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[eBook] Free: "Buddhism for Beginners: All You Need to Start Your Journey" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Whether you are interested in learning about Buddhism or looking to make changes in your life, Buddhism for Beginners has you covered. Written in a style that is simple and engaging, it explores the history of Buddhism, its philosophies, and its relevance in today’s society. The book provides numerous meditative exercises that will allow you to experience the wondrous teachings of this ancient wisdom.

Inside you will read about…

✓ A Brief History of Buddhism
✓ The Spread of Buddhism
✓ The Servant or the Master: Which One are You?
✓ Self-Identification with the Mind and Body
✓ Meditation
✓ The Presence of Mindfulness
✓ The Principle of Karma
✓ Dualistic versus Non-Dualistic Perspectives
✓ The Principle of Non-Substantiality
✓ One’s Life and the Environment
✓ Sentient and Non-Sentient Beings
✓ Attachment
✓ The Ten Worlds

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    Aren't these always free?

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      yes genuine buddhist teachings are always priceless according to his own wish

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    Went to get this only to discover that I got it on the 10th of September.

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    Got this in a previous life, but it didn't convince me.

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      Buddhism teaches you about the nature of the universe, whether you believe in any of it is not up to anyone to convince or challenge another person. It is like reading a book that tells you gravity exists, that fire is hot, ice is cold, the Earth is round etc. Whether anyone believes in these scientific discoveries does not matter to science at all. Open minded people will benefit from the knowledge, close minded people just carry on as normal.. and the nature of the universe remains the same regardless.

      That's all there is to Buddhism, there is no deities to worship, no threats of heaven or hell to guilt trip or scare anyone into submission.

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        Are you sure? Genuine question - I haven't read the book. But I'm surprised to hear of a religion based purely on science, not trying to promote self-proclaimed ideas.
        I'd be very surprised if you're right.

        As for your insinuation that it has nothing to offer but something to think about (my interpretation of what you said), I think that's something it has in common with all religions (albeit apparently a different approach).

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          Read up on the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism.
          The word Noble does not refer to nobility as understood by Western cultures. It refers to the undeniable truths of life

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        That is total BS, it depends on what stream of Buddhism you follow, depends on the superstitions that underpin it.
        I did a course in the Big B., only to be surprised at the end that the teachers were offering to remove curses of families and all that shizz for certain (ahem…rather large) fee.
        I thought what a fraud.

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          If I understand you correctly, what you are essentially saying is:"

          "I was sold a fake Rolex, all Rolex watches are BS" or "I found a Charity that spends money it collects on it's executives, all Charities must be BS"

          Anyone can claim to be a Buddhis practitioner, just like anyone can claim to be a 'healer' and sell snake oil. Unfortunately, that is an issue with human greed and ignorance. I am sorry you've had a sour experience. The Buddha was born as a man approx. 2,600 years ago, and he died as a man. He was against the idea of God worshipping, against the idea of the Caste system. He identified the root cause of human unhappiness and dissatisfaction was due to greed and ignorance. He also taught that nothing the universe is permanent - even the stars die out after eons. These teachings are profound 2,600 years ago and still is today.

          His teachings were about living more peaceful, kinder lives, and to avoid dogmas, superstitions and deity worship. What people do and how people interpret Buddhism is not the fault of Buddhism, but the fault of humans, we are flawed.


        Buddhism is definitely not scientific and your summary does not summarise buddhism at all. It's a religion like any other but definitely mellower. Only beginners think that buddhism agrees with science.

        If you read very carefully you will see faimiliar things like : if you don't believe in karma (and rebirth), ya not buddhist (and ya will suffa!). You must have full faith and not question things like where animals came from. etc etc.

        The above things are not apparent at first though.

        It's a chilled out religion and not a bad thing for children etc for get their ethics etc from. Although I'd much rather children study stoisism or just philosophy.

        Each to their own.

        • " if you don't believe in karma (and rebirth), ya not buddhist (and ya will suffa!)."

          Who told you that? What have you been studying? Who's been teaching you?

          How people view Buddhism is their own choice, I am not here to defend it; Buddhism was never meant to be a religion. You or the world may call it a religion, and label it anyway you want, but the Buddha never said it was a religion. It is a philosophy, a way to live a wiser existence.

          We are taught to be opened minded, what we don't see or understand doesn't mean it's not there or not true. Just because you can't see or feel gravity, doesn't mean it's not real.

          • @DeeTrance: Have you read the original text? The Thripitaka?

            Sounds like you have learnt some watered down western version of this religion.

            In Buddhist relgion, you can't even be a buddhist unless you believe in rebirth as a fundamental. Dependent origination as it's known.

    • Oh have you been reborn?

