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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB AIO CPU Cooler $209.99 Delivered @ ARCTIC AU via Amazon AU


Best AIO according to Gamers Nexus now has RGB. Cheapest price so far I believe? $10 dear than non RGB version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Be aware the Arctic liquid freezer's rad is a bit thicker than a normal AIO. Check dimension before order/open package/fit it.

  • Are the A-RGB fans better than the regular PWM PST fans?

    • No,but they are prettier if thats your thing

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      They are all P12 fans. Performance will be the same

      • true

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        Actually, this isn't totally correct. The argb fans are slightly different to the original P12s, they have a circular blade around the fan. YouTube reviews have shown the fans also have a slightly different noise level as well, they have a more pleasant frequency and most would agree they're actually quieter :) on the other side, temps are about 1-2C warmer with the argb version though.

        Slight differences, but worth noting. I own this AIO.

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          The P12's have that 1000rpm hum, so this updated fan gets rid of that, I think thats a good thing.

        • I read this response in dwight's voice, you need to change your display picture.

  • Shame the cpu block isn't rgb too

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    I have the 280 and it's utterly amazing, such a good quality product.

    I would like to highlight that the rad itself is THICCC and you should definitely measure your clearances beforehand. It's much thicker than most AIO's.

  • $20 dearer and light equals heat.

    • Shhhh…

      • I guess I shouldn't mention the hotter something runs the more power it sucks.

    • Go and checkout YouTube reviews of this AIO, temps are actually very similar to the original Liquid Freezer II, only a couple of C difference in most benchmarks and the fans have a slightly more pleasant sound profile.

      • All good I have the non RGB version

        LEDs are pretty low powered so temp increases would be very minimal.

  • Keeps my 5600X frosty

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      What’s max temp

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    Have a looks at the EK 360 D-RGB AIO if you're looking at one of these, basically the same in terms or cooling performance and price, but much better looking pump housing (with rgb) and better looking braided sleeving imo. I run an EK 360 basic and can't fault the thing.

    • I'm also running an EK 360 Basic, performs great and looks great, no complaints here.

    • the arctic's P12 fans are quieter apparently, though.

    • Whats the warranty for those. Arctic is 6 years…

      • EK AIO warranty is 5 years.

        Curious if that Arctic warranty is retroactive, it was 2 years when I was looking at them.

  • Is this better than NZXT X73 or ROG LC360?

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      Yes, performance wise - but the Kraken looks so good!

  • Yes

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    5900x hits 60c max on mine. Buy it.

    • I ordered a Noctua NH-D15S for ~$100 (for my 5900x). Do you think I should cancel that and order this instead?

      • Depends on many factors mate.

        I had to get the Arctic because I needed a closed loop for sizing an itx case. Make sure you have clearances.

        • yeah I do have clearances

          What other factors should I consider? I just want cooling, don't care about noise or aesthetics

          • @Sopzo: Just to clarify. If your sure the three fan radiator will fit your case and you have clearance for graphics card etc. Then dive into getting it. Also check how to fit to your mobo, as mine was abit fiddly with Asus.

      • Either are good, my NH-D14 is not so great though. Hitting 90 degrees…

  • Can’t remember but are these refillable?

    • Pretty sure it's closed.

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