Infinity M7 Reviews Please - Worth The $$$? Help

Hi firstly it’s for my son and I am a mere mortal mum and don’t understand too much about it but we are about to buy the infinity m7 and need some help please. It’s the infinity m7 he won’t budge on it and has wanted it for a while, but has picked the RTX 3060 with upgrades on ram and storage etc to round it up to almost 3.5k. I need some help before we outlay this amount of cash that has been saved a long time. Is it worth it? Anything negative about it? Are we better to buy this one with upgrades to max ram and storage etc like he wants or buy 3080 model with basics? And best place to purchase too. Please help. Thank you 🙏


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    almost 3.5k.


    Please tell me this is his hard-earned cash, not yours?

    • No it’s mine. But it’s well earned and deserved.

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         It’s the infinity m7 he won’t budge on it

        Hence why he's not flexible when it's not his own cash

        If he's under 16yo a desktop pc would've been the better thing to aim on. No need for portability and better value for money, and easier to upgrade later

        • not his cash but he has more than earned it by really stepping up especially the past year to 2. And at a previous time when he did so well , made school captain, turned 18 and overcome a lot of challenges etc financially I just couldn’t manage. He’s not greedy in any sense, in fact he is very polite,caring,giving and is extremely talented. He has experienced trauma and gone through more than most young men ever will in their complete lifetime. He is not demanding in any way , I asked and asked what was his dream and this was the answer. I just meant he won’t budge as in any other brand , this is it , an infinity M7 is his dream so as want to get it all right for him. Thank you 🙏

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          Agreed, i don't really understand the need for a laptop. It would be too clunky to carry around anyway. Better off with a monster desktop PC, get Alienware if you're wanting something branded

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    3.5k for an RTX 3060 laptop…?

    Unless there is a specific need for maximum storage, ram, etc. this sounds like terrible value.

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    What on Earth is an Infinity? Some random brand.

    No, that’s not worth it and at least $1,000 extra on top of 3060 models for likely unnecessary upgrades.

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    Keep looking, be firm

    3.5k for a laptop with a rtx3060 sounds like poor value for money on paper

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    check out
    Im currently waiting for the Gigabyte AORUS 240Hz 3060 laptop.

  • Personally, with 3.5k, i would go for Alienware X15/X17.

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    You are paying far too much for a laptop with a 3060 and it's not worth it.

    If he has his heart set on the Infinity M7 then go for a better graphic card at the expense of the extra RAM and storage. You can easily upgrade the RAM and SSD in the future but you can't upgrade the graphics card. Here is a 3070 model for $3k:

    Ultimately I'd recommend a different laptop, for example this laptop is $1.9k with a 3060 and good other specs: , and spend the rest on something nice for mum.

    Edit, you won't find many reviews on the Infinity M7. Infinity is a niche consumer brand based on an OEM laptop from Tongfang.

    • That’s what I needed to know. So if I do buy this thing I need to upgrade the graphics card above all else , thank you! Not sure if I can convince him in an alternative without revealing everything at this point but if he knows for sure he may be swayed. I have a bit of time to work it out so thanks.

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        Depends on what the laptop will be mainly used for…
        If gaming, definitely go for a better GPU with more basic options for the other components.

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    I thought that it is a car, infinity m7
    just buy a 3060 from acer deals < $1500, at most something like this

  • I'd personally go for a desktop PC over a laptop, along the lines of this:

    Much easier to upgrade in the long run, better thermal management, most likely longevity etc.

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    To answer Op's topic question of whether this is worth the money?

    Definitely no.
    $3.5k for a white label (ie. generic) brand laptop with an RTX 3060 (not high spec for this value). Even if it was the RTX 3080, I still wouldn't be spending that much on something which doesn't come from a well known laptop manufacturer with solid warranty support (or at least the opportunity to get decent retailer-sold extended warranty solutions).

    Whilst I'm generally against the typical response to gaming laptop questions of "get a desktop", in this case, if it's for a high school or university student, there is really not much point in buying a gaming laptop unless you are short on space or really need it in an all in one unit even though it's full of compromises.

