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[Prime] Free Expedited International Delivery for Eligible Products with $49 Spend or More @ Amazon AU


Hopefully will be useful to someone. I just ordered something from the US and noticed faster than expected delivery.

Free International Expedited Delivery in 7-10 business days (10-14 for non-Metro areas) for Prime eligible items shipped and sold by an Overseas Amazon Store via Amazon Global Store that collectively exceed $49 on amazon.com.au.

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    Thought it was always this with prime?

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      Not expedited

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        How much faster is it? Since December Amazon has been sending all my US stuff with Australia Post and DAI. It is significantly slower than when they used to send stuff with DHL and FedEx.

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          Depends on item and location.

        • All my local purchases have been shipping via Aus Post as well. Used to be overnight with Fastway, now it's 3 days if I'm lucky…

          • @unknown: All my local stuff is always comes via auspost except <$5 things which end up with no name couriers that can take a week with no real tracking. With auspost it is usually 1-2 days from Sydney, 2-3 for Melbourne and Brisbane, unless they decide to route it via Perth or Hobart. When that happens I get another $5-10 credit on my account.

      • Expedited (and Standard) shipping has been free (for orders of $49 or more) with Prime for ages. At least a year or more.

        [edit] didn't realise this was an old thread, I should've checked the date. Sorry for the necro.

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      Yep, I agree. Checking some pages using archive.org shows it has been the case since at least Mar 2020.

      Eg - https://web.archive.org/web/20200308044535/https://www.amazo...

      • Strange, it was showing that I had to pay extra last week. Happy for mods to delete if that's the case - just thought it might help someone.

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          It depends on item and location.

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            @serpserpserp: Expedited was always free for me (for as far as orders placed in Jan 2020). It is the Priority international shipping that requires extra and it still does so.

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      It is, it's even listed as one of the Prime benefits. Standard and Expedited are free (I've always wondered why they even offer standard) but Priority is more.

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    I will prefer locally than USA

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      Why that? Can not always get it local

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        If it's available local you can get it same or next day sometimes. Their courier network is expanding in Aus. They are running it similar to uber where random nobodys are operating as delivery contractors using their own vehicles. Have had a ford focus & a Mazda 3 pull up for my last 2 same/next day delivered from Amazon.

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          And does delivery on Saturday.

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            @Richardc: I even had a delivery on Sunday this week for something I ordered on Sat night. It was like an Uber delivery with a person in a car delivering it.

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              @noblenick: I received a delivery from a random sedan from Amazon…..for a couple of decks of uno cards…..on Christmas day. I felt bad for that one.

          • @Richardc: I don't like this I must say. I saw a guy delivering on Australia Day. Do we need that?

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              @rakker: if he doesn't celebrate it then why worry?

            • @rakker: Is it that much different to someone working at McDonald's or Coles on a public holiday?

              • @AndyDD: They probably get paid less.

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          I had someone in Tesla 3 deliver on a Sunday

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            @Commenter: Well, he's got to pay for that Tesla.

        • Have also had multiple prime deliveries arrive on Sundays in the past in a range of private cars

        • So an uber driver has a car full of packages and when he's delivering a meal in an area, he drops off the amazon order. They're gonna be rich.

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            @dmbminaret: Only if working extra makes you rich.

            • @Okayy: Twice as many deliveries in same time? Paid per delivery, not hourly?

        • Yeah I had something like that. Thought it was an ubereats at first..


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          I had a M1A1 Abrams battle tank deliver my last order, talk about an army of drivers.

  • DHL delivered UK to here in 5 days

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      Not bad - not bad at all! In fact that's a whole 247 days faster than it took the First Fleet to deliver UK to here.

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    My prime international delivery times are pretty random. Sometimes 1 week, sometimes 3 weeks. Perhaps if they have delivery slots free in their expedited batches, they bung some of the standard deliveries in there with them. Might explain it.

    • I had erratic postal times also.

      I placed two orders from Amazon US (they were the same items) on the same day. Both got shipped on the same day, which was the day after I placed the order.

      One parcel arrived 7 days after placing the order. The other took 15 days. The one that took 15 days got stuck for days in two different places in the US. I would not called this expedited delivery.

