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My $30 ALDI puffer jacket is surprisingly warm.
09/08/2022 - 23:23
Telstra is likely clearing the stock, as their contract with Roku expires this year and they will not be renewing it. Telstra is...
20/04/2022 - 11:56
Great price! Can't go wrong.
23/01/2022 - 14:37
People who drive in the right lane on a freeway while NOT overtaking are breaking the law, slowing traffic flow, and they cause frustration...
23/01/2022 - 13:34
Yes, a USB audio interface is the best option to get good quality balanced outputs from your computer, especially to eliminate ground...
23/01/2022 - 13:28
I'll wait for the next movie - Star Wars: How To Destroy a Franchise
04/12/2021 - 14:40
If it's not Nashua it's not real gaff.
26/11/2021 - 17:56
28/10/2021 - 23:29
This kind of ultra processed muck is really bad for cats, like most processed cat food, especially dry food. It gets a really bad score...
11/10/2021 - 21:28
Can somebody clarify for me: does the Nest Cam have no infra red? It's totally useless in the dark? Can't find any mention of IR on the...
11/08/2021 - 22:04
Australia is the exception rather than the rule where dogs are concerned. Many nations throughout Europe and elsewhere are far more...
08/01/2021 - 09:32
This is a wonderful book for kids and adults alike (if you’re an adult who likes a young person’s book). A clever tale of ethical and...
25/12/2020 - 22:39
Important caveat all should realise with this deal: if you purchase Fetch through your ISP (Optus, iiNet, Internode etc) you CANNOT combine...
12/06/2020 - 10:57
You need to have a supported TV tuner connected to the machine that runs your Plex Server application. This may be a USB-connected tuner,...
27/03/2020 - 09:30
That's correct. For example, I have a Mac Mini in my loungeroom with a USB TV tuner connected. Plex Pass allows me to stream all my stored...
27/03/2020 - 09:27
This is intriguing. I bank with St George, but have only just organised a mortgage with BankWest through a broker. I've just made the first...
15/11/2019 - 11:14
Raw food can be left out comfortably for at least 8-12 hours, if you want your dog to try it later in the day. Keep it out of direct...
18/07/2018 - 15:25
I'm cross posting my post from a comments thread elsewhere, as it seems more relevant here. It's discussing my dog's diet - less than $20...
18/07/2018 - 13:08
[@docians](/comment/6168475/redir): not all companies do that; some use human grade produce So they say, but pet food in Australia is...
18/07/2018 - 12:51
Sure thing. My dog is a mid sized labradoodle, and he eats two meals a day. As a rough guide, dogs should eat 100 grams of food per day per...
18/07/2018 - 11:26
Overall this sounds nice for your dog, if these are just treats. Except oats and flour are not good for dogs - grains are not biologically...
18/07/2018 - 08:57
Dry food is bad for dogs and cats, and promotes dehydration, which leads to organ stress and degenerative diseases like kidney disease,...
18/07/2018 - 08:48
That is one ugly jacket.
15/07/2018 - 10:40
Lol, I thought it said "6 months of free pesto". Worked first time, thanks!
07/12/2015 - 09:14
Completely agree. Cottonelle falls apart in your .. er .. hand. And leaves fragments behind.
05/11/2015 - 19:21
Not slowly. I work in television and haven't sent a tape to network in at least 4 years.
05/11/2015 - 19:19
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