    • Thats why you had to come back and work it out this life

    • LOL. it's not a religion that runs on faith. It does not promise an after life, heaven or hell.
      Reincarnation is not part of Buddhism. It is part of Hindu.
      It is about the human conditions, here and now, in this life time.

      Most of us don't need Buddhism from childhood to mid life.
      Buddhism is relevant/helpful between mid life to 60.
      After that, move onto whatever.

      • Haha Faith is central to buddhism. :P Beginners of course don't realise this.

    • @nutcrackr, I am cracking up over [email protected]!!! Classic!

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    Thou shall spread bread for the birds (Bert)

  • If Buddha was alive today they'd be an ozbargainer.

    • "They"? Isn't he a dude?

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        who knows, maybe he preferred to be they/them

      • It depends on which Buddha you're talking about. In some cultures Buddha can be female. In some Buddha is male. Also, they/them isn't unusable for males.

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    What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

    Make me one with everything.

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      Karl, is that you ?

      • Karl's dead.

    • LMAO!!!!!

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    One day I'd like the false advertising to stop of free for those who forget to unsubscribe : 13.99 per month — or, if applicable, the promotional price listed above during the promotional period and thereafter $13.99 per month — until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting www.amazon.com.au/kucentral.

    Free for 2 mths

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      Eh? I'm not subscribed and I have this and many other free ebooks that are posted? You don't need Kindle Unlimited to read the free books.

    • I agree with you, but don't know what that has to do with this post

  • don't believe just because it's written in Scripture s. the Buddha.

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    Lol as a practitioner of Buddhism for 25+ yrs, I still find amusing the myths people believe. Let me clear a few up.
    1. Buddhism isn't a religion as such it's a way of life , the Buddha said " I am not God "
    2. Most Buddhists are not vegetarian, their is nothing in the Buddha's teachings, about not eating meat.
    3. The Dalai Lama isn't like the pope, he's spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism most Buddhists from around world wouldn't even know who he was.
    4. The Buddha is not a fat little guy as portrayed by the west in fact he was slim from fasting and meditation.
    5. The Buddha was a prince born in Northern India. Who gave up his crown n wealth to explore all religions.
    6. Monks & Nuns yes there are female Buddhist monks, follow many many different interpretations of the Buddha's teachings, yes you could say different sects I suppose.
    7. Monks take vows of chastity n may also be celebant as a way of testing their devotion to the Buddha's ways, not all Monks are celebant, and probably less than 10% a vegetarian.
    8. Although there are many temples around the world and it would appear as though people are praying they aren't they are merely paying homage, yes they asks for protection and for advice, but an answer is not expected, advice us given by Monks to Buddhists by way of their interpretation of the Buddha's teachings.

    I could go on but these are but a few.

    • +5

      Yes, some of the ignorance displayed above your post is astounding.

      • +2

        They should download and read the book, they might learn something 😂

    • real practitioners offer not just an interpretation of the teachings but also superhuman knowledge they achieved e.g. knowledge of this world and next world I.e. rebirth. and yes some do develop supernatural abilities

    • Agreed there different practices like Christianity.

      Again all religion has good teaching I respect anyone who really chooses to follow theirs with conviction and free will.

    • Are you happy?

    • How you going to be a Buddhist and say that "the west" depicts Buddha as fat? The fat smiley boi is Budai, who was just a happy Chan/Zen Buddist. The happy, eccentric fatboy was from China. The modest enlightened one was from India.

      Budai being 'Buddha' has literally come from the east, from China. He was considered a 'future Buddha' by the Chan/Zen Buddhists. Nothing to do with the west.

      Come on man, don't blame us anglo-saxons for everything :P

      Also, if you're following Buddhism from the Buddha, and not Budai, you're vegetarian. Buddha out-right said not to eat 'flesh of sentient beings'. It's in the Nirvana Sutra/Mahayan Sutra, the words of Gautama Budda. It's also in the Angulimaliya Sutra.

      If you follow Budai, from Chan/Zen Buddhism, you're probably not vegetarian, as it was mainly an Indian/Mahayana Buddhist thing.

      • +2

        I'm not a Zen/Chan Buddhist , I'm Theravada. Once again different Buddhists interpret not eating meat in different ways. Even the Dalai Lama eats meat.

    • +2

      Shame, you almost got an upvote from me… but your point 5 is incorrect!! Buddha was born in the city of Lumbini in Nepal, not India. I would have even taken North of India, but not Northern India.
      The second part of point 5 is true though.
      So no upvote from me, but no downvote either cos of the effort you have put in.
      Buddham saranam gachhami

      • At the time of Buddha there was no Nepal and India was a group of kingdoms. I think most correct would be 'City of Lumbini, in present day Nepal".

      • +1

        At the time of his birth it was considered part of the Indian sub continent, Nepal was not what it is today, but its always been a point of contention.

