Which 12 Months Sim Plan?

My Telstra 12 months plan is expiring this month and looking for cheaper alternative.
Data usage was less than 10GB per month and most of the time less than 5GB.
Which currently available 12 months prepaid are the best value, good coverage and possibly with 5G?


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    Try one of the boost pre paid 12 month plans.

  • Like you, I'm low on the data usage.

    I was with the Aldi one for $99 a year and switched to the Woolworths one for $65 every 6 months. While the Woolies one costs more per year, there's 10% off one shop per month… You don't get it for the first 45 days, and there's a maximum of $50 off per month but I shop there fairly often so I think it'll suit me well.

    They only have 4g. If you need 5g, I think you need to go Boost.

    All these are with the Telstra network.

  • Hard to beat this one for 12 months if you dont need 5G… Optus network.
    20GB month for $9 month… (ends in about 11 hours) $109/240GB 12mths.

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    If you need 5G, Vodafone $150 is the cheapest option ($112.5 after CB).

    If Telstra network preferred, Boost $200 pack for $154.

    Other cheap options: Amaysim $99 ($78 after CB), Catch $109, Optus $150 (CB 8.4%), Coles Mobile $95 or $119.

    • Vodafone $150 is only 6 months.

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        $250 pack (365-day) is currently on sale for $150 only.

        • Awesome thanks for that. Discount wasn't showing up on the Google search. I'm going to grab it.

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    If you can do without 5g, Woolies $150 plan (sometimes cheaper with deals/cashback) will get you 100gb for the year and is essentially free once you take the 10% off a shop per month into account.

    IMO the coverage is not fantastic (wholesale Telstra I believe) but YMMV and can't complain too much when it pays for itself.

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    Doesn't seem like you use much data, why the need for 5G?

    • Quicker ozbargain refresh

      • Gotta Catch 'Em All (bargains).

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