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AmEx Statement Credits: Spend $450 Get $450 Back @ The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card


Had this offer pop up on my Qantas Ultimate card - I first thought it was the yearly travel credit however it appears to be different as it can be booked directly via Qantas and my travel credit has a different expiry date. Assuming targeted.

This statement credit offer appears to replace the existing travel credit offer if it's due to expire this year

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    Same card and not available for me :(

    • Ditto.

    • Same 😫

    • Might be worth checking again - I didn't have it when it was posted, but see it this morning?

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    I recieved this last year. I just used mine at Qants Store and bought myself Bose Q35 headphones and Jabra 65t earbuds.

  • Targeted

  • Targeted :(

  • not on all my 3 cards

  • Not on mine :((((

  • Wow……………

  • +1

    I think this is a replacement for the yearly credit as it has been hard to book anything.

    • +1

      They did this last year as a once off I think. My travel credit is still visible in the Amex travel portal but that needs to be booked direct via Amex.

    • I wonder if I can request this from AMEX - the yearly credit sitting there in the amex travel portal is starting to stress me out because I want to do something but it's hard to plan

      • I tried on another card recently. No dice :(

  • Off topic but can anyone please advise which Amex card is the best for personal use - is there a link to a forum post or info which provides best overview and comparison for credit cards, especially Amex. I see so many offers pop up from time to time re Amex offers - about to cancel my current ANZ rewards platinum after churning points on that.

    • Generally platinum edge, explorer, or the qantas ultimate. Depends on how much you fly, and who you usually go with

  • I have qantas ultimate and it's not in my offers…

    • I have Qantas ultimate and got this deal!

  • Include Qantas insurance?

    • Excluded I think. "Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend online at Qantas, Qantas Hotels, Qantas Rewards or Qantas Wine by 31/12/2021 to receive your purchase amounts back as a credit, up to $450 credit per Card. Exclusions apply."

  • I got motley fool. Spend $99 receive $99 back…

    Should I or shan’t I 🤔

    • +9

      If you have any thinking power left then don't ….

      • +3

        Hahahah…main reason i posted this comment cos I wanted some laughs :D

    • I have the same offer, unsure as well haha

    • +1

      I wouldn't do it. I have a massive portfolio, and I certainly wouldn't use them to analyse the market.

    • +2

      I did this and all I got was spam. Imagine an informercial-style email in your inbox everyday. Annoying!

      I only got it because cashrewards were doing $70 cashback on top, but they've since pulled that deal

  • Not on mine either :( got excited there

  • Bummer not getting targeted these days

  • None

  • +3

    Strike me down, this is a great deal. Pity I’m a MR kinda guy.

  • Negatory

  • This is definitely a targeted deal. Not showing up on my 2 Amex cards.

  • would have been nice :(

  • +9

    Out of curiosity - did anyone else get this apart from OP?

    • Nope

    • I'm not sure what's their criteria this time but I got this. My details below:

      • Applied Amex Qantas Ultimate less than a year ago.
      • promotion when I signed up was 100k points, no status credit, no cashback (not as good as the 120k deal with 120SC or the 110k deal with $200 back)
      • been using the card often, not inactive
      • have my $450 Qantas travel credit but have not used it (not sure how to use with this environment..)

      Might be targeted based on your sign up promotion? The two recent promotions coupled with 120SC or $200 back was a new thing..

  • Phenomenal offer. I didn't recieve it. Closest bargain was 99 credit for 99 spend at Motley Fool.

    • +2

      The best offer in my list is:

      Spend $10 or more, 3 times, get $20 back (using Google/Apple Pay).

      I will definitely use that for everyday shopping.

  • No dice here too! :(

  • got the same card, nothing for me:(

  • -1

    I got no offers ATM 😔

    • Ouch, I have 26 available.

      • Any worth actually using tho?

  • Didn't get it either :(

  • +5

    Thanks for posting OP - prompted me to check and chase up my credit for this year.

