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[eBay Plus, Refurb] Lenovo M900 Tiny with i5 6400t 2.20GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 $245.65 Delivered @ BNEACTTRADER eBay



Seems like our products have been painted with the eBay plus promo brush so I've dropped the price on these units again.

Intel i5 6400t 2.20Ghz
8Gb Ram
128Gb SSD 2.5"
Windows 10 Pro

Units can be upgraded to 16Gb Ram for $58.65 prior to dispatch just make sure you purchase the bellow upgrade at the same time


Original Coupon Deal

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  • Is this using DP or HDMI to connect to a monitor?

    • "Connectivity: DisplayPort"

  • Features: Blu-ray Player

    How did they fit it in that case ?

    • +2

      By osmosis.

    • Daemon's Tool.

  • +1

    Seems like a decent Plex server.

  • Can I put Windows XP on this instead?

    No VM though, like, I want a legit small 3D Space Cadet Pinball box.

    • I can't see why not, you may have a bit of muck around with drivers though.

  • Wouldn't be too bad for local network playback on a device with decent native decoding. It's got an early quick sync ready iGPU which will handle some relatively fast transcoding of some older formats, but anything above the first gen HEVC will be pretty miserable to transcode on the fly.

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    My wife is looking for a little desktop PC to do some light office work as her Microsoft Surface doesn't seem to be cutting it with multiple larger excel spreadsheets open.

    Would this be a suitable buy?

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    • +3

      Yep, you might want to up the RAM to 16GB though. It'll be cheaper than $58.65 to DIY.

      • +2

        Up the ram and you'll be laughing.
        My old man has one as his office PC. Does a fine job as a daily driver.

  • Good buy for general usage, and pretty upgradable (RAM/SSD at least). Just remember there's no support for Windows 11.

    • Maybe not. However since the iso came out, we are yet to run into a machine that won't install windows 11. This includes machine with TPM 1.2 and 6th gen and lower CPUs. It's most likely that it will work fine but some advanced security features may not work.

      It was the same story when 10 came out.

      • Whether or not you can make it work, it's not officially supported and hence "there's no support for Windows 11".

  • +1

    Any chance of this coming back?

    • sorry mate, havn't seen anymore of those in volumes.

    • Any reason why you want that older CPU model?

      • +3

        Because it's significantly faster?

        Age isn't everything. It's also got 2x the ram and 2x the storage for just $9 more.

        • This one is a Tiny, wayy smaller thank the old 4770.

        • +1

          And 84 W vs 35 W.

          • +1

            @bargainparker: Peak? Not really an issue for a desktop. Idle power is a small fraction of that.

            • @bargaino: It all depends on your intended use. For just browsing the net and office stuff, less is better. With an SSD in there you won't notice difference.

  • Hi- is there anything else that better than this? i dont mind if its 100$ more, if it is signifcantly better. I am just trying to avoid buying a new desktop just for plex and data copying purposes.

  • Is there a version with a non-T CPU?
    Looking for a solid Blue Iris server

    • +2

      Not on USFFs, USFF only uses upto 35W "T" CPUs.

  • Silly question… And yes I did look at the specs!

    Do all PC's these days, (well does this one specifically), come standard with bluetooth so can add wireless peripherals? Ie a wireless keyboard, mouse and speakers?? Thanks :)

    • many of these mini / micro desktop for work does not come with wifi and bluetooth

    • Says in the eBay spec it has Ethernet + Wifi (Basic USB 2.4Ghz 300Mbs). You may want to confirm it with OP.

    • It's an option for these, you'd have to follow up with the seller. At worst you're looking at $15-$20 for an add-on card (small M2-style card)

  • This can play Robolox and Minecraft 60fps out of the box.

    Good for kids.

  • I'm guessing this thing can't do 4k60hz HDR?

  • will this be OK running indesign and photoshop?

    • -1

      You need a GPU with 2gb vram at the minimum.

    • Photoshop runs fine on integrated graphics. I've never used InDesign.

  • A great ESXI 7.02 capable host machine.
    1. Install and run ESXI 7.02 out of the box; easiest way to paly VMware.
    2. 32 G (16*2) ram maximum;
    3. Support 1Gb NIC RJ 45 (original) and 1 more 1Gb USB NIC (TP-link etc., using fling VIB);
    4. 1 SATA and 1 M2 (SATA type, NOT NVME) storage (for VSAN).
    5. Running 24/7 with power comsumption <25-30w or less (if you remove wifi-card etc.,)
    6. Smallest foortprint and (almost) no noise

    1. only 32 G ram max;
    2. No NVME support;
    3. Too expensive to upgrade from i5-6400T (4 core , NO HT) to i7-6700T (4 core , 8 threads).

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