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Fiskars Hedge Shear & Pruner Set $29 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Perfect for your spring & summer cutting and trimming needs, this set includes Hedge Shears and a Pruner.
Wavy blade cutting system with Titanium coating on hedge shear. This pruner has a 16mm cutting capacity with a titanium coating on the blade for less friction on cuts.

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    Can anyone comment on this vs the powergear2?

    Is a wavy blade a positive thing?
    Any idea which pruner the one in the set is compared to their normal range?

    • Bump - I was about to buy that item as well because it is also on sale for $29.

      But with the added pruner on this bundled item, want the comparison before choosing!

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      Personally I prefer the power gear as it can cut thicker stuff with less effort because it creates more force. A simple design feature that makes a huge difference. If you trim really small twigs frequently the wavy blade might be better as the design means small twigs are less likely to slip from the shears. But I usually only prune my hedges 2-3 times a year and I find the force keeps the material I want to cut in the shears - so I don't miss the wavy blade at all. In summary - powergear for thicker stuff, wavy blade for thinner twigs.

    • I think this one is shorter than powergear2.

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      I was at bunnings yesterday and compared the powergear 2 to a similar Fiskars hedge shear that is not made in China and sells for $79 - is the $79 $50 better? That is subjective.

      I looked at the Hedge Shear & Pruner set in comparison to the powergear 2 and came way with the powergear 2 simply because of the 25 year warranty - I figure if someone is willing to warrant it for that long than I will keep my receipt.

      • What does it cover on 25 years warranty though? Assuming everything that could possibly happen to it, is based on wear and tear?

      • I just wrote a comment below saying basically the same thing (should have read this first, lol. Anyway, agree with you on this one!

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      I have checked these physically in store and arrived at the conclusion that the powergear is better. Main reason - there is no mention of the 25 year warranty on this pack… and the quality of this hedge shear vs the powergear looked pretty rough. Still obviously a great set being Fiskars not the quality I would have expected.

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        Thanks mate. Went ahead and bought the Powergear.

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    Would this be ok to trim my really thick Bush??

    • +10

      Start with this and finish off with a razor

    • shears good for initial attack then pruners to get the manicured design effect.

    • I suggest waxing. No pain no gain.

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        I can recommend Geraldton brand.

    • +7

      Don't cut the twig accidentally.

      • … or the plums.

    • if this line is made in Brazil, I'd say go for it.

    • Would I be able to achieve a landing strip with these?

  • Normal price?

    • Pricehipster shows it $29 since 8th Sept. Likely was bundled and advertised as sale is store earlier this month.

      Couldn’t find individual products. So many items are not sold separately.

  • I saw this the other day at my local Bunnings with the same price for those who might be interested in a lopper

  • These combos are almost always worse than standalone item, sure you get extra lowish quality second tool, but the main tool is worse as well.

  • Anyone know if the bigger one the same as in this deal?

    Edit: got the answer, no.

  • Aldi has a Garden Tool Set 3pc for $20.

    Similar to this but with the added long scissor.

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      And aliexpresss probably has one for $10. Idea is buying quality, so you don't have to by something ever year, and don't have to send as much to landfill.

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        What is quality though?
        In 1980s products were made to last. Now everything that is made struggles to last.
        Don't be fooled by the high price tag with a branded name.
        Aldi quality is not bad, with a no fuss added warranty.

  • Anyone know if the shears would be any good at cutting grass? Can't see from the images whether the handles are offset from the blades (i.e. not straight)
    Have a small 4m3 patch for the puppy that needs trimming every now and then

    • +1

      Have a small 4m3

      Grassy room ;)

      • Grassy outdoor room

    • +1

      4m3? As in 4 cubic metres? Why do you have such a large cube of grass?

  • What is the best tool (not too expensive) to trim tall branches and hedge? It's too dangerous for me to climb up the ladder with a hedge shear :(

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      Grab a pole saw or pole pruner, not going to be really cheap but should be able to grab one sub $100

  • I put through an old a week ago, they just refunded my order.

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    Can vouch for the quality, cuts like a butter

    • -2

      I typically find that butter cuts very poorly.

      It barely puts up any resistance when confronted by my knife…

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