    Given the description, it sounds like he first and foremost wants a gaming PC. The question in my mind is whether it needs to be portable (since a desktop with monitor/etc would be much better performance and long-term upgradability with the compromise of needing a fixed space), and if so, how portable (i.e. able to move it between rooms in the house but always with access to an outlet vs. needing to physically lug a heavy laptop around school/uni and also requiring durability/etc).

    • Thanks for that reply it covered a lot. I know he originally looked at 3080 but w e just can’t do with all upgrades etc so I wa hoping this is close enough. He is into gaming yes but also he works a lot of projects around animation and design too so am happy to get something that will perform well both ways if that makes sense.

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        Maybe just to clarify then, is a laptop really essential, and if so, does it need to be a portable laptop or is it largely just moving within the home between desk/dining room/etc. Basically a gaming laptop is a no-go if he is planning to use it at school/college.

        From memory reading the reviews, the differences between RTX 3060 and up in laptop form is not significant (relative to price point), but there's also the opportunity to buy some of those easy to upgrade components (ie. RAM and SSD) yourself for much cheaper and install them if the laptop allows upgradability. I haven't researched the specific model you called out but most gaming laptops (which are not thin and lights) usually do have some degree of upgradability with just a Philips head screwdriver. Did your son call out why he wants a 3080 in a laptop?

        • Thank you, appreciate the reply. he doesn’t attend uni or anything like that so mostly from home, small space. He didn’t really specify why or I have forgotten possibly but I just remember it was the m7 range if infinity and with all the bells and whistles. At that point I guess it was a -if money was no barrier kind of question.

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            @penthius: If money was no barrier, I still wouldn't be buying this brand of laptop. Others probably will have a different view to me on this but unlike a desktop PC where if an individual component has issues, even if warranty support was lacking, you can still fix things/replace individual parts and you're not locked in.

            With a laptop, even a white labelled generic chassis model, it's significantly harder for you to do this and you have lost the CPU/GPU upgradeability too. Googling "Infinity M7" shows that it's generally specialist computer stores like Scorptec and Mwave which carry this laptop - and these types of stores aren't well known for how they deal with support/warranty issues, and it's hard to say who or what you might have to deal with if something goes wrong and you aren't really going to be easily able to fix things or replace individual parts yourself, potentially being without a laptop whilst it's shipped around the place.

            TL;DR there's better value out there from both the perspective of buying from a trusted brand with warranty/support and reliability, as well as performance/features, especially in the $3.5k price range.

            • @jace88: Thanks jace88 I really appreciate you taking this time to reply. I am worried about the potential issues you mention and may need to rethink this and have a discussion with him because it’s so much money I don’t want to be stuffed around either. I might be able to sway him if he can see a desktop hands on maybe - definitely considering it now and hat may help. I have some time I just wanted as much advice I could get my hands on so thank you 🙏

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                @penthius: All good. Others may have different sentiments to me so feel free to take their opinions on board… but as someone who has had technology break down on me, especially a computer, it is frustrating to deal with the support aspect and even more frustrating to feel like you've just spent $x amount of money and up the creek without a padle when it doesn't deliver.

                Try to search Whirlpool/OzBargain threads for how people have found support on various laptops. It's not uncommon for example to be required to bring a laptop to the designated service/repair centre which only opens during business hours (ie. you may need to take time off work to drive to some place in an industrial park potentially far away) and then you're out of a laptop whilst it's being fixed. Alternatively you may need to take it back to the retailer and have to again, take significant time to deal with it (hence my comment that specialist computer stores in general aren't usually known for providing consistently positive customer experiences in this regard).

                I think Apple has spoilt me though in terms of expectations around being able to just bring it into a store and walk out with it fixed or a replacement same day…. but at least Dell/Alienware has on-site next business day support which I appreciated when they came out to fix it at my home (pre COVID) instead of me having to bring it in to their service centre.

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