This was posted 9 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$20 off $30 Spend + Free Shipping @ JAG (e.g. Relaxed Cotton Pant $14.30 Delivered)


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    promotion code "jgonline2" is no longer available.

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      I just tried it and it works. Have you signed up for an account?

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      You need to log into account to apply code. If you are not in an account it will say no longer available.

    • Just worked for me and it stacked with my 10% VIP discount.

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    Thanks OP! Needed a new pair of pants so this is perfect.

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    Nice find OP. These pants look so soft and comfy

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    Thanks OP.. havent bought anything but I wish everyone would post details like you have..great post

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    Great Deal!
    Ordered a linen shirt for $14.30 delivered.

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    Looks like only 1 order with this code per account?

    • Look up.

      Code may be used once per account

      • Ah missed it

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    Added to my list of compulsive purchases during Covid

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    Thanks OP. Jagged (pun intended) a linen shirt for under $15 delivered. Bargain

  • Looks like the code has now been deactivated

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    Doesn't work anymore :(

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      NVM it works. You need to log in before you click checkout and apply the coupon.

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    Thanks Jack, I needed some relaxed pants. Been a bit uptight lately.

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      Just breathe.. like the cotton

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      Was concerned the relaxed pants might get too relaxed & fall down!

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    Thanks op. Ordered pants.

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    Thanks OP!

  • promotion code "jgonline2" is no longer available.

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      Just worked for me 30 seconds ago.

      Were you signed into an account?

    • Used it AFTER your comment!

    • Worked fine for me just now

      • oh. my bad…

        Not sign in

  • Change of mind Exchange:
    We cannot offer an exchange on Afterpay and PayPal purchases - only refund.
    Ordered on CC.

    But stock won't likely last long enough to be able to exchange size / colour.

  • nice, looks like sizing is pretty big, model was 188cm tall and wearing medium, but I guess Ill find out

    • looks like sizing is pretty big - Think the model is a lot thinner than some Ozbargainers!
      Check the SIZE CHART - links added in Deal Description.

      • I live in hope the community is full of hot models but probably not hey

        • Probably a reason why we don't have photos of members on OzBargain!!

          Not all models are hot! And the hot ones can be a pain. I've lived with a few.

          Where I was staying in Japan, an average looking French guy was getting paid very well as a model. Just had the look they wanted. Other French on Visas teaching English were jealous (of his income & short working hours, not his looks).

          Even my face was used there on posters to promote an English language Rakugo show (traditional Japanese story telling) - because I was known from a brief performance on TV! And then there was that movie…

          Be careful of what you wish for ;-)
          Fast food is a favourite here!

          • @Rather be Travelling: Yes the life of a gaijin was amazing and lots of opportunities that you wouldnt get at home, i was on TV a couple of times, still not sure why. Feel bad for the 20 somethings who are missing the opportunity the last 2 years

            • @Chicken Kyiv: It's a strange, but wonderful experience in Japan. I miss it.

              Was given free Weis mango ice bars to eat outside a coffee chain there. It was very hot, so I didn't mind. Japanese would see me enjoying the Australian mango treats & buy - because the Gaijin likes it!
              In Japan, I was a minor influencer. How strange!

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    Thanks OP, got a red linen shirt, looks perfect for summer

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    Thanks OP!

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    Thanks for another great Deal headphonejack👍

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    Great find! Shame a lot of the clothes aren't fitted.

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    Anyone else having problems checking out?

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    Thanks OP. Ordered.

  • new customers only.
    logged into an existing account and the code doesn't work.

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    the guys look awkward in those photos.

    • Including that one of a top with his hands down his pants lol

  • The shoes.. can't unsee

  • thanks…..

    worth the fiddling about, got some pants and t-shirt for $30 shipped, hope quality is ok

  • The code is in email received after signing up.

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    Was keen for the faded blue linen shirt but still $97.50!! Pumice will have to do, thanks headphonejack!

  • Just worked for me. New account.

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    Anyone else find it slightly annoying how the entire site is in lower case?

    Got the last pair of khaki jeans for $14.30 delivered thanks OP

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    Thanks OP

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    Looking at their RRP, I would prefer to call them "jack" rather than "jag".
    This a cracking deal though, thanks OP !!

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    So create an account for each item of clothing to maximise discount? :D

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    In case anyone had signed up to Jag before and has an unexpired birthday voucher, that stacks with this code. I just 'bought' a shirt for free

    • MVP

    • New accounts add today as birthday.
      Most contact details were not filled in.
      Need to log into account to edit details

      • Did you get a birthday voucher out of this? Normally putting today is too late to get it

        • No. Account was set up with today's date automatically. Needs time to activate.
          Reset account to my birthday - next year.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Ah I see, neither myself or the wife’s account had a birthday set automatically so I thought you were advising to set it as today to get an even better deal!

            • @NotBritishorUK: Let's not get too greedy ;-)
              This code is valid for a month from date new account set up (9/11 for today). But existing accounts have used code.

              So could set up account, enter birthdate in account for say tomorrow, wait for birthday email, & use both codes… might work?

  • Let's see if they cancel

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      The code is sent out to all new accounts.
      So everyone who signed up used the code legitimately.

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    This used to be favourite brand back in school growing up in western Sydney. Going to order one for nostalgia.

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    Amazing find. Bought a crew neck jumper for $14.30 delivered. has to be half decent, especially at this price. What a great bargain. Thanks op!!

  • Any Crocs?

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    Great deal, thanks!

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    further 30% off applied: - $14.70

    What does this mean ? I don't this in the price

    • i was abit confused by this too but that further 30% has already been factored into the display price. so to get OP's $14.30 price, you need to use the coupon code

    • I believe it means they were discounted to $49 and there is an extra 30% off this to bring them to $34.30

    • Me too, says the 30% off is applied but the price doesnt match, logged in and applied the code.

  • Don't see the title price. Its $34.30 for the Relaxed Cotton Pant now :/

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      Read the Deal Description:
      (price shown after code is applied)
      30% discount has already been applied in that price.
      Need to create / use an account to apply the code.

  • Coupon Still valid as of 6.35 PM AEDT

  • thanks. ordered small men's relaxed cotton pants
    hopefully fits me (180cm/72kg)
    website says model 188cm wears medium

  • Thanks OP. For $14.30 delivered is a bargain but not sure if it's really worth $140?

  • I'm curious how this one goes as it might me another `^ing data grab !

  • promotion code "jgonline2" is no longer available.

    Edit: woops, didn't have an account…

  • Thanks!

  • Aah…. just received an email that my order is cancelled and refunded.

    • Wait what why

      • Dear xxxx

        Thank you for your order with Jag.

        Unfortunately we were unable to provide the following item/s from your order, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

        A total refund of $14.3 has been processed back to the original payment method, please allow 3-5 business days to appear in your account.

        If you used a Birthday/Gift voucher as part of your original payment, this will be re-issued to you in a further email.

  • Order refunded. (Ordered the relaxed cotton pants)

    • Did you order limestone M size?

      • Yep. (6:30 ish)

        • Same.

        • Same. Can't use the coupon again to order another colour. That sucks

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