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4 Pines Pacific Ale 24x330ml bottles $25.20, Draught $29.25 + Delivery @ Catch


4 Pines Draught $29.25. Credit to Doweyy

Seems a good deal. Credit pricehipster

Limit per customer: 6

Get yourself a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon with the 4 Pines Pacific Ale. Brewed across Australia with the brew team from 4 Pines (An AB Inbev Brewing Co). Tasting Notes: Fruity fresh floral.

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  • +1

    Thanks OP. Good value for a throw down.

    • Isn't a throw down 285mL and only comes in VB and New?

      • +6

        Nah, VB and New are throw outs.

      • I ended up getting both my cases cancelled, 13 revokes of upvotes, should really be -15

  • -8

    Check your emails for $15 off $60. Works out at about $20 a carton for 3. Ordered earlier this morning :-)

    • And you didn't post it? Shame

      • -1

        Yeap and then comes around to brag

        • +2

          Can try these codes $15 off $60 spend both work if you're eligible, expires 5 Oct:



      • The Codes are very targeted and only applicable to targeted accounts. I got it on an account that was never logged in for 6 months after an order. The purpose is to awaken inactive accounts obviously.

    • -1

      Such haters on here who neg when you attempt to help out 😭 My three cartons of Pacific ale are arriving tomorrow for $60. So I am glad I never mentioned it or I would have missed out 2

  • I know :-(

  • thx mate.

  • +13

    4 Pines Draught Case also $29.25 for those that may prefer.

    • +1

      Thanks, added it in

    • thanks order 2 cases each

  • +4

    Average beer but worth it for the price

    • +2

      There's no such thing as bad beer, just some are better than others

  • Free delivery for me. Thanks OP!

  • Bought two cases

  • Thanks mate! Bought a couple of cases

  • OOS

    • +1

      Check-out is a bit of a wild ride. OOS one moment, more stock the next. I went back-and-forth 3 or 4 times before it took my order.

      Appreciate this OP, thank-you.

  • OOS for me after trying to check out :(

  • +2

    You reckon short dated?

    • +1

      that would be my first thought

      • +1

        I bought two cartons. Guess I’ll find out how quickly I need to drink these and/or share. Life’s tricky problems!

    • Definitely

  • Looks like delivery is only available in major cities.

  • 20% cashback on Shopback tomorrow for Catch isn't there?

    • +2

      Good luck with that

    • oos now

    • Snooze you lose

  • oos

  • Pacific Ale oos but I was able to buy the draught

    • Same…OOS at checkout

  • Damn, I missed it

  • +1

    Pacific Ale SOLD OUT

    • I can't edit the deal any more, but the draught only is available now.

  • -3

    Crikey I just bought 5 X Pacific Ale and 3 X Draught - theres my weeks beer taken care of :)

  • Got the Draught, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Not sure why on Earth I had free shipping but I managed to pick up a case of the Draught, thanks OP!

  • I was able to get the Pacific ale, maybe it came back in stock?

    • They added a small number of stock, all gone now. Not surprising with 800 people viewing that product haha

      edit: seems like they're adding more periodically.

  • Draught stilll available, ordered successfully.

  • Pacific ale back to stock, bought 1

    • Thank you, managed to get the Pacific ale

    • all gone again

  • Try keep adding stock of pacific ale so keep checking back!

  • Great deal if you can get it. No delivery to 3691

  • It let me order up til checkout and then none left. I guess that's it

    • +1

      Keep checking, I've seen them add more stock 3 times the last 15 minutes. Stay on the checkout page and have a second tab open to check for stock :)

      • +2

        kept trying over and over and finally got one, hopefully it comes

        Pretty chuffed that I did cos I think I prefer the pacific ale, so got one of each now

      • Yeah. Back in stock.

  • +1

    I reckon all orders will be cancelled :-(

    • +1

      Not if it's shortdated stock and not an error

      • Seems like an error (happen very often with Catch eg. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628375)

        • This is actually sold by CUB though through the marketplace.

