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[PS4, XB1, XSX] It Takes Two $43.58 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Greetings everyone, spotted that the physical copy of this game is on sale at Amazon UK, seems like a great price for a physical version considering that it's quite hard to get a copy and it's $60 at AU vendors.

Was previously $53 before this lighting deal price drop.

The linked version is a PS4 copy but a free PS5 upgrade is available.

It Takes Two Friend's Pass

With Friend's Pass, invite a friend to join the adventure in It Takes Two for free*. Invite a friend to join the adventure in It Takes Two for free*, even if they don’t own the game!

Friend's Pass lets you play It Takes Two with a friend even if they don’t own the full game! First, have them search for It Takes Two and download the Friend’s Pass from the platform specific digital store (PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam Store, or Origin Store). Then, invite them to play with you from the main menu. If none of you own the full game, you can still try out the First Chapter of It Takes Two in both local and online co-op with the Friend’s Pass.

For those that don't want to fill the cart to make up the difference, could use the $0 min spend hack to get free shipping by adding something else and cancelling it to still get free shipping on the game.

As it's sold on Amazon AU, you can use discounted gift cards from Suncorp or other methods.

As always, enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Awesome game! Played with my missus who's terrible at games but we got through it together

    • +2

      Yeah same! What an awesome game with great level variety.

  • is this a 2 player game or multiplayer

    • +1

      On the box: Two player co-op only.

    • +4

      From what I understand the game comes with a Friends Pass - this allows you to invite someone who hasn't bought the game for you both to play - for free!

  • +2

    waiting for Gamepass

  • +4

    One of the best CO-OP games ever, very chill, and funny to boot.

    On PC it has something called the friend pass, so only one friend has to buy the game and both can play, not sure about consoles.

    • +1

      Xbox at least has this also.

      • +7

        And playstation. I play on ps5 with my sister on PS4 online.

  • Damn i bought for 44 digital

  • Great game! Not sure why this hasn't gotten more sales, perhaps because it's 2 player only.

  • +1

    what the resale value of this generally?

    • +2

      I saw brand new copies selling on eBay for $50 delivered, not many second hand copies on there.

    • +3

      eBay Sold Listings are your best friend when determining resale value.

      For this game, we're not getting a physical local release in AU so it'll at least retain its value moving forward.

      • Thanks Doweyy and Tallkid :)

  • +2

    Too bad I have no friends

  • +1

    Oooh I've been waiting for this. Thanks OP!

  • what are UK shipping times like at the moment?

  • +2

    I used this knock-off NES Classic controller to top up to $49 for free shipping (yes, you can do it without spending this extra, but I thought I'd look for something).

    Also, it feels right to be able to give your friend/sibling the sh*t third-party console controller

  • Not sure if i'll play… but got one! Thanks OP

    • +2

      Why wouldn't you play it? It is an awesome game, partner and I couldn't stop playing it

      • +3

        got too many things on our plates but I'll try to play this w my wife when it comes

  • Beautiful game! we playing it locally.

  • Shouldn't be too long to join game pass.

  • Want to play it but by the time it gets here, it'll probably be on game pass! Will hold out another month or two….

  • +1

    Can vouch for this, great fun playing with your kid or siblings. Just don’t play with your mrs…

    If you like this one, be sure to try ‘a way out’ as well.

  • I had this on my watch list for ages, waiting for GamePass too. If you like this try A Way Out (same developer but a more gritty game, and it's on GamePass already). Played A Way Out with my partner (we are both terrible at games!) and had the best time figuring out the puzzles together. Excellent price point if you're keen.

  • +1

    Yep. This game is amazing.

  • To upgrade this to the PS5 version will require a UK account, just FYI. Easy enough to just make I guess. I found this out because I have a US account and can only download the free upgrades from my AU side account, when using AU physical games.

  • Anyone buy anything to get the free delivery?

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