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Gigabyte H510M H LGA 1200 Micro-ATX Motherboard $49 + Shipping at Skycomp


Not very familiar with current pc parts anymore but this looks like a decent deal.
also on sale is this board:
Gigabyte H510M DS2V Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard

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  • Bought this board last month for $99 paired with a i3-10105
    Shipping is about $15, DSV2 is same but DVI instead of HDMI.

    • Nice. I take the board doesn't support Windows 11 without a TPM header chip?

      • 1 x Trusted Platform Module header (For the GC-TPM2.0 SPI/GC-TPM2.0 SPI 2.0 module only)

        no module at all???

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        Every Intel chip since Skylake has TPM built in, it doesn't matter.

    • Where did you pick up that $99 combo from?
      I am on the hunt for something similar

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    Cheapest shipping $23. You need to consider that and revise the title Shipping + Delivery ($23).

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      Pick up center address:


      scamming delivery basically

    • It looks like shipping is calculated based on location, it's showing $15 to my postcode in sydney

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    Got to love the effort and buzz they put into motherboard descriptions and pictures to make it look like it's way better than last month's motherboard release.
    This month's MB has….
    Smart Fan 6 with unique cooling features!
    High speed Gigabit LAN with automatic bandwidth allocation!

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      wait - automatic bandwidth allocation!
      Thats amazing - so sick of allocating bandwith manually. :-p

  • Sadly shipping costs pretty much eat up most of the savings.

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    Thanks bought 5, shipping is high at $30 something, good pairing with the 10105F.

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    Shows $69?

    • Yep does for me too..

    • Looks like they changed the price, the other board which is also 1200 socket is still at $49

  • looking for components for GPU mining, is Gigabyte H510M anygood to build mining rig ? I am new in this mining space.

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      You prob should go for something like Z390 D/UD has 6 slots for gpus and cheap CPUs to go with, most of it is discontinued. The H510 here only has 2 slots and the other one has 3 slots.

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