Kogan's Website Enables Bait and Switch

This is a bit of a vent and a bit of cautionary tale for those shopping on Kogan's website.

I needed a 100w usb-c cable because all of my usb-c cables are only 60w

I saw user bdkforever's comment on a 100w usb-c cable, I thought it was a pretty decent price for a 100w cable.

Link to the product page

I bought it and when it arrived, it was 60w instead of 100w.

I brought it up with Kogan's support. They told me I didn't buy it from that product page, but from here

Their suggestion was that I pay return postage for a refund

I retraced my steps, and noticed it wasn't the same page I bought it from. Upon searching the product, I could only find the initial link. The product page that Kogan said I bought it from, doesn't come up during the search at all.

So I added the product I bought it from, then noticed the icon and description changes in cart… I haven't tried it again, but presumably when you checkout with it the link also changes.

I know for certain I didn't buy it from the page they told me I bought it from, because you can't even search for it on their website.


Sorry, it's a bit disorganised because I'm not very sophisticated and in a bit of a hurry.

TLDR: Don't doubt yourself if you thought you bought something else, Kogan's website can switch out the product page you bought it from.

Makes me appreciate how eBay handles product pages a lot more.

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    We know. Kogan is awful. Stop supporting them.

    Dodgy company that's known to have grey market products, has poor customer support (if any response at all) and has poor practises like pricejacking for sales and profiteering during pandemic. Not to mention being sued/fined several times and labelled as shonky by Choice. Take your business elsewhere.

  • … a bit of cautionary tale for those shopping on Kogan's website.

    I think we've got a shitload of those already.

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    I was going to say that newbies keep adding to these tales, but then I realised you're no newbie! lol!

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      Sometimes it's easier to learn the lesson first hand =\

      It's also to document it, in case anyone here has even the slightest doubt that they actually bought something else

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        Sometimes it's easier to learn the lesson first hand =\

        hahaha I've avoided them completely, even if it means I have to pay more somewhere else.

      • Sometimes it's easier to learn the lesson first hand =\

        Easier = More Painful.

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          My grandma said: "If you don't want to hear, you will have to feel"
          As in, if you don't listen to good suggestions, you are going to feel the pain later.

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    Report it to ACCC, Kogan hates these guys.

  • Stop.SUpporting.Kogan.

    • Yeap leave Kogan to me .
      I don't get why waste anytime for what a $4 item .
      `^ ing wear it !

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        It is definitely time I'd rather not waste, but giving them a free pass IMO is worse

  • I have 2 dodgy experiences with them

    • bought an electronic item from them and they sent a similar but lower specced product.
    • another electronic item that clearly wasn't new- had been badly repacked

    Both times I contacted support and they refunded my money and said keep it.
    So it worked out OK but I suspect a lot of people wouldn't have noticed as the differences was slight

    Never again though

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    I saw Kogan on QandA once and he really put me off using his business afterwards. He didn't have time or care for anything else other than making sure he makes money.

    I've had my own run-ins with their customer support after a portable air con stopped doing the one thing it was designed to do and was left with a very expensive fan.

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    Hahaha, their customer service got back to me.

    They're still asking me to pay for return postage, and as a "gesture of goodwill" they will credit my account 10 kogan dollars when I've done that.

    They can go [email protected]# themselves 😂

  • I've had great support from kogan. Our tv was glitching and I thought reflashing the bios would fix it. Emailed them and they got straight back to me with a flash file and instructions that worked. A couple of years later it did the same and I thought I lost the file, so emailed them again and they sent the same file over. TV must be 12 years old now, so pretty good for a full HD 55" lcd for $750. No issues with any other products. They are damn cheap so no wonder support might not be perfect

  • Kogan is like ebay back in 1990 or whenever it started.
    Dodgy as hell, sellers are dodgy too. Had to go fair trading for a few things that didn't match specs. Just search the net for kogan stories.

  • I saw in the news that Kogan's salary went from $594,000 last year to just under $9m this year. Crazy stuff. All that home shopping caused by the lockdowns.

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