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[PC] Free: Dawn of The Undead (Was $53.95) - Microsoft Store


It says 9 hours left when I posted this.

Humanity is on the brink of extinction again. Zombies are attacking our planet and only you can save it. In our game Dawn of the Undead, you will find gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse. Do everything to survive - move quickly, protect yourself by any means necessary, shoot clearly at the target and prevent the apocalypse. You have to go through various missions with different options for events, it all depends on your actions. Let the battle begin!

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  • +9

    I can find pretty much nothing about it anywhere but it's free to add to my account. Why not I guess?

  • +12

    I suspect the $53 original price is being very optimistic… however, free is free haha

  • +41

    played 10 mins, then I realised my 10 mins was wasted.

    • I played 5 min then deleted it. What you pay is what you get.

  • +7

    The movement in this game almost made me throw up, 0/10.

    Even Cheat Engine couldn't make this game fun.

    • +3

      Saw the trailer and nearly had the same reaction.

      Luckily i didnt eat much today.

      Now how do I remove ownership of this trash.

  • +2

    Seems to be available for Xbox, well tick box was available for my PC and Xbox which I don't own anymore 👍😁

  • +17

    Sometimes even free isn't a good deal.

    • +2

      A lesson for the greedy.

  • +6

    *Hits head constantly - "Should have read comments first"

  • another game I'll never play? nah

    got 600h in Mordhau, have been playing it exclusively in lockdown

    still get killed a lot 😂 welp

    but that's why that game is fantastic: getting killed a lot in Mordhau is fun

  • It's still free for me right now.

  • +1

    Humanity is on the brink of extinction again. Zombies are attacking our planet and only you can save it.

    Finally a game about zombies and human strife. Much needed.

  • Another half hour to go before it expires. Get it before it's gone!

  • Got it with 7 mins left

  • 2 minutes left! thanks op.

  • +1

    So the starting bridge mission is downright impossible (2 slow zombies, then like a horde of fast running 5-6 zombies), anyway it's probably some cobbled together asset flip

  • Do you mean there is 9 hours left for humanity?

  • +4

    Looks to be free for another 13 days atm for me.

  • +3

    Just obtained for Free … now says offer has 13 days left

  • +2

    Deal is not expired, still free and just claimed it.

  • +2

    Deal is still active, just got it and it downloaded at 90Mbs! Never seen my downloads go that fast before :P

    • +1

      Almost maxing out a 100Mbps connection! Wow! Never seen that before.

    • +1

      My download was fast but I deleted it super fast.

  • I prefer Shaun of the Dead
    But I grabbed this anyway

  • +20

    Warning: Somewhat high effort comment justifying my decision to give this a negative vote. I have thousands of hours of FPS experience and have played hundreds of different FPS games over the decades and this might just be the worst one, or at least one of the worst. I have played flash-based shooters that were superior to this.

    This isn't a $54 game, it's a "free" game they list as $54 so when it goes on "sale" people actually download and install it. Otherwise nobody ever would. Anybody who actually launched the game and tried it would know this would not even be worth downloading if it was for free, so I don't think it belongs here on Ozbargain. I have nothing good to say about the game, every measurable metric shows that it is just crap. I am not just saying this for the hell of it, I actually played the game a bit and finished the first mission so my comment and vote is probably more informed than that of most for this particular "deal".

    Game visuals/graphics: I am not even trying to be funny or just put the game down when I say this, but the graphics are literally worse than games from over 20 years ago. Here are some screenshots for you to see what I am talking about (note: this is on ultra settings, I don't even want to imagine what it looks like on lower settings). https://i.imgur.com/2TYJ5IM.png

    Game sound design/music: Another area of failure. The "music" is just the same 15 seconds looped over and over. If you fire your gun once, it makes the sound of a burst fire. If you shoot fully auto, it's the burst sound just repeated really quickly. Even if you melee, it makes the shooting sound. The zombies make no noise whatsoever, no footsteps or growls, so there is no indication if they are near you. The sounds are all really low quality, like something from the 90s or even earlier. Sounds like it is 64kbps or something, again another area where games made over 20 years ago were superior. Forgot to mention, there's a flamethrower that they didn't bother adding any sound to. No sound when you shoot, pick it up or try to melee with it.

    Story: Isn't really much of a story, even in the so-called story mode. You spawn, walk forward and shoot some AI that comes towards you. Eventually you reach a certain point and the level is over.

    User interface: Reminds me of the UI of a mobile game. If you want to change any settings, even something as simple as mouse sensitivity or volume, you will have to exit to the main menu and do it there. If you hit ESC you only get two options: continue or menu. Actually, on second thought, to compare the UI to a mobile game would be rating it too highly.

    Controls: Personally, I don't really care that much about graphics or story in a game. If the game is well-designed when it comes to things like physics, controls and game mechanics then I am a happy man. However, even the controls in this game are unbearably poor to the extent that they basically make the game unplayable. The mouse will randomly flick around (makes me feel like I am 2014 flusha against navi on dust2. On top of that, if it isn't flicking around like an aimkey gone wrong it feels like you are using a sandpit for a mousepad. If you move your mouse at a steady slow pace in one direction it will not go at the same speed as you move it and will jitter and feel awfully sluggish. Basically, no matter how much of an aim god you are and how low your sensitivity is, you will have a bad time aiming in this game.

    Movement: I don't know how to say this, as it isn't something I've ever experienced in a game before, but when you hold the shift key to sprint you will have flashbacks to the old days of dial up and shoddy internet. Your character will basically zoom for a second like usain bolt, then sprint at a normal speed, than zoom again. Feels very laggy and like you are on 300 ping playing an online game, except for the fact that this is singleplayer only… You also can't jump, crouch or prone and you will have hold W to move up on some objects if you want to ascend them, but the movement in general is awfully buggy (like everything else in the game).

    Map design: As seen in the video below, if you try to step off some small things on the first map that look descendible you will just fall to your death. Spawn points for the zombies are the worst I have seen in any game. They will literally materialize out of thin air right in front of you if you reach a certain point. AI is designed really poorly. Zombies get stuck on terrain (i.e if you run around a bit of debris they will get stuck behind it and keep running forward towards you even though there is something blocking their path). Some of the worst pathfinding I've seen in a zombie game. If you just shoot the zombies once they will have a stagger effect and not move, hell even if you just hold the S key you can outrun them it seems.

    Here is some unedited gameplay footage which displays most of the problems I have mentioned so you know I am not just talking shit. I would have edited it but it isn't worth the time for such a terrible game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0PP8tsHeo0

    • +2

      Thank you. 176 upvotes and I question if any of them have actually tried the game.
      Your video link was enough for me.

    • +2

      That fall into the hole gave me a hearty kek

      • I like it at 3:22 he jumps on to the steel girder and dies the same way, lol

    • It looks somewhat amusing to play because of how bad it.
      I've decided to revoke my + vote seeing it's just a scam. I actually thought it was related to the Dawn of the Dead series from the title

  • Oh dear, free game with a 'premium' upgrade for 9.95.. think it 's going to be free forever
    Not that you'd bother it was woeful.. i've seen better mods for 20 year old games than this.

  • +2

    How was this game $54 to start with? looks like asset flip heap of crap

    • +2

      It’s a legal scam, or more accurately an immoral marketplace loophole where they put the RRP way higher than anyone would ever pay for it then make it free for a “limited time” so people like the OP get sucked in thinking it’s a hell of a deal.

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