    Just spoke to Amex regarding my Amex explorer expiring Travel credit for this year.
    They said that they're coming up with something for people with unused credit and to keep an eye out on offers / emails.

    Sorry for the vagueness, but that's what I got.

    Fingers crossed its something similar to this offer.

    • +1

      Yep - exactly the response I got.

    • +1

      I think I may know what they're coming up with… But I could be wrong…
      I spoke to them a few days ago to cancel a flight that I had booked through them. Then enquired if there was any way of using that plus my new credit that will be applied next month together for one booking in the future.. their response was that they've only just started doing this but apparently you can combine up to three unused travel credits for a booking. BUT because the systems aren't built for it (yet), you would have to book using one credit, then pay the remaining with credit card or points, then ring them up.. upon which they'll reimburse you for the amount of any other travel credits you may have unused- then of course cancel those travel credits. Sounds like a good enough arrangement to be honest.

  • Not on my plat charge or plat edge credit or supplementary cards.

  • Didnt see any though, but thanks for posting it :)

  • -1

    itsn't this a published annual benefit for the Amex QF cards anyway?

  • This is the annual travel credit not a cash back offer. This is for users that have unused travel credit expiring 01/06 to 31/12

    • Wouldn't they remove the travel credit from the American Express portal in that case? I haven't received any communication from American Express to say this offer replaces that one.

    • Don’t think so, mine expires in a weeks time and I didn’t get this offer

  • I forgot to spend my $450. It has disappeared :(

    • Always buy something.. then you can cancel straight away. The new credit will be for an extra year that way.

      • How does that work? I thought once cancelled, the $450 gets forfeited.

        • I think how it works is if you book a flight using your AMEX travel credit, once you cancel it Qantas will give you a separate credit to book another flight later (they won't refund it). Usually this new credit would expire in 12 months or something but maybe longer now with Covid etc…

          Back before Covid started I booked a flight with my AMEX travel credit and had to cancel once Covid hit. I still have a separate credit with Qantas that needs to be used along with my new AMEX travel credit for this year.

          EDIT: The FAQ on the AMEX travel website seems to contradict what I'm saying so I'm not 100% what I said is true anymore…..

        • I have had a couple of calls with AMEX travel team on this - their advice is always book something (you could book up to 16 months in advance) given you will forfeit your travel credits once gone past expiry.

          In the event of cancellation and change of mind later on, it depends on the situation itself.

          • Cancellation by Qantas / Government - most likely the credit would be refunded into your AMEX account as credit off your usual monthly spend
          • Change of mind by yourself - given the flexible policy by Qantas right now, it would be given back as Qantas credit which you can use to spend on other flights with no change fee but you pay the fare difference.

          This was a few weeks back so could have changed.

      • That's what I did last year. But this year with the lockdown and other matters I forgot to do it. I spoke to them and they said it has been forfeited and can't be retrieved.

  • Anyone used their flight credit and get this offer?

    I used my flight credit and haven’t received this offer.

    Great offer if you get both - by itself it’s great as well

    • I used the credit for this year for flight like a few weeks ago before the Gov announced border reopening anticipating that the price would go up. Just checked and received this offer. Also have the travel credit for next year expiring Sep-22.

      I'm not sure if using the cashback would essentially replace my travel credit for next year though.

      EDIT - just checked my partner's one. We booked for the same flight together back then, only difference is her AMEX anniversary is next April so she has no credit on AMEX travel portal and she didn't receive this cashback offer too. Maybe others can help to verify that you will only receive this offer if you have travel credit available on AMEX travel portal.

  • I used mine on wine last year. Not sure if they're allowing that this time around.

  • +1

    I have a qantas Amex and got the offer. The annual fee for this card is 450, so basically just not charging you the fee for the year.

    Thanks OP!

  • +4

    I didn't have this yesterday, but just checked and it's now showing up. Awesome stuff amex

    • +2

      Same here, showing up now.