    • +1

      Thing to add;

      Buddha NEVER condoned violence and the 'books' of the religion has never justified it in any situation

      Great monk….as a Westerner he's more able to teach Buddhism from the western point of view.

      from a book written by him in reference to an incident where a guard at Guantanamo Bay was accused of taking a holy book and flushing it down the toilet;
      I took a call from a local journalist who told me he was writing an article about the outrage by asking leaders of all the major religions in Australia the same question he was about to ask me.
      “What would you do, Ajahn Brahm, if someone took a Buddhist holy book and flushed it down your toilet?”
      Without hesitation, I answered, “Sir, if someone took a Buddhist holy book and flushed it down my toilet, the first thing I would do is call a plumber!”

    • DUUUUUDE! It's a religion and you have to have faith in certain things like rebirth. It is definitely mellow though as it doesn't ask to harm others in the name of something something.

  • +1

    "real practitioners offer not just an interpretation of the teachings but also superhuman knowledge they achieved e.g. knowledge of this world and next world I.e. rebirth. and yes some do develop supernatural abilities"
    Yes of course….what a crock,and that's why Buddhism is so attractive,because basically it's just another philosophy to help you get through life and requires no committment.

    • Tell that to the millions of monks n prior monks, I've done 3 stints in a temple, and we'll commitment is way way more than you may think. Do I think I'm super human? No not even close, but I've definitely gotten way past what I thought meditation could do for instance.

  • +1

    Thank you for sharing OP! Vote up/

  • +1

    Apparently already got the book last year. Thanks anywayz OP.

  • +4

    Its pathetic how some people make fun of other religions without even having any idea about other religions and their teachings.there is good things to learn in every religion and we should respect all religions.

    • Lmao like cover youreslf burkar?

      Like shaving your head?

      Like self mutilation?

      Like chopping foreskin off baby boys?

      • Those are great names for metal bands.

        • -1

          What is a foreskin, if not just a burka for your lil man 🤔

      • Ok stop making a fool out of yourself man

        Lol i think it’s called it’s burqa not burkar
        Wdf what’s shaving head got to do with religion?Lot of people shave head regardless of religion hahaha

        Self mutilation? Tribalism exists in some parts of the world doesn’t mean it’s taught and encouraged in any religion,in every religion there are people who twist the teachings and have their own version and cults/ sects which are not recognised

        Chopping off foreskins of baby lol if you are unaware here’s some fun facts fool most middle aged men and older men in western society are fully or partially circumcised and Jews even have brit Mila ceremony to celebrate circumcision of the boys lol you really don’t know much about any religion go get some books and read before making a fool out of yourself

        • Euwww! Buddhism has no rules on foreskins and discourages self mutilation; ouch!!

    • Unless religions are a distraction to keep people from discovering the truth… if you're willing to adopt unproven ideas someone else is sprouting you're really closing your mind. I don't see how that is a good thing.

      • It's not as simple though. People rallying together for a good cause can be good for survival etc. It's when things go sour such as 'lets eliminate the other sect' or 'lets starts a war in the name of religion'.

        As said, Buddhism is definitely one of the most harmless religions around. There are many obvious examples of ones causing much more harm! BOOM!

    • -1

      No not necessarily true.
      Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
      I may know a lot about other religions, but that is no reason to practice this and any other, or give respect to them.

      • Ok you clearly cannot read? I said there are good teachings in all religions, obviously something good in a certain religion may not be practical or accepted in another religion.but in a nutshell all religions teach people to do good deeds and refrain from wrongdoings.what I’m saying is people are free to worship whatever religion they want and should respect each other, don’t bring in extremists in to the picture it will clouds your judgement.

      • The beholder can believe what they like, but it doesn't make it true

  • This was a great book!

  • +1

    We gotta pray just to make it today

    • only When Doves Cry!

  • I am not religious but find eastern religious philosophy quite interesting. I like the Advaita school of thought(Hinduism) over Buddhism.

    • nice username

    • +1

      I'm not religious but find all religions interesting - in a really negative way.

      • -1

        Agree. They are present due to human genetics and inclinations. Can't wait for those traits to be removed or replaced by machines. Humans slow progress. Only machines or human-machine hybrids will prevail.

        • Having a slow day and trolling through old threads?

          "human genetics and inclinations" sounds like a couple of random thoughts off the top of your head - or do you believe that these are the 2 causes of people wanting to blindly follow a system with no credible evidence to support their theories?

          And you believe machines are the only alternative?

          Independant thinking is out of the question?

          • @SlickMick: People are programmed to follow blindly/ rally towards a single cause. It's faster and less energy consuming. Evolutionary adaptation.

            Machines are not the only alternative but haven't seen evidence that people can improve as a whole. Machines are the easiest alternative.

            Independent thinking can be only done by a select few.

            If you are keen, as a beginner one could read this one first.

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