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Felix Pouches 60x85g $40 ($36 with S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Noticed the Felix cat food varieties are down in price, usually $45-50 when I grab them.

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  • My cats use to love them, but I noticed batch to batch it differs and it's frustrating

    I really want to find something more healthy, that they'll eat 😬

  • My cat hates the beef in tomato taste so much.

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    We switched to a tablespoon a day of the big can of tuna in spring water from ALDI, our cat loves that more than any other wet food we've ever bought and it's way cheaper with less packaging waste.

    She also permanently has Science Diet biscuits on tap in a gravity feeder so she gets all the right nutrients, and a bag of that will last her 6 months easy.

    • Yeah, mine too. They like the weight loss and dental biscuits from Science Diet.

      They eat real Tuna too, but I think their spoilt and want variety.

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        My cats too! If I feed them the same flavour for more than a few days in a row they won't eat it. I wonder if it's worth making home-made fishy mixes to recude waste

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      Fish, such as tinned sardines in springwater, tinned tuna and tinned salmon (take care with any fish bones) can be offered as a treat occasionally but please avoid feeding fish constantly because this is not a complete diet.

      Taken from the RSPCA website

      • That's why you need to supplement it with a high quality biscuit. The cheap packaged supermarket food is not a balanced diet either

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          Hills Science diet is literally just as bad as any supermarket food. Any pet food review site will unanimously tell you that.
          Also constant tinned tuna is bad not only because it’s an incomplete diet, but “ too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning” (Taken from hills science diet website) and it’s salt content is higher than typical cat food

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    Pricematching Coles @$8 a box/12

  • thanks so much

  • Is this actually healthy for cats?

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      Not sure, my sister in law's vet likened them to "giving your cat a cheeseburger" so probably not the healthiest option!

      But it does still have essential vitamins, I give my cat one pack every couple of days, and dry food/treats in between.

    • Felix As good as it looks with Lamb in Jelly gets a score of 86 so it just scoots through as recommended by Choice. Not sure about this stuff, though.

  • Do you have any other good pet food deals, especially preemo stuff? I have a preemo kitty, wanna get the fancy quality food cheap

    • https://catfooddb.com/ This is American but it does list and give you a good run down of most of the Premium food available here

      https://99petshops.com.au/ You can find the cheapest via this comparison site. Be aware that they don't seem to have Pet Circle listed among it's choices at the moment.

  • My cat loves them and their products are recognized by AAFCO. Ordered (S&S) 2 different kind of flavours. Bargain!

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    Don't buy this for your cat's they won't ever eat anything else if they're anything like my spoilt little shits

    • Yeah, mine are fussy but sometimes they sniff it and walk away!

    • Same LOL, he sometimes goes for the fancy feast but then notice that he leaves a decent amount in his bowl.

      But the Felix is gone without a trace..

    • same here. My cats prefer this one over the others. They don't eat ziwi at all

  • Am I missing something?
    Clicking on the link it shows 1.02Kg 12x 85g pouches for ~$40
    We buy these at. Woolies for $11.50 https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/806628/fel...

    Edit: Aux links are working, I used them to find the 60 pack. possibly OP just needs to edit the main link

    • Main link is 60x85g, just shows the single box for some reason, but the title says 60x85g on the Amazon page.

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    My cat used to love this brand then one day refused to eat them anymore.

    I noticed that the colour of the food had changed slightly, maybe different ingredients?

    • Cats are like that, one day they'll devour it, the next they want nothing to do with it!

      But I've been feeding this to my cat for a year now and there haven't been any issues. They could've changed ingredients but yeah, not sure.

    • Same … my girl now is back on whiskas…. she just wont eat this brand anymore…. what do ya do…

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    I'd been feeding the cat Felix for at least 5 years, maybe he just got sick of it - a typical cat. Although there were apparently some issues in the UK at one stage.


    I now buy Whiskas, which currently meets his high standards, and is also cheaper. Win/Win.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered.

  • This kind of ultra processed muck is really bad for cats, like most processed cat food, especially dry food. It gets a really bad score from pet food rating agencies like Pet Food Expert. Please don't feed your furred friends ultra processed food.

  • thanks, this is great

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