      Working conditions at Amazon picking facilities is poor (think sweat shop poor). You have quotas to meet and need to pack fast. This often leads to skimping on packaging materials.

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    All my prime international orders so far have arrived battered and not in boxes. Some with just the shipping label on the product itself, others in bag…

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      yes, they've always had a problem with this. Prime has nothing to do with it.

      It depends how they split up your order. If there's just one item (a dvd or game) you get an envelope, and it will come out damaged. There's no way to tell them to not ship until all items are ready and in the same box. Even if you get a box, the packing bubbles are not adequate in protecting the contents.

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      Ugh, had a steelseries keyboard shipped like this. Disappointing, however the product was a ok

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      I've had this with items I collect ,

      I now tick this is a "GIFT" with every order.

      It will be boxed properly every time and not just a shipping label slapped on the item box.Very disappointing when your item box has shipping labels all over it with knocks & tears etc.

      It may delay the shipping by a day but hard to tell with the random shipping times from Amazon theses days.

    • I've only had that happen with items from the UK. They almost always come in an unpadded envelope. Items from the US come in one of the padded satchels if they're small or box with those air pocket things if larger.

      • I've had an order from the US, sold and shipped by Amazon, arrive here with just the sticker on the item's box (no Amazon parcel / bag / packaging of any type used). And the sides of the box and the front were not stuck down (the box opened like a briefcase, similar style and size to most motherboard boxes, but unsealed, i.e. anyone in the postal system could have opened it). And the box contained small things like wires (it was a kids electronics kit). And the item was a Christmas gift (who wants give a gift with a shipping label on the actual gift's box?). Fortunately the contents seemed to still be there (no complaints at least from the recipient). I was very unimpressed, normally Amazon are great with their packaging. It was December though, so I figured Amazon US were getting hammered with Christmas shopping surge + COVID online ordering surge + international shipping delays + not enough staff + general COVID chaos in the US causing everything to go pear-shaped. But I'll definitely be trying the "GIFT" tick-box approach next time I order something coming from Amazon US.

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    been this way for at least a month or two.

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      I think it's been this way since prime launched here?

      • prime gave you free shipping, but not expedited shipping. That's not always been the case.

  • I've had a few international items, all in boxes and no damage at all.

    Massage gun, electric shaver etc

  • Any good deals for usa items ?

  • When it comes to delivery time, Covid has genuinely impacted overseas mail services.
    1) Far more people are buying online
    2) Most overseas mail is delivered by air (express and regular). Air traffic is significantly reduced.
    Inevitably, this leads to more bottlenecks in the delivery system.

    Within Australia, initially Australia Post seemed to be overwhelmed by volume and restrictions. Recently, delivery seems much improved.

    • I just had a parcel sent on the 19th Jan from Ontario California USA, it stopped over in Hawaii same day then landed in Sydney 20th and on my door 21st in rural NSW.

      3 days not bad at all, sent via UPS Worldwide saver.

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    I have a purchase from 3 May 2020 which is recorded as free expedited international shipping

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    Would be a great deal if they remove the $49 threshold…

  • My last delivery from Amazon.US via UPS service and was delivered in 4 days.

  • Good luck, my last 3 Amazon UK orders have had 2 lost and the other is in Limbo being incorrectly sorted and sent between Lisarow and Charmhaven right now (I live 2 hours from there)

  • I'm confused if most flights to Australia have been grounded then everything is coming via the 'slow boat from China' - so they are specifically stifling deliveries once they are In Australia to create some form of tiered delivery system?!? That is, manipulating and distorting deliveries within Australia to try and further price gouge the market place.

  • Hi Guys,
    This may be a dumb question. Anyway,
    Is there a way to buy an item listed on amazon.com from amazon.com.au. I have Amazon prime in Australia for free shipping.
    Item does not show in AU website. I am trying to save the shipping cost. Thank you for your input.

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      If the item isn't shown/listed on amazon.com.au, then no, amazon.com is your only option.

      Free international shipping for global store items isn't really free these days anyway, most items have hidden extra margin added to their price. I've seen a couple items recently where buying on amazon.com and paying for shipping to Australia would be cheaper than buying on amazon.com.au with 'free' prime shipping.

      • Yeah it is cheaper in .com than AU even I paid for shipping. Thank you.

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