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Win $1,000,000 or 1 of 3,100 $1,000 Ultimate Gift Cards (Drawn Daily) from Summer Foundation Limited



Closing Date 31/10/2021
Draw Date 05/11/2021 12:00pm
Multi-draw Yes


Description $1,000,000 Cash; 3,100 x $1,000 Ultimate Gift Card
No. of Prizes 3101
Total Prize Pool $4,100,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Please note condition of entry:

I acknowledge that as a condition of entering I have received a first vaccination in accordance with the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program and understand that in order to be eligible to win a prize, I must be fully vaccinated and provide the proof required by the Promoter (including, without limitation, my COVID-19 vaccination certificate or immunisation history statement and acceptable photo identification) prior to the 13th December 2021

Mod Note: T&Cs has been updated: All required permits have now been received, meaning that residents of all States and Territories of Australia may enter, if they meet the other eligibility criteria

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  • +1

    If someone manages to enter can you let me know. Guessing the website is being hammered as it was just on the news so everyone is probably trying to enter.

    • +1

      Thanks for posting Phalaxis, no luck either as the form won't submit - so will try again later!

      • Tried from the home Wi-Fi failed. Tried on 4G works fine.

  • Website still does not submit form

  • +1

    Thanks OP. It didn't work on Chrome but worked on Opera for me just now

    • +1

      No worries. My entry through Chrome worked just now.

      • +1

        Most probably down to pure luck both of you got through … And not due to a specific browser you are using.

        I use Opera both on PC + phone … Had been trying almost non-stop from 6am-10am this morning, but no go. Have just tried several times with Chrome.

        Still no go.
        I am yet submit my entry.

        It's good to see something like this… Think it it's more of a US style of idea (lotteries/prizes for vaccinations)… But would've preferred if GOV run rather than a private entity.

    • +2

      One day later now, & worked on Firefox.

      Cheers OP!

  • Oh baby

  • +14

    I have entered today, if you want higher chances you may be better off waiting for another day as there are 100 winners each day. Today the site is being hammered as It is being advertised everywhere.
    I accidentally marked myself as a winner, I’m not. I’m a loser who can’t internet properly.

    • Actually that's a good idea.

    • Such good thinking, I’m gonna wait until some random date before the deadline to try maximise my chances in the daily draw.

      Thanks for the tip and a big “on ya” to you and everyone else who is eligible for this one. :-)

    • Damn entered today. Ah well another loss

    • -2

      Lou, your not a looser! You've probably posted the best comp EVER! 🥰

  • +2

    T&C's to be aware of

    Eligable participants

    "7. … Until such time (if any) as permits are provided to the Promoter … residents of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory or South Australia (as applicable) will not be eligible to enter the Promotion"

    How to enter

    "18. Each eligible entrant will go into the draw for the Daily Prize draws in respect of the day on which they entered the Promotion only. For example, if an eligible entrant validly enters the Promotion on 6 October 2021, they will go into the Daily Prize draws for 6 October 2021 and the Grand Prize draw. They will not be entered into the Daily Prize draws for 7 October 2021 or any other day."

    • Thanks for sharing that. I'll update the comp details. Bet they didn't make those details obvious when the comp was shared all over the news this morning.

      • everything else seems "good" (very common for competitions), there's even some promise that they'll delete or destroy anything that resembles medical records at the end of the competition

        • +2

          There’s a link to their privacy policy on item 35 in the terms that raises eyebrows. Under disclosure of personal info:

          In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for us to disclose your personal information to third parties in order to assist us in providing our services, or where disclosure is required by us to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. Third parties may include:
          Digital marketing and other service providers such as P2P Hosting Network, Microsoft 365, Google, Marketcircle, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Facebook, DigitalOcean, Monday.com, Formstack, Amazon Web Services, Sync.com, LearnDash, Slack, Event Espresso, TryBooking and Zoom

    • So do I understand - enter today go into 1 draw - and your not allowed to enter the next round "limit 1 per person" ?

