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MONO Electric Bike "TREKKING" $1199 + Free Throttle + $95 Delivery ($0 Sydney C&C) @ Move Bikes


Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 35Km/ h, for OFF-ROAD use only.

Thumb Accelerator Control Throttle

Frame Aluminium

Suspension Front Fork

Shimano 7-Speed Gears

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Rear Pannier Rack

Wheel & Tyre Size 26 x 1.95

Mudguards Front & Rear

250w Brushless Motor

36v/13AH Li-on Lithium Battery

Charge Time 4-6 Hr.

Distance > 35Kms to 50Kms with PAS

Load Capacity 120Kg

Multi Function Display

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    MONO Electric Bike

    Does it include both wheels ?

    • +1

      Yes, but sound only comes out from one wheel

  • Is it legal in VIC to carry a passenger on a bicycle on public roads?

  • How does one unlock the 35 km/h speed limit?

    • +1

      Is one asketh to breaketh the law?

      • +1

        He is doing off road, so should be okay…

    • +5

      Going down a steep hill .

  • +4

    Does pedal assist mean that you need to assist by supplying your own pedals?

    • +1

      actually I think that has been updated, in NSW you its now

      Electrically power-assisted cycles
      An electrically power-assisted cycle has a maximum continued rated power of 250 watts. This power output must be:

      Progressively reduced as the bicycle’s speed increases beyond 6km/h
      Cut off when:
      The bicycle reaches a speed of 25km/h; or
      The rider stops pedalling and the travel speed exceeds 6km/h.


      • +3

        That means the throttle can only work up to 6km/h, commonly known as walk mode, which is designed to help you push the bike up hills and such)… 6 to 25km/h power can only be applied while the rider is pedaling…

        Most name-brand bikes have a button to activate the walk-mode…

      • +2

        That is for an e-bike without a throttle (except for 'walk mode' as mentioned above). The definition exists in the Commonwealth legislation also:

        ELECTRICALLY POWER-ASSISTED CYCLE (EPAC) - an electrically-powered pedal cycle with a maximum continued rated power of 250 watts, of which the output is:
        (a) progressively reduced as the cycle’s speed increases; and
        (b) cut off, where:
        (i) the cycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h; or
        (ii) the cyclist stops pedalling.

        An e-bike with a throttle does not meet this definition, as the motor is not cut off when the cyclist stops pedalling.

        It is also mentioned in the NSW guidelines:

        A ‘pedalec’ is a vehicle complying with the requirements of European Standard
        EN 15194: 2009 or EN 15194:2009+A1:2009: ‘Cycles – Electrically power assisted cycles – EPAC Bicycles’.
        To comply with EN 15194:

        The rider must pedal the cycle to activate the motor

        Therefore, with a throttle, maximum power is 200 W. Without a throttle (pedal assist only), maximum power is 250 W.

        • +1

          I have ridden a few electric bikes and all of them had throttles, were faster than 25km/h and nobody noticed or cared.

          its is stupid regulation that is only going to prevent people adopting e-bikes as last km or alternative transport.

          • @Laserface: I totally agree. For normal use, no one will know. Just think people should know before buying, as their insurance might not cover them on this bike if they have an accident (depends on specific wording of the policy).

  • What sort of price would one expect shipping to Melbourne likely to be?

    • $95

  • Question, are the batteries on these generally okay to be removed/replaced frequently?

    The scenario I'm envisioning will have me leave the bicycle locked in the garage, whilst bringing the battery into the house proper to charge.

    • Yes, the battery has a key and it is remivable.

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