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$2 off (No Minimum Spend) for Completing Challenge @ Boost Juice via App


Open the Boost Juice App and scroll down to "View Challenges”. There are a couple of challenges from $1-$2.

When someone works out the answer from the post let us know and we can update the deal here - https://www.facebook.com/162078000507169/posts/4543186572396...

Voucher expires 7 days from completion of a challenge.

Edit: Thanks to Slo20 and Bappy, deal has been updated with the correct answer which is 256.

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  • Be aware to use the $1-$2 voucher you must order and pay for your boost via the app, simply scanning your digital vibe card at cashier won’t work.

    Ps answer is 256

  • 256 is the answer for this latest $2 off challenge

  • +1

    Wow 2 bucks off

  • Anyone know if its possible to use a gift card to pay with these discounts?

  • Can I get $2 off and pay it with ultimate eat card ?

  • Not sure when the deal expires but pretty sure you get a certain number of days on the voucher to redeem so make sure you don’t do it early unless you have the intention to redeem in the coming days.

    • Yep just stuffed up as the nearst store closed during lockdown and other store 2 far

  • Why thank-you Janine. What a discount on your already overpriced sugar drinks.

  • -2

    Wish that number is "456" - from Squid Game Winner - 2021.

  • Anything for just $2

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