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Aeropress Go Coffee Maker $39.99 @ ALDI


I’m not sure if this is a good deal but I’ve seen them at Labrador and Southport shops

Here’s an image:


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    Average price, but excellent coffee maker!

    • how is it compared to the bialetti?

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        The coffee is less concentrated but smoother than a Moka Pot as it's filtered by paper.

        It's much easier to use, quicker, and insanely easy to clean. I prefer it to my Moka Pot, which makes nice coffee but is generally a pain in the ass to use and clean.

      • It makes a weak, but smooth coffee… it's better than instant coffee and if instant is your reference point it'd be a good buy. If you like stronger, fuller bodied coffee stay with the moka pot.

        • Depends how you make it. I make it pretty damn strong, just do the upside down trick for extra strength

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          Comparing this to instant is alarming, and suggests you're not getting the most out of it.
          Aeropress is a darling of the speciality coffee industry and, while no sure thing, can produce award winning results.

          But like all brewers, it's only as good as the beans you use. If you use supermarket beans, you'll get supermarket results. Buy traceable, freshly roasted, single origin coffee and expect to pay $16 to $24 per 250g.

          Same goes for your grinder. If it uses a blade and not a burr, it's going to make dreadful coffee. Worthwhile burr hand grinders range from $80 to $500, electric burr grinders $300 to $3000.

          So unless you spend on the other aspects of coffee, yes, you'll be stuck the same bad coffee as before, now filtered.

      • In terms of strength I think of it as a cleaner tasting french press. I think the delter makes a better coffee than Aeropress but the seals are dodgy (that said I still persist and bought replacement seals)

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      We use this along with a mild frother to make our daily coffees. Saves a lot bench space and makes excellent coffee.
      You can also buy a steal mesh filter on Amazon to save buying paper filters.

  • I have one at home and another in the office. Nice coffee dirt cheap.

    • the Go version? Is it better than original?

      • Same plunger rubber, bottom cap, filters, etc. (Compatible with fellow and other aftermarket bits, too) Just smaller brew chamber for portability. Great for a single cup brew :)

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    The product that started my coffee obsession.
    Would recommend it to anyone who loves a brew.

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    I’m not sure if this is a good deal

    Dont let JV see that

  • I was about to buy one but nah 7/11 just around the corner 🤣🤣

    • definitely not for you then!

  • Can confirm it is available in Aldi Baulkham Hills in NSW as well.

    • Can also confirm I've seen it at Aldi Chatswood NSW for the same price last week. I don't think it's QLD specific.

      • Picked one up on Saturday from Aldi in Tuggeranong ACT as well. Was a nice find

    • Heaps at Winston Hills

  • Does anyone know if the deal is available in SA?

  • Would wait for a better deal, there's a few coffee brewers who offer the Aeropress with a handheld grinder (sometimes more) for much less than the $40 here.

    Personally, I'm NOT a fan of the Aeropress because the coffee was too "watery" to me but it does have some other advantages like compact nature and durability (good travel companion).

    Personally, I love strong coffees and I'm definitely a Moka person, so if you love strong coffee - maybe a pass on the Aeropress.

    • +2

      strength is determined by the recipe, not the equipment.

      • Strongly disagree, the method that the coffee is extracted from the beans will dramatically affect the quality and taste in the end.

        I straight up lined the aeropress, moka and french press up next to each other, brewed several cups and let my friends try the differences.

        The difference is OBVIOUS.

        • How does the aeropress compare to a french press?

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            @Dagad: Similar, French press holds and concentrates heat much better. So while steeping your cup will be hotter and slightly better tasting in my opinion. Aeropress is much faster and cleaner, if you don't intend to drink immediately the french press is better (eg sitting around and chatting with a friend and having multiple cups). Aeropress also sucks at more than one cup, each coffee pushed out is different (most of the flavour in the first press)

        • +1

          This is less directed at you and more at anyone reading….

          The aeropress makes a cleaner cup because it uses a paper filter. That removes the oils and solids which a lot of people enjoy; the rich and creamy notes. Downside of moka pot/French press it can often be muddy in texture, bitter and indistinct in flavour. Coffee will likely taste like generic coffee unless you really use the best coffee/grinder and recipe.

          Paper filters are used by many preferred third wave coffee methods because they can help highlight fruity flavours, reduce bitterness and bring more balance to the drink. Good single origin coffee can start to taste like a sweet, fruited black tea. The perceived strength is lower, but the actual strength (coffee % extracted) potentially higher. Good coffee is, in this side of the industry, never meant to be bitter. So if you like bitter coffee, third wave coffee might not be for you.

          Back to the aeropress: you can make a very "strong" coffee using an aeropress if you adjust grind size and brew time, or replace the filter with a metal one.

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    Not a particularly good deal considering the frequent aeropress combo deals. Brews less than the full size, and realistically might as well buy the full size.

    James Hoffman made a pretty good review if the Aeropress Go: https://youtu.be/U_hwYVboAVQ

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    I have paid full price for two over the years and i am not complaining - its that good!

  • I've been tempted to buy one of these but not sure about just having black coffee?

    I'm not sure if the hassle of heating milk as well would undo the convenience and /or taste?

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      Go to your local cafe that has single origin offerings and ask for a batch brew, or a long black using their single origin beans. See how you like it. Aeropress aims for a similar style.

      • Thanks, I'll give that a go

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          Try a few places too. Without milk, bad coffee starts to stand out. And it's very easy to make bad coffee.

          Still, ask any good barista that you're keen to get into filter or black coffee and they'll hopefully put their best foot forward.

  • Highly recommend two things: first, get a stainless steel reusable filter, then you'll never need to use wasteful paper filters again. Second, get a nice thermos mug, that way you can make a nice aeropress in the morning and sip away throughout the day after you get to work.

  • Remember too that Australians generally like their coffee "sweet" (I'm not talking about sugar) whereas Europeans (particularly Italians) like their coffee "bitter"….this is due to a darker roasting technique.

  • +1

    I've just seen these on sale at my local aldi.
    Im from Brisbane.

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