the time or if car breaks down etc is the killer.

    • Do you rent or own your own home? If you are renting you are managing your money fantastically!

      • I rent, $250/week solo up near caboolture so basically half my pension goes to rent, but I have an excel file were I have all my expenses and such listed and pay so it auto calculates how much each fortnight I have leftover for food (normally around $100), so I have it planned out for the next year ahead, but it's surprise things that screw me.

        I'm not living it up, but I'm comfortable, it's just big ticket things that worry me, like atm my car needs a new drive belt/service/battery which will cost over a grand to get done and I got no way to pay that and banks won't touch me so just gotta slowly save up and hope it doesn't die as without it I wouldn't be able to get to doctors haha.

        Amusingly banks won't touch me (I tried for a 5k loan) because they don't believe that I can live off so little and that I don't do anything for 'entertainment', I haven't gone out socially in almost 6 years now, that's a big saver of money but they just don't believe people can do that I guess.

        • +2

          You are doing great. I think to pay back 5k over 5 years would be at least $20 a week which is not insignificant on your budget. If you get Centrelink payments I think you can borrow up to 500-$1000 from them and they just take it out of your payments.

          • +2

            @serpserpserp: Yeah that's the plan to get an advance from centrelink I can get $1200 which will be $120/fortnight to pay back, just need to save up the other 500-800 needed first, I got quoted $1600 for the car, trying to have 2k to get a new battery as well.

            It's just slow going ya know, med costs blowout this year been annoying, more surgery soon, but things stabilising so should be able to save up by the end of the year and get it done.

            Thanks for the complement mate, sometimes I dunno if I'm doing well haha, but not much can do about it, cancer and such is a bitch!

            • +2

              @Narull: What a relief to read. A nice change from all the entitled people of the world.

              Hope things get better for you mate, chin up and spirit up!

              • +3

                @buckethat: Thank you, I won't lie that it's a struggle some days but comments like these get me through them. Just gotta keep trying and try and focus on the good in humanity (which sadly you have to look a lot harder for than the bad these days).

        • +3

          I'm not living it up, but I'm comfortable, it's just big ticket things that worry me, like atm my car needs a new drive belt/service/battery which will cost over a grand to get done and I got no way to pay that and banks won't touch me so just gotta slowly save up and hope it doesn't die as without it I wouldn't be able to get to doctors haha

          Sometimes the only reason I wish I was rich is to help out people in situations like this. Hope things get better mate.

          • @bkhm: Tanks mate, I'm the same. It's amusing seeing people who wan to get rich to buy a big house or fancy cars and such, personally if I ever won the lotto or such I'd stay in my place, get my car fixed up and then just help friends/strangers out who really needed it.

            I don't need to live a fancy high cost life, I just want to be able to live a life were I'm not worried about what will happen next week, like with my car atm, if the drive belt breaks it basically destroys the engine so would be a way bigger cost so I'm basically risking it every time I drive, but I simply have no options.

            • @Narull: Hi i have been where you are. Can the ozbargain community help you out somehow? I know you did not ask… but maybe.

              • @Cookiescream: Thanks mate, I honestly can't think of how the community could help. As simple and pathetic as it sounds I just need money for the mechanic, I don't think would be any local mechanics north of Brisbane that could help. I actually got the quote done at the end of last year (still have it but guessing it prob be more now die to being a year later) when I thought I could get a loan but that fell through and this year has been tough with surgeries/meds so just haven't been able to save up (if it wasn't for afterpay I wouldn't even be able to get all my meds as some aren't PBS(why aren't pain meds PBS ffs).

                atm I'm entering every competition that's posted on the site in hopes of winning something I can sell.

                Otherwise I got my gas and elec bills due then I can start saving for the car and just gotta hope the car lasts, I admit it's scary but I can't come up with a better solution, if you got any ideas of what to do better though I'm happy to listen.

                • @Narull: Hi Narull, i am happy to hear all you need is the mechanic sorted. I don't know your situation…
                  I know you are unwell, but could you do a work from home part time?

                  Maybe a fundraiser to help pay for the mechanics? Although i guess that would expose you.

                  Or a charity that could offer a helping hand? Maybe with food, so you can save some money?

                  • @Cookiescream: I don't hide my situation (kinda come to accept it now), bowel cancer, have had my bowel completely removed (sown shut haha), complications afterwards so have upcoming surgeries and can't go far from home/lift anything over 5kg etc is to sum it up in basic terms. Has had a major effect on me mentally too which wasn't great beforehand either, I actually did a reddit AMA awhile back just because my case is abit odd, not much has changed since…well things have got worse if I'm honest, but if you're board and want a read, I spent days replying to questions

                    The problem with working part time from home is two fold, one the clearly it's hard to find said work (but I'm not opposed to it) and the other is anyone on the disability pension knows you have to be super careful, it took years to get on the pension due to the government not wanting people on it, if they decide I can work one day they will happily kick me off it, they do regular reviews to try and remove people, I honestly think they would rather people dead then on disability.