      • yup,

        enter once only
        go into one daily draw on the day you entered only
        and go into grand prize draw

        • Just so i could understand. you can only enter only once in a random day during this 31 day period of october only? You can't enter once a day?

          • +1

            @RQNinja: Yes only once for the duration of the competition.

  • From the number of comments came here for ref links

  • +2

    Bloody south Australia not letting us enter!

    • D4MN!

    • Same with ACT and NSW. Pays to read the terms and conditions

    • +5

      Hi, I've just read the terms & conditions - looks like it has been updated as per "NOTE:.." below ie can now enter -

      1. The Promoter has applied for trade promotion lottery permits in New South Wales, the
        Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. Until such time (if any) as permits are
        provided to the Promoter by the relevant regulatory authority in each jurisdiction, residents
        of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory or South Australia (as applicable) will
        not be eligible to enter the Promotion.

      [NOTE: All required permits have now been received, meaning that residents of all States and
      Territories of Australia may enter, if they meet the other eligibility criteria]

      • Updating the comp details again. Thanks for posting this.

        • +1

          Can confirm. SA residents can now enter.

      • so nsw can't enter then lol

  • +1

    Where is my email confo

  • +1

    I’d love to know the winner of the 1mill when it’s drawn

    • +1

      And you'll claim your their long lost cousin?

  • Chances of winning this would be slimmer than the usual lotto..

    • Chance of winning any prize may be about 1 in 2700. Slim. But not too bad.
      Total prizes 3101

      Total predicted entrants
      Population (26m) x
      proportion over age 18 (about 80%) x
      proportion will be double vaxxed by Dec (say 80%) x proportion of people who will actually enter (50% but probably lower)=
      about 8.3 million

      Which is 3,101/8,300,000

      • = 0.0003736

        That’s quite a lot of leading zeros!

        • Yep not likely. But not terrible.

        • -3

          Not to pick on you too much ilovefullprice, but am I the only one annoyed when people provide a whole heap of meaningless digits.

          I reckon that 100% of the population has no idea about significant digits.

          • +1

            @OnTheMark: Sorry for being scientific and dashing your hopes..

            • @ilovefullprice: Huh? Are you claiming that providing a whole heap of meaningless digits is somehow scientific?

              • +1

                @OnTheMark: Not meaningless to me!

                • -1

                  @ilovefullprice: OK. So, in the context of this discussion, what's the meaningful difference between an answer of 0.0003736 and 0.00037?

                  • @OnTheMark: Depending on which field you come from. If you’re coming from physics, it’s common to provide numbers up to 4 significant figures.

                    If coming from social sciences/economics etc., then the above apply less so.

                    • @ilovefullprice: Is it actually common to provide an answer with 4 significant digits when your input data has only 1 significant digit?

  • +1

    Has anyone received an email confirmation after they have entered the competition?

    • +1

      Yes, it arrived around eight hours later in my junk folder.

  • +3

    I wonder how much money/payback the company running the comp will receive from all the associated companies marketing/advertising/following of entrants & emails that will likely follow? I dont know about anyone else here but I get all suspicious with entering competitions and with chances of 3,101/8,300,000 is it worth my privacy??

    T&Cs have "Blackhawk Network (Australia) Pty Ltd or its affiliates (Blackhawk)" as company …D&B Business directory shows they generate USD$73.02 million (in Australia?) in sales …. 63 companies in the corporate family


    • Yeah I was skeptical when I heard "prize money is donated by wealthy philanthropists" …….

    • Blackhawk is the company that runs a lot of gift cards.

  • +15

    Got an email today saying I won a gift card! NSW resident.

    • Congrats! Should be able to mark yourself as a winner if you want.

  • -1

    Not convinced this is legit. Why would they need my DOB? Giving out that much personal information to some random site is a worry

    • -1

      100% with you … same on all these competitions.

      But I just use 1 jan 1980 it works. :)

  • So do you get an email confirming entry?

    After trying many times got it to finally work the other day but still not sure that it did actually go though

  • https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/covid19-jab-leads-to-s...

    Winner announced!

    Was this any of us?

    I'd say probably not as they are sending their family first class, but you never know!

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