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DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo $1585 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Haven't seen this on sale for a while
RRP: $1899.00

Up Your Content: Capture impressive 48MP photos with a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor while the 3-axis gimbal lets you create extra smooth 4K/60fps video
Up Your Flight: The impressive battery life of up to 34 minutes allows you to pull off epic while the obstacle avoidance system uses forward, backward, and downward sensors for improved safety
Up Your Tracking: Spotlight 2.0 keeps the camera locked on a subject while you fly freely, ActiveTrack 3.0 allows the Mavic Air 2 drone keep subjects in the center of the frame
App Compatibility: DJI Fly App requires iOS v10.0, Android v6.0 or above
What you get: Aircraft, RC, 3xBattery, 6xPropellers (Pair), RC Cables, Gimbal Protector, Battery and Charging Hub, Battery to Power Bank Adaptor, Shoulder Bag, ND Filters Set, Manuals, AC and Type-C Cable

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    Air 2S can be had for less than $200 more, it’s a muuuuuuuch better drone

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      In what way is it better? It has a better camera & the upward sensing + MasterShots but a lot of people won't notice too much of a difference. Definitely a better drone, but would want to wait for the 2S to drop in price I think. I absolutely love my Mavic Air 2. Was able to get some amazing shots yesterday on it!

      • +1

        Guess it's down to how much you value the extra features. Personally, I'd stump up the extra $200 for the S, but in reality I'm not actually stumping up for either.

        • Thats a fair call! I guess some people don't mind not having those additional features & would rather save the $$$ but others need to have it. Depending on how they use the drone :)

    • Yes, 1-inch sensor on a drone makes all the difference. DJI is coming with their 3rd gen Mini and Air refresh VERY soon too

      • +1

        Source on the 3rd Gen mini? I thought the mini 2 came out earlier this year. I’ve heard the Mavic 3 is coming out soon but haven’t seen anything on the Mini 3. Genuinely interested as I’m close to pulling the trigger on the 2.

        • The Mini 2 came out late-2020, one year after the Original Mavic Mini. If that keeps up, we should see the Mini 3 late this year. The SE was announced and released part way through this year though, which may throw those timeframes out. I'm yet to see anything concrete on a Mini 3.

  • +4

    The air 2 is absolutely inferior to the air 2S. Really bad deal…

    • I'm waiting on 2S prices to drop, I spoke with CASA and was trying to find out whether you need to be certified to have your own footage uploaded to YouTube, woman was hell confusing.
      Said you take a test, which I did and passed 100%, I mean are they for real?
      So I had an old Phantom 1 but back then they wanted you to sit a 10K test to get a license, all I wanted to know was can I use my own drone footage for online purposes.
      So many grey areas it put me off buying another drone.

      Just want best image and so cool aerials.

      • +1

        I thought the dividing line was getting paid. If you've monetised YouTube, then I guess you'd fall on the wrong side of that.

        • It wasn't for monetization, when I explained it was visuals for my original music, with intent to sell music, that's the grey area.
          I wanted a specific answer, something I never got.
          If your drone footage can increase your subscription, they see that as an economic benefit. Then they go on to tell me the below 2.5 KG drone blah blah blah. So CASA themselves couldn't give e an exacting answer.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser409314: I'd run with calling it recreational myself, and I wouldn't want to be taking it to court if I was CASA given the way the rules are written. Not that you would want to fork out for a solicitor to write letters to them for you…but I'd be very surprised if they wanted to pursue you over it.

            Maybe if music is your primary income, you should think about it more seriously.

            I used to play in a covers band. We charged for our gigs, but ultimately none of us made anything out of it, and we were within rights to call it a hobby (by the time you claim on equipment and other costs, it's not really a good income earner unless you're working hard). Had I been taking some drone footage for the band YouTube channel, I would still consider it recreational use. It would be drawing a long bow to categorise that as "Flying for business or as a part of my job". The ATO would certainly see it as neither.

            Under 2.5kg, my call would be, go have fun and share your awesome footage. You've done the accreditation, so you should be covered anyway right?