    • What are people spending it on? I see a post that it's 20% Bose on Qantas store…hmmm

      Edit: I bought the QC45's - a bit nervous now as I have not yet received the amex cashback notification!

  • I got this offer on my Qantas card, and also got spend $200 get $200 back at Harvey Norman offer on the platinum edge card. I guess this is a compensation for not using the Amex travel credit.

  • +1

    I don't see this offer on my portal….credit expires in Feb next year :(

  • Most gov payment processors only take 2 brands. Must be a reason!

  • +1

    Offer didn't appear yesterday but now appears for me. Travel credit still appears as well after saving offer.

  • +2

    Just got an email on this from AMEX;

    We are providing you with more ways to redeem your 2021 $450 Qantas Travel Credit

    With the current uncertainty around travel for many of our Card Members, we have enhanced how you can use your Travel Credit this year.

    As well as being able to use your Travel Credit to book Qantas Flights online via qantas.com you can now also use it to shop online at Qantas Wine, Qantas Hotels and the Qantas Rewards Store until 31st December 2021.*

    To take advantage of the flexibility of this updated benefit, simply click the button below and save to your eligible Card. Once you've saved this to your Card, a credit of up to $450 will be automatically applied when you spend up to $450 in one or more transactions with your Card ending 21002 for Qantas Flights, at Qantas Wine, Qantas Hotels and the Qantas Rewards Store on or before 31st December 2021. You’ll collect a statement credit for each purchase you make, until you reach $450. Exclusions apply.*

    Eligible Card Members must have an unused American Express Qantas Travel Credit with an expiry of 1 July 2021 - 31 December 2021.

    Pretty weird given I've just used up my credit for this year but next one is expiring Sep-22 as I've just entered my new anniversary year.

    • +1

      My travel credit has disappeared from the Amex travel portal overnight so this offer definitely seems to replace the existing credit. I'll update the description.

      • Exactly the same here. I guess we don't get a choice this year

        • To be fair, I prefer this offer. You can book directly via Qantas so don't have the hassle of needing to speak to Amex if you need to make changes. Probably easy to cancel flights and get a credit too.

          • @Capensis: Agree and also the extended expiry date is handy

          • @Capensis: Also can do a reward points booking in the same transaction I imagine

          • @Capensis: So the question on my mind, how is it that some people supposedly have the amex travel credit and the $450 offer? Surely not, right

  • Eligible Card Members must have an unused American Express Qantas Travel Credit with an expiry of 1 July 2021 - 31 December 2021.

    Ok I guess this is why I wasn't targeted, mine expires shortly after this date. I'd prefer this offer tbh

  • Got this on my Amex Qantas Platinum

    What is a good use of $450 on the qantas store? (not interested in redeeming or wine, or hotels). Can't plan flights due to inter-state border quibbles and I intend to cancel the card in November before the annual fee bites.

    • Wondering about this as well. They have a few brands on sale at the moment so better value to get those, but struggling to find stuff I actually need.

  • Got it :)

  • +1

    i should have read this post and used the $450 travel credit before activating offer now ive lost it. oh well i should get another $450 credit in nov then ill use both and downgrade card as annual fee will be due.

    • Is there actually anyone who successfully double dipped?

      • I just checked.
        I have now received $450 credit for spending on the qantas store. Now when I check out my travel credit details, it says i have $450 which expires in July next year.
        I haven't tried to process a flight to see if it goes through, but im surprised im still seeing $450 travel credit when others have immediately said its gone when they accept the offer?

        • I think the 450 cash back offer was for travel credit expiring in 2021. So maybe your 2021 credit got converted to the cash back offer and the travel credit you still see is your 2022 travel credit. Does that sound likely?

  • Does anyone know if Qantas travel vouchers would be covered? I'm not expecting to renew my amex, there hasn't been much value out of this year so i'm hoping to purchase a qantas voucher to extend the expiry. Thoughts?

    It looks like they are sold through qantas.com

  • how about qantas hotels anybody?

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