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50% off Selected Anime + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ Select Areas with $100 Spend) @ JB Hi-Fi


50% off some anime titles - noticed no one had posted this though it was mentioned in the now expired 25% off thing a few days ago.

Example: 6 Blu-Ray - Death Note Collection $95 $47.50

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    Some anime blu-rays are similar price on Amazon but with free delivery and from Amazon UK or Amazon US.
    Are blu-rays from UK or US region locked?

    • I think it depends on the studio. Theres no mandate to do it but some lock it to regions. We are region B

    • The US ones are a different region.
      However, the UK ones are the same region. In fact, some of the Australian releases just contain the UK blu-ray discs (e.g. the discs on the Death Note collection say 'not for sale outside the uk', despite being an Australian release).

      • Thanks. Will monitor Amazon UK blu-rays.
        Hope the discs doesn’t get damage on the trip from UK to Oz!

  • Example: 6 Blu-Ray - Death Note Collection $95 $47.50

    A fan of Hirano Aya, ordered.

    • Same price on Amazon

  • I've already picked up Gate and the Fireworks movie, it would be nice if it was for everything though.

  • lol I remember seeing this for $70 or $80 on the shelves and I was like at the time "(profanity) off, whose gonna fork out $80 for this?!", now it's $17.50….getting desperate to empty their shelves of stock I see…

    Damn they still selling this for $85

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