            • +1

              @Banj0: No not the license but the test, the simple simple test they ask you to do online.
              I haven't purchased another drone just yet because my intention was to have all original content.
              That's where that grey line appears again, I wouldn't be making money off it but the intention was as a scope to produce music videos as a way to reach a possible user base.
              I was studying last year at RMIT but Covid got in the way, I have had to cease altogether so with time off I want to keep busy.
              I have another synths now to be able to do what I want, but the visuals are the killer here.
              I generally just use movies and edit them, some get copyright strikes where they cannot be monetized, which is fair enough, some don't get strikes so there's that.
              I want 100% control of my works, that's why the drone seems more appropriate with the music i make, it can be ambient type driven by analog synths.
              You can see why drone footage is appealing but CASA makes it so hard.

              30 meters from people, fine, what else? no night flying, yes I get it, oh wait you don't want me to make money from a camera in the air? Gotcha.

              Thanks for your input, I am sitting on the fence, I love flying, have had a few drones, mostly toys but invested in a gimbal for my GoPro, I understand what it takes to fly etc etc.
              Had a few prangs which taught me a little more about how quickly these can become serious issues.

              I am a methodical flyer, I am a pincher so have that precise control, new ones pretty much fly themselves so I do want, just would be a PITA to find out that I have a fine in the mail purely from a misunderstanding.

              Once again, thx for your input.

  • Next month DJI is releasing the Mavic pro 3 which is a killer pro drone and I’m betting you’ll see the DJI Air 2S drop in price and the Air 2 will be discontinued soon. Also, I’m always puzzled why people focus so much on the buy price of an item rather than the resale value 1-2-3 years down the line, what I’m getting at is you might buy the Air 2 instead of the Air 2S today and initially “save” $300 but then in 2 years you’ll be able to get $600 less for the air 2 as opposed to the Air 2S. It turns out that if you buy the better drone today you’ll actually save $300 after you sell it and have used the much better drone for that time…

    • people seem to resell their drones at insane prices, i still see sparks with their puny fly time go (yes sell) for $600

      • Don't underestimate Spark's "puny" fly times. There's a good 10 minutes of flight and realistically if you are doing photos and some short films, it lets you do at least 3-4 short flights to get the pics for one battery.

  • are people still interested in flying drones? i hardly see any these days at the aeroclub near my place people seem to have gone back to planes.

    i'd aslo rather the air2s over this just because of all the features which i never use

    • +1

      There's really not much fun into flying dji drones. They're mainly used for photography, I'm not surprised quad aficionados aren't flying them over something that can do acro.

    • Still have my old Phantom 3 Advanced from a few years ago. Been to a number of places to fly and film the scenery, but with increased restriction and banning of drones in most places in Sydney and around, there is just no other places I can fly it anymore. Now just sitting gathering dust. So no point of me buying any new drones in the foreseeing future.

      • are the rules really enforced? i must admit i fly in club areas or in the country - but usually the photography aspect would be pointless

        • The park rangers certainly do. I flew once in a quiet part of Sydney Olympic Park a few years ago, a park ranger stopped me. He commented it is illegal to fly anyway in the whole park area and he wondered what is the point of the shops selling these drones because he thought so many places aren't allowing drones. At that time I thought his comment was a bit silly, but now I am believing him with so many restriction and rules, I am starting to see his point of waste of money for a lot of people buying a drone now, unless you are really dedicated to travel out of Sydney and far to fly them, or you have a large private property to fly them.

    • An aeroclub isn't really the forum for drones. Photography drones (like DJI) would best be used somewhere that the operator wants to capture footage of. FPV drones have their own racing clubs, and freestyle FPV is typically done in 'interesting' locations for the extra appeal.

      • i didnt want any problems and i dont like the attention in public spaces. we've installed hoops and crap to fly but its a little tiring flying around in circles in the same spot.
        even just flying a tello in vacant land for the kids got dirty looks from neighbours so people dont seem to like it in general

        edfoo's comments do convince me not to spend more with photography drones (and they are all serious now, no bizarre form factors or features), i can understand in national parks they are worried about fires, littering

  • Tempting - but Black Friday isn't too far away. I'll pull the trigger for the Air 2S Flymore pack at this price..

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