          Marketplace deals are always hit or miss but FWIW I've had heavily reduced CUB stuff from Kogan, Ebay all honoured.

  • They are back!!

  • Like the rest have mentioned. I had it OOS than tried again about a minute later and the order went through. Thanks OP

  • Bought Pale Ale by repeatedly clicking to order - until order was accepted. Free delivery.

    Now shows This product has SOLD OUT!

  • OOS

  • Thanks, OP. Managed to get a case of Draught! Back in stock now.

  • +2

    Got one of each, initially OOS then back!
    So. Much. Beer. THANKS OP!!!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 draughts and free shipping! Woohoo

  • +1

    One of each + paid with Afterpay cause had a referral credit.. $25 for 2 cases of beer. Thanks OP

  • no delivery to QLD

    • +1

      Ordered with free delivery to Qld.
      From Boozebud, so depends on their delivery areas.

  • OOS, just as I was checking out :/

  • +3

    Keep refreshing the page I just got 3x cases of the draught. It keeps coming back in stock with the quantity showing below 5 units.

  • The link to the Pacific no longer works, but the draught is still available when I checked. I bought three boxes.

  • Also snagged 3 cases of draft for $72! Cheers OP

    • how did you get 3 for $72?

  • Thanks OP. I ordered a case of the draught (Kölsch style) using Suncorp rewards ($27.50)

  • Back in stock @$56!!
    Now 0 left4 left0 left

    Reason: Different Marketplace merchant.
    Was Boozebud
    Now Sold and delivered by Carlton United Breweries

    • +1

      Nope I bought at the discounted price through CUB

      • Checked order - yes, was CUB.

        • As is Four Pines now :-/

  • 56$ now

  • +1

    Damn missed out!

  • Amazing deal. Shame I missed it 😢

  • I ordered 5 slabs of the Pacific Ale AND paid for it before I realised it was a mid strength beer so Ive gone back cap in hand and asked them to cancel 4 slabs (i'll still keep 1 hopefully)

    • +1

      Eh it’s tasty, and good for hot days

    • +1

      Is still a great beer.
      I don't let alcohol content cloud my judgement on drinks, I'm not 18 any more.

  • Missed out!

  • Draught seems to be back in stock again.

  • Merged from 4 Pines Draught Beer Case 24 x 330mL Bottles $29.25 + Shipping ($0 with Club/C&C) @ Catch

    German style golden ale that is light straw in colour. Aromas of lemon/lime prelude a light, malty palate. Finishing crisp and clean with hints of citrus and spice.
    Combine with cashback from CR or SB.

    • +2

      We are writing to regretfully inform you that due to a technical pricing error, your order was cancelled in accordance with clause 8.9 of our terms and conditions.

    • I bought 3 cases on Sunday - they depleted in about 10 mins at this price

  • Order canceled and upvote revoked.

  • Just had order cancelled, I was looking forward to drinking these as well

  • +1

    We are writing to regretfully inform you that due to a technical pricing error, your order was cancelled in accordance with clause 8.9 of our terms and conditions.

    Upvote revoked.

    • +1

      8.9 doesn't actually give them an out for pricing errors 😑
      * 8.9 - In the event that we cancel or are unable to fulfil your order, we will provide a full refund of any payment received.

      That just requires that they give you a refund if they cancel it, not that they will cancel it if errors occur.
      Poor wording in that cancellation email.

  • edit : pacific ale order got cancelled damn! Draught Beer has been shipped though

    • My draught got cancelled.

  • +1

    NOT HAPPY CATCH! Order cancelled!

  • +1

    Check your catch account. I received the same email, but in my account my draught has been shipped with a tracking number, Pacific ale is pending (made two separate orders - Pacific was ordered second when it came back into stock).

    • +1

      My order of Draught is the same - shipped with a tracking number.

      Although the tracking number is not yet recognised by Auspost - so the order might have just had a tracking label printed, but not actually picked up by AusPost yet…

  • NoOOoOoOooO

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