[Pre Order] Kogan Gas Spring Single Monitor Mount $32.99 + $8.99 Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Kogan Full Motion Monitor for $32.99, this is the cheapest gas spring arm I have ever come across, only deal breaker is this is a pre-order and will be shipped around 10-Dec

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  • "Supports screen sizes between 17" and 32"
    "Weight Capacity Up to 9kg"

    No good for my 34" screen, but thanks for posting!

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      You should be aiite aslong as the weight of your monitor is < 9kg. The size itself doesn't make too much of an impact.

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        Good point, mine is 7kg. It probably just means it wouldn't rotate/swivel into portrait (which is fine by me)

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          Yup, Swivel into Portrait might be an issue but if you don't need it it should be aiite.

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    These have good reviews and not a preorder, and not from Kogan.


    • I mean it's a gas spring arm so being Kogan shouldn't matter, unlike Kogan TV and stuff.

      this is $44 right now, although it is also cheap, but $33 is a steal if you don't need it urgently like me.

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    Looks like a knock-off of the North Bayou F80, which is often here for less, and currently $44 delivered on Amazon.

    What is the advantage of Kogan?


    • being $33 if you don't mind waiting?

      • Why wait for a knock-off, when you can get the original now for $2 more shipped?

        • just join for trial and you can buy for $33, saving 11. if you buy two, whooping $22 in saving

          • @ChiMot: Kogan must be starting to get suspicious at how many people live at this address.

        • I guess this is another attempt to lure people sign up with Kogan First and forgot to cancel it.

          • @OMGJL: revolut is amazing for this purposes

  • hmm tempted to replace my dual with this two singles.. …

  • Been using the white version of this for about 4 months to hold up a 32" Samsung UJ590 monitor with no issues.

    Works as described. That wait time is a bit of a bummer though.

    • yea, wait time is just shy of 2 months

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