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Dyson V7 Cord-Free Vacuum + Bonus Filter $399 Delivered @ Dyson Australia


$200 off RRP (in Dyson website) + bonus filter

Retail price in JB HI FI & others - AUD 599.

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Dyson Australia
Dyson Australia

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  • Price in title

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    I remember buying this for 349 in 2018…

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    $389 from their eBay Store with coupon code SPENDNSAVEOCT.

    Not sure if Bonus Filter is included

  • Mine was dead after two years. Exactly after the warranty expired. Never buy a Dyson again.

    • Had the same experience and turns out it was only the battery. They sent the replacement battery using DHL or AusPost Express. Happy customer :)

      • Did they also diagnose it by asking how many times the red light flashed?

        And it flashes like 30 times.

        • Yes!

          • @yao1993: Why can’t it just flash three times =\

            • @Manny Calavera: 🤣

              I think the engineers are trying to make sure that we get the right light sequence.

              Pretty good for 1 LED indicator

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      Same for me, a v6 was terrible, sent 2 replacement batteries both have died and just over 2 years old. Bought a Dyson fan and when I put in on oscillation for the first time it never stopped even if you switched it off with remote.

      Swear I’ll never buy a Dyson again.

      Having said that my Trouver is even worse dies after 3 months.

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    How about a bonus battery Dyson ?
    Since that's the one thing that will degrade first

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    any other stick vacuums that are better in this price range?

    • Also interested, I've heard these things are overpriced

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        Xiaomi Dreame seems to be the Ozbargain approved alternative. Happy with mine but I've only had it for a month.

        • Yes which one do you have hanging out for a deal on v11?

  • $299 Black Friday sale 2 years ago

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    I bought a few Dyson products, after the first I product began to have issues I began to plan for the next. I made a reminder leading up to the 2 year mark and contacted customer service and received many replacement parts and battery for my V8. They probably know their products start to fail or degrade after 2 years so I just one up them that way. Im probably stuffed in another 2 years or so. So who really outplays who lol.

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      So what did u say to them so they agree to send out replacement parts? Keen to knowm

      • Red light error, battery not lasting even after a full charge, vacuum head cylindrical part not rotating when turned on. Could easily just google common Dyson V8 warranty issues for ideas..

        All the above but the battery was actually true though. I have no doubt the battery will become an issue after 2 years.

  • on their website , it says
    Includes 2 tools.
    Owner's exclusive offer - receive an additional 10% off* the sale price with your unique code, before 18th November.

    where do I get the unique code?

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