                    I've thought of doing a gofundme or such, but I don't know enough people who could help so I kinda figured was pointless, as for charities….I just can't bring myself to, I can afford my basics food and such, is people out there that can't, they need that help. I just need to get on top of bills (bad luck that gas ran out at same time elec bill came) then I can save up, it's just gonna be a long slow process and sadly with cars the longer you delay something major the more risk there is, hopefully as I only go out once a week for doc/meds (baring extra hospital visits) my car lasts, the quote I got was $1330 (but that was a year ago so expect it to be more now), I know it's due for a new battery now too and a major service which is another $200-400 so yeah looking to save up 2k and hoping that covers everything.

                    If I could find a way to make 2k I'd take it trust me and thank you, I just don't know what else I can do without putting me at more risk vs reward kinda thing.

                  • +1

                    @Cookiescream: A friend who read this encouraged me to try a gofundme, even know I don't have many I can share it with. (I hope posting it here is allowed) as you suggested it

                    I don't expect help, even more so as I put it as $2500 to cover the 'what if's' the mechanic told me about and I'm honestly shaking even making this post publicly, but thank you for your kindness, you or anyone else don't have to donate as I said I don't expect it, but it was just nice to know people are kind.

                    • @Narull: Awesome Taroth. Can you create your own tread? So everyone can see?

                      Add the ama from reddit!

                      • @Cookiescream: Am I even allowed too? I assume it would go under everything else forum, I feel like begging is discouraged around here and don't want to get banned.

                        I dunno, this is odd and new.

                        • @Narull: Not sure! You can only try.

                          I am really keen for you to get help to get your car fixed.

                          • +1

                            @Cookiescream: Well I posted, I don't expect much, I assume you're the one that donated so thank you so much.

                            I don't even have big social media or such to post it on to try and share it and it feels wrong for me to not fix my own problems, but maybe the kindness of strangers can help me out this time I dunno. My biggest fear is making people angry.

                            Thank you for your kindness and just yeah being a good person.

                • @Narull: Seriously huge respect for what you're going through - stay strong mate!

                  Can I ask what non PBS pain meds you're on? I've got IBD and unfortunately have chronic pain issues secondary to the condition. I've only come across one pain med that wasn't on the PBS, but was priced well below the ~$42.

                  It may be worthwhile mentioning that to your pain management team and asking if there is an alternative for you that is on the PBS.

                  • +1

                    @Veyron27: Thanks mate, respect for you as well, anyone going through chronic pain is strong imo.

                    Temgesic and Norgesic are the non PBS ones for me, cost around the $50 each but when you're on them daily it adds up quick, also on some trial injections for other things that are $140 for a months worth (but are helping so I wanna stay on them, guess that ones my choice though).

                    • @Narull: It certainly takes it toll - can only do as well as we can!

                      Ah Buprenorphine - that's sad the preparation you're on hasn't hit the PBS. I totally understand not wanting to change - it's difficult enough finding one preparation that helps, let alone a second one!

  • +1

    They did a worldwide study and came up with one internationally accepted figure which was applicable everywhere as hard as that may be to believe.

    It was ×××× 20% MORE xxxxx

    In other words we all want a little more to be really comfortable. Too much is never enough….

    As it happens I live on a disability pension and completely agree an extra 20% would take the edge of my finances. For me an extra 20% is under $100/week but that would make life much more comfortable.

    • Couldn't you earn $100 a week fairly easily doing something online? All kinds of random little gigs if you have the free time.

      • They don't exist.

      • Disability =/= free time

        But if you've got links to any online things that will pay, by all means share! I've not investigated sites like Fiverr but I do wonder if that would be a viable income stream depending on your skills.

      • Yes, I do what I can do of course! But that is not the point. Then I am on $600/week regularly and after a while I would like 20% more again! Is never ending because we get used to our levels of income and spend it :) I assume most of us on OB don't sit around waiting for $$ to fall in our laps, we all earn as much as we can given our circumstances :)

        As for earning additional income say online or whatever the person with the disability is capable of is very possible. Centrelink is reasonably flexible in that respect. I have an ABN number and do various internet things (with my scatter brain!) and submit a copy of my annual tax forms to centrelink. I use an accountant as well because I make too many mistakes myself.

        The hardest income to declare properly is the income I get from renting out a bedroom in my house. Centrelink views that as income. I don't do anything undeclared/cash because I'm always the one that gets caught out. If you are in doubt try get an appointment with a centrelink financial advisor, they are very useful/knowledgeable. .

  • Too many factors for example; if you are renting and trying to save for a deposit $100k won't get you anywhere unless you are extremely frugal. Even if you manage to save a 20% deposit, you are still looking at over $2500pm loan repayments.
    If you bought a house 10 years ago and have reasonably low repayments, or better still, have paid off your house, then $100k would be plenty.

  • +1

    So much income is deferred for the future, that's what gives these answers such a huge range.

    If I had $1000pw coming in and I could spend all of that every week I would feel very comfortable, probably even find it hard to spend it all after the first couple of months.

    But if I am planning for the future, trying to save for investments and retirement, well then $1000pw feels like almost nothing.

    • That is true. That is why some people can live comfortably with just tax-free threshold income while using facilities paid by their companies.

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