Seeking advice 32" Monitor Hunting (not necessarily bargains)

I'm looking for a 32 inch home/office/gaming monitor to fit a few different uses:

  • Mostly: coding & interfacing with web UIs, some spreadsheets etc
  • Secondly: watching things from the couch a few meters back from my desk (current monitor is 27" IPS and the colours just looks awful from far back)
  • Thirdly: light gaming with some modern RPGs, classics, indie games etc (not really FPS or anything that requires super quick screen refresh and response time)

So I'm not looking for a curved monitor, which seems to be the market trend. I think I'd like a VA for those lovely contrast ratios, but maybe IPS is better for all my use cases?

I currently have a Radeon RX 470 8GB card that struggles to run even light games at 75Hz+, but for future proofing I'd 100Hz+ (maybe 144).

I need at least 2 different inputs, preferably 1xHDMI & 1xDP, but USB-C is very welcome and one with power passthrough even better, but I don't know much about it except that it's still a premium feature.

For resolution, based on this:

5K 5120 x 2880
Ultra HD (UHD) 3840 x 2160
QHD aka WQHD aka 1440p 2560 x 1440

I'd like UHD but I can be happy with 1440p, particularly with the RX 470. I need VESA as well to mount the beasty.

So that's:

  • a flat screen,
  • 1440p (or UHD),
  • 100Hz+ refresh,
  • (probably?) VA,
  • HDMI + DP input & USB-C optional,
  • and VESA 100x100

What are my options here? Everything I look at that fits most of these specs is curved, and the only curvy entertainment I need is from the misses.

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    Hey, do your own research, buddy
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    I am a knowledgeable ozbargainer and would love 2 help U
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    Thicc & curvy


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    Why not consider a 34" Ultrawide? The 21:9 aspect ratio is perfect for productivity, movies and games too.

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      I'm loving mine for coding

      • What's the improvement? Just comfier screen real-estate for more side-by-side apps?

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          pretty much, and it lets you keep focus on the centre of the screen, with stuff at each side. feels nicer than turning between dual screens next to each other.
          most of the time im working in vscode, in fullscreen, with toolbars at one side, and 2 or 3 split columns to work across different files. its great for this, feels pretty roomy

    • I am considering it, need to get some dimensions and do measurements for my setup.

  • Samsung 49" SEXXY when they drop in price…
    32" too small! lol…

    • Size doesn't matter it's how you use it

      • Agreed!… Sometimes smaller can hit that spot and is all that's needed, where as bigger things cant and could leave you feeling sick after. And sometimes, bigger has more to go around…
        Wait… are we talking about pizza's?

    • Yeah a 49" would actually be bigger than the nook that I have my desk in. Maybe some day if I can upgrade from shoebox to cardboard box apartment.

  • A single 32 is too small for coding tbh. Best to have a larger screen or multi displays. I switched to a Dell 38" and it's been great.

    • I use a second 24" inch in vertical, looking for a bigger main monitor and I'll bump my 27" over to vertical on the side.

  • I don't have any suggestions since you're looking for a flat display, but ultrawides are amazing for web development. I'm running the AW3821DW but kinda wish I got the 38WN95C instead as my dock only charges @ 60w.

    5k 16:9 only comes in 27", Ultrafine's the only option even. 32 is a great size for 4k though

    • I haven't really considered ultrawides because I can't even remember what they look like lol. Would love to be able to actually look at something in store (in VIC), so I might just wait a few weeks (hopefully)

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    "…(not necessarily bargains)"

    Shows you to the door

    • Hey don't get me wrong, I'd take one off the back off a truck if I could get it but I'm just doing research here

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    Hey OP - I was recently in the market for similar. Ended up with a Dell 34’ ultrawide from their refurbished store. It has USB c and 4K.

    Very helpful being able to feed data and power through 1 plug. I ended up getting it for $650 with 3 year warranty.

    In hindsight, I could have actually gone slightly larger.

    • That sounds worth looking into, I hadn't considered refurbished options. Cheers for the reminder.

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    Gigabyte M32Q 31.5" 170Hz QHD 1ms Edge Type Gaming Monitor with KVM
    - Has usb c

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      mwave has cheapest price atm i think for $579, other stores like $600 on sale or full price $700

    • This is the one I'd been looking at as well, just seemed a bit gimmicky with the KVM thing which seems poorly integrated and I already use a dedicated KVM unit. Having trouble finding info about the usb-c specs too, some say it's just video input (plus integrated with the KVM for other peripherals?)

      Some reviews report bad panels as well.

      Despite all that, this is my best option so far at $579 + delivery

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