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ALDI Special Buys - BELAVI Wicker Egg Chair $199, BELAVI Outdoor Furniture $499 & More + Delivery (NSW, VIC, QLD Select Suburbs)

  • BELAVI Multifunctional Outdoor Setting $499
  • BELAVI 3m Square Cantilever Umbrella $249
  • BELAVI 5 Piece Aluminium Outdoor Setting $399
  • BELAVI Wicker Egg Chair $199
  • COOLABAH Komodo Ceramic Egg BBQ $599

Delivery to NSW, VIC & QLD selected postcodes. Also in store if you can manage to find stock.

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    Good luck finding stock of anything. All 4 stores within 10km of me were sold out (or never had stock) of anything on this post within 15 minutes of opening

    • You can use stock checker

      • Not for the products in this post. They're not in the items you can search.

      • Only works for items one day after they go on sale.

    • Depending on what area you are in you can order online! Otherwise stock checker is your best bet

  • Many of Aldi's bulky items are price leaders designed to entice you into visiting their stores.
    Logistics and space limitations meant that few units could be stocked in each store

  • How is the quality?

    • We might never find out, seems that no one can actually buy it unfortunately.

  • Ordered the cantilever umbrella, thanks! Delivery to Sydney = + $50. $300 is a pretty good deal in our opinion. 2-4 business days delivery..🤞

    • Has yours been delivered yet? I am still waiting for mine, been 2 weeks already and no signs of delivery yet, looks like it hasn't even been dispatched yet. I sent an enquiry and their generic response was 2-10 days blah blah blah… The tone of the reply was more like it will get there when it will get there!!! Poor communication I would say.. so yea, looks like that 2-4 business days delivery is not correct.

  • Burwood store had 3 egg chairs - gone within 60 seconds literally

    • I thought the egg chairs were an order item only this year around?

  • Went to 5 different Aldi's yesterday looking for the Multifunctional Outdoor Setting and Cantilever Umbrella. None had ever had the outdoor setting, and only one had ever had the umbrella (which they said went early).

  • I got the second last piece from Altona North store in Melbourne. The egg chair egg dimension is 107cm high x 76cm wide x 67cm deep. Built quality is good but not great. Installation was not that difficult. Took me 30 min to 1 hour. Colour is ash with black stand and silver nuts and bolts. I found similar products in ozbestbuy.com.au in Victoria. I could not go there as that is in a regional area and with the current lockdown. There is another store with similar product slightly pricy called Skydeck in Ravenhall Victoria and they sell online in kogan as well and currently they are doing delivery and store pickup only due to lockdown. The design is slightly different than the Aldi one but with more design and size variation. There are many other stores with brand new product in facebook marketplace. I assume similar is available in other states as well.

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