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Free Pawfie (Pet Selfie Photo Tool) @ FurFresh


The Ultimate Pet Photography Tool Is Currently Free! (But Not For Long!) ⏱
Ever tried to take a nice IG story or post of your pet but never seemed to make it work?
They just wouldn't look at the camera wouldn't they?!
This problem's long gone now with our revolutionary 'PAWFIE'!
Our 'Pawfie' Is:
🐾 Compatible with virtually any phone
🐾 Made from food-grade silicone, easily washable
🐾 Easy to remove and repositioning
🐾 Fits most sized treats from small pieces to a whole fish!
And for a limited time…they are completely FREE (With Free Shipping Too!)
It's 'Furry' (Very) Easy:
⓵ Add the 'Pawfie' to your cart
⓶ Use code 'PAWFREE' at checkout
⓷ Don't forget to add any delicious treats
⓸ We will deliver it straight to your home
== Join The Freshest 'Furmily' Today ==

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  • +43

    oh god……..

    • +15

      I like how boomers completely lost their minds at the existence of selfie-sticks then became the primary market after about a month.

      • +2

        bought one! cheers!

      • +2

        We have 2 in the cupboard that we got as gifts. They have never been used.

  • +7

    Also works as a free shipping coupon

    Edit: I'm gonna use mine for fish food.

    • +9

      I'm gonna use mine just to see if I can actually attach a whole fish to my phone as per their claim.

    • +1

      It's spelt "Phish Food"

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    (But Not For Long!) ⏱


  • +13

    It's 'Furry' (Very) Easy:


  • +3


  • +6

    Stick some $50 note in there for a different type of photo…

    • +6

      Ya dads upped his price?

      • +13

        Yup, but still under cutting ya mum

  • Thanks!

  • +5

    Haha my photo would be a close up of my dog's mouth

  • +2

    Nice, gonna use it on my baby…

  • +2

    Not as messy as peanut butter - thanks OP.

  • +29

    You could just…hold the treat near your phone?

    • +6

      Get outta here with that logic!

    • +5

      LOL but why when could have your phone smelling like fish?

    • Khaby is that you?

  • +7

    I can get rubber bands from work for free. Sometimes also on my asparagus and broccolini purchases.

  • +1

    Omg already all over gumtree XD

    • where lol?

      • +1

        A quick Gumtree search reveals zero…

  • +5

    I get the existence of this very website is essentially an ode to capitalism, but Jesus Christ - if anyone out there was looking for a sign that maybe we need to stop…existing, I mean.

  • +3

    why can i order 50 lol

  • -2

    Ordered because free 🤷🏼

  • Thanks OP ordered!

  • Cheers!

  • +1

    Why are they feeding their dog a Mummy's penis?

  • +1

    Might work well as a finger ring phone holder. Ordered. Because, well its free.

  • +8

    Is it really a selfie? Or is it for taking a photo of the pet?

    • +7

      I hate that the word "selfie" is now used for any photo of anyone, regardless of who took the photo.

  • I'm surprised it hasn't been ozbargained yet

    • It’s also good marketing for them to get our details…probably worth more to sell our details down the track.

  • +3

    I just want to know which muppet would actually pay $14.95 for it. Geezus. Would be lucky to cost 5-10c to manufacture.

  • +1

    We have been buying from furfresh for a while - excellent quality treats

  • Would be cheaper to fold up a $10 note and stick it to the back of your phone than this.

  • This is also useful for saving money on gastroscopies.

  • Thanks OP, got 1 :)

  • +5

    Your Pawfie should be arriving in the next 4-6 weeks. That last statement was purposely vague, and apologies for that, but Australia Post seem to be using carrier pigeons as their preferred delivery method during COVID. Regular post is taking a looong time.
    Also, if you're one of the 3,500 OzBargain followers who put their paws up for a Pawfie over the weekend. Well, hello! You have certainly had us chasing our tails this week, but the great news is that we will be able to fulfil all of your orders (limited to 1 Pawfie per customer, as per those T&Cs).

    Good on them for admitting to being ozbargained.

  • Has anyone received theirs? If yes, is it any good?

  • I wonder if anyone actually receive this yet. It's been well over a month already.

    • I received mine 3 days ago- finally!!

      • it's meh, but guess free is free

      • Mine has probably gone missing with all the parcels. No sign of it.

  • Still haven’t got mine - just thought about it. Maybe they sold my data to someone lol

  • Comments reopened.

  • Just received it today.

    • me too.

    • +1

      Also did, more than three months, though happy to have receive it.

    • Same here

  • Received it a while ago… Also came with a free freeze dried sardine. Lol.

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