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TP-Link RE605X AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender $129.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price ever on Amazon according to CamelCamelCamel

$199 at HN

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  • Tested the OneMesh with the MR600(cable mode). MR600 in the lounge room, AX1800 about 3 meters away and device in the bedrooms. Great speed upto about 5 meters away from the extender but drops dramatically once outside of this range. It could be the environment or the device is still connected to the MR600 and haven't handed over to the extender.

    • haven't handed over to the extender

      Doesn't that beat the entire purpose of having a "mesh"?

      • +1

        Some mesh are better at handing over between nodes. There are settings in most for the signal tolerance etc.

        • Any recommendations on these?

          Have a OneMesh compatible router. Was looking to get this to extend/form a mesh. From the comments it seems like it’s not the best?

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            @bindtactics12: All depends on what you are after and your environment. What is your set up at moment and is it a range or speed or device capacity issue? I am using the Asus AiMesh, works for my space and our needs. I picked up the RE605x cheap secondhand, look out for those and try it out with your existing router and see.

            • @Nomoneynotalk: It’s the range for me. But have a bit of iot stuff as well, which will essentially be running on the extender

              • @bindtactics12: If possible, having someone run a cable from your router to the middle of the next spot or at the far end of your network would be best.

                Either look for a secondhand one and try it out or get Officework to price match and test out the unit in your environment.

                Option 3: look for a full mesh system.

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    these tplink clunkers might work for basic usage but cause a lot of issues if you're not aware.

    E.g. they proxy the mac address of anything connecting to them so forget about mac address or ip address filtering/static usage. They interfere with directed broadcast and multicast. e.g. if you have iot things they may cause issues during configuration/usage.

    Beware! :-)

    • +1

      Oh yeah not to mention when they fail/break and cause a broadcast storm, or when they pull every single IP available in your DHCP pool, allowing nothing else to connect.

      Any competent IT person will tell you they're nothing but a waste of money at best and an actual detriment to your network at worst.

  • We use AiMesh, its great.

  • +2

    Consider getting a mesh network before getting a extender.

    • Yep. They've included the word "mesh" in the description but I'm not convinced. Similar to how every benchtop oven is now an "air fryer"

      • +3

        This device is actually compatible with TP-Links OneMesh system which is a way of meshing a TP-link router and Range extender together. That said it does not support ethernet wired backhaul and only has limited antennas so will have pretty bad performance. The TP-Link Deco series is what you need if you're doing mesh with ethernet backhaul.

    • +1

      Tried an expensive wireless mesh setup (without wired backhaul due to the layout of the place) and was so underwhelmed I returned it. Not saying it didn't work, but the speeds were worse than what I was getting connecting wirelessly to the vanilla router.

      In the end, I bit the bullet and spent the money on wired ethernet as the only bullet proof solution.

      Not saying don't try mesh without wired backhaul, just don't expect uniform speed relayed throughout your house, which is the conclusion you'd reach if you believed the hype.

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    2011 called. They want their range extender back. 5 years working helpdesk at an ISP I never heard a single success story of anyone using these plug in air freshener type extenders.

    • +3

      Well, people don't typically call to say "Hey, my internet is working fine, thanks!"

      • +1

        Soo true. Most calls would usually start with my internet isn't working, dropping out or slow. Then whilst establishing their setup they'd make mention of this "extender". Unplug the extender. Power cycle everything else and move closer to the router. Working fine. You're welcome have a nice day BYEEEEEEEE.

  • good deal but useless for me as don't have a onemesh router and this model doesn't support one mesh and ethernet backhaul at the same time.

  • As others have said

    1> Ethernet
    2> Wired Access Points
    3> Mesh Systems
    4> Powerline Ethernet/WAP
    99> Range Extenders

    Customers pick these things up at stores or on-line then call me with issues. Don't get me wrong I always try to help first but usually it ends up with them returning the